How To Do A Double Major?

As a student, it can be difficult to decide the degree program for oneself and when planning to pursue a double major just adds the cherry on the cake. Because it shoots up your doubt about the same. One shouldn’t confuse a double major with a dual degree program. The former aims at providing one degree with two areas of specialization. While the latter gets you two credentials in different fields. Let us know How To Do A Double Major?

How To Do A Double Major?

How To Do A Double Major?

A student can accomplish a double major in four years. Numerous undergraduate programs offer double majors and are less time-consuming in comparison to dual degree programs. Usually, 120 credits are required to complete a bachelor’s degree. The breakdown of these credit points varies from university to university. A student can start finalizing a double major by the end of her second year. It is best to seek the help of an adviser in case, of difficulty in choosing the subjects. Many universities require the submission of a statement of purpose and a roadmap along with their application. Your statement of purpose should be relevant to your subject choices.

Why pursue a double major? 

For instance, a student pursuing a double major in business and psychology can strengthen their chances at the job of industrial psychologist by majoring in both. Though your majors do not require you to be in related disciplines. Some perks of a double major are listed below:

  • Obtaining a double major reflects that you are motivated, hard-working, passionate and dedicated.
  • A double major portrays your excellence in two distinct fields.
  • It opens up career options for you since you’re qualified for jobs related to each major as well as jobs that require skills of both.
  • This distinction helps in boosting your CV during the hiring process and leads to chances of a higher stipend.
  • It helps in enhancing your knowledge which helps you in accomplishing great success in life.
  • It portrays your skill level.
  • It allows you to meet professionals from both fields, expanding your professional network.

Working credit hours

Thoughtful planning and efficient time management can increase your chances of accomplishing a major in four years. The primary step is to seek the help of counsellors to figure out what courses suit you best for both majors. It is a primary requirement of all universities to opt for about 30 credits worth of electives. The general credit distribution enlisted below:

  • 40 general education credits: the goal of such courses is to provide you with knowledge of the complexities, diversities and changes of the world around you.
  • 40-50 major requirement credits
  • 30-40 elective credits

The elective credits are used to fulfil the second set of major requirements in which you are required to take one set of general education courses related to both majors. One should keep in mind that in a few universities the number of classes is limited. 

Tips to manage

Pursuing a double major can be stressful, pressuring, tiring, exhausting and confusing thus, it is important to consider the following tips while planning for a double major.

  • Start to plan early: Completion of a double major needs you to fulfil the requirement of two bachelor programs within the same period. Emphasize the requirements of both majors and plan accordingly.
  • Role of academic adviser: Colleges often offer academic advisors who are responsible for helping you out in making discipline choices. Be in touch with these advisers so that they can help you accomplish your goals. Keep your adviser posted about your plans for a double major and seek advice on how to execute your plan effectively and efficiently.
  • Prioritize your tasks: It is crucial to set priorities in your academic career. It enables you to concentrate on your goals and ensures the effective execution of your plans to achieve a double major. It helps you in figuring out whether you are capable of doing a double major or should switch to a minor program.
  • Keep a check of your financial resources: before opting for a double major consider your finances because it can affect your financial aid. Try to create a budget and cut unnecessary expenses. Aim at applying for student loans or scholarships.
  • Effective study methods: using effective study methods like active recalling, flashcards, quizzes and use of mind-maps will help you enjoy the process of learning and retaining information easier for a long time.
  • Opt for a major from related fields: the choice of your major play a crucial role in boosting your grades as well as your career. Some examples of double majors are:
  • Economics and Mathematics
  • Foreign Language and Business
  • Economics and Engineering
  • Economics and Political Science
  • Foreign Language and Biology
  • Foreign Language and Psychology
  • Find ways to de-stress: enrol yourself in activities related to your hobbies that give you happiness and pleasure. It will avoid you from burning out due to the study load of your double major.


Hence, we can conclude that a double major provides you with one degree with specializations in two distinct fields. With proper planning and effective time management, you can accomplish a double major within 4 years. Talk to your academic adviser for guidance when planning for opting a double major.

Frequently asked questions
  1. Can you pursue a double major in graduation?

Most of the graduate programs offer dual-degree programs, which provide you with degrees in two different fields.

  1. Can we double major in Medical School?

Many experts suggest that you should not double major in med schools if you cannot keep up with your GPA and MCAT scores.

How To Do A Double Major?

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