Colors that start with T

Colours that start with T

Colors that start with T? Teal, Tan, Tangerine, Taupe, Thistle, Titanium White, Tomato, Tokeo, Tenne (Tawny), Teszopiggyt, Terra Cotta, Tremaine, Turquoise, Tyrian and Purple.If you ask someone if they can think of any color that starts with the letter T, they might scratch their heads for a while and either admit that no colors are starting with that letter, or someone might even yell proudly, Teal! As surprising as it sounds, the color teal is only one of the fourteen colors that begin with the letter T

Let’s try to analyse them, shall we?

Colors that start with T


First Teal, a nice warm greenish-bluish shade that most of us chose as their favorite color when we were thirteen. I certainly did and proudly claimed it before any of my other friends decided they also liked the color. Teal is not something you can find easily in nature. It can be found mostly on artificial objects, and if I say so myself, it looks quite majestic as a shade of paint. It goes great on walls and cabinets, and it will probably give your kitchen a nice, hipster vibe that you so badly wanted to achieve. 


Tan is the color that speaks for itself. It is tan, and that’s that. It’s the color that won over the heart of men and women on articles of clothing for the past few years. It’s simple, and it honestly goes with everything. Nothing can go wrong with tan unless you actually get burned.


It one of my favorite fruits! The tangerine. Like the orange, the color came out of the fruit, and as you can imagine, their difference is not vast. They are the same, and at the same time, they aren’t, and I believe that’s where the beauty can be found in the unsimilar similarities. 


Now this one, no offense, taupe, but I wouldn’t choose you as my favorite color. It’s closer to dark brown, but in a sense, not as pretty. However, I could imagine it looking nice on a long-sleeved tight dress. I would taupe that.

Tenne (Tawny)

I have no idea how to pronounce this, and I bet neither do you. I would say this lovely color also belongs in orangish, reddish shades, which are always pretty since there are so bright. Not to shame the non-bright colors, though, they are all pretty in their own ways. Such a wintery and warm color, it’s no wonder that people enjoy buying objects with this color and flaunting them to their guests. 

Terra Cotta

Even though this name reminds me of a particular food, it is actually an adorable, more palish tenne shade, almost like a coral looking kind of color. Pretty for the summer for sure, and must look adorable on objects. I wouldn’t buy clothes in such a color, although there is a personal preference. Suit yourself!


Bless you! Uhm, so this color definitely sounds funny, but let me tell you that it’s super pretty. It’s almost similar to a faded lilac, and those colors are always cute. It can be found in makeup shades, and it would make an adorable blush. It’s at the same time color for all seasons. I can picture wearing clothes of this color for winter, spring, summer, and fall. An all seasons-color is the best color. 


This one also belongs to the cute pink and lilac colors. However, this one, I would say that it has more depth. It has more hue, making it pop, and thus it is more noticeable to the eye. It also rhymes with whist, less, and a happy color also brings a smile to people’s faces. 

Titanium White

Oh, to be titanium! I can’t really say much about this color except that it’s super bright and amazingly white? White is another color that goes with everything, and it can signify purity and innocence, but those might be just illusions or not. It depends on who wears it and what they want to showcase. 


Okay, now, does this need any introduction? I must admit, not a fan, although I understand it gives flavor to every single food. The color is the shade of a tomato, then. Red and bright, super good looking, and amazingly juicy. I wonder where this color could be found, except on the actual fruit. Any ideas?


No, no, the capital of Japan. It’s a color, and I must say a quite elegant one. It’s a deep forest green, and quite honestly, I love it. This type of green shade is mesmerizing, and you can find it in nature, which is always a plus. A forest green kitchen had always been a dream of mine as it adds personality to a room. Minimalistic approaches are very boring, and people need to realize that not only white, black, and grey exists as colors and start looking at the beauty of natural colors.


An interesting shade for sure. Tremaine is a part of the red-orange gang, and it is a quite unusual color. You wouldn’t find this normally walking outside and gazing at the streets or the shops. However, this reminds me of the color of leaves that fall on the ground during October and November. An interesting color that, in my opinion, suits the fall season perfectly.


When did I say I would always choose teal as my favorite color when I was thirteen and afraid that my friends would also like it? Well, this one was close to an alternative. Such a happy, summery color that will bring joy into your life once you glance at it. A bluish-greenish aqua shade, perfect for all ages. 

Tyrian Purple

This isn’t the purple that I usually have in mind when I listen to the word ‘purple.’ It’s a surprise, but a welcome one.  A super deep purple, almost close to burgundy, and these kinds of colors are always perceived as elegant, classic, and graceful. I instantly imagine many clothes that would suit color as it honestly brings warmth to the eye. 

I am sure you didn’t expect to read about 14 new colors starting with the letter T today, but I am glad you did and hopefully you are too. 

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Colors that start with T

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