Who are Aeries’ Competitors?

Your competitors are those who are almost similar to your company, but they might contain some fewer or some more features. When it comes to the competitors of famous companies like Aeries, competition is so strong that even those competitors can prove to be alternatives.

Aeries’ competitors are considered by the customers, and they do so by comparing the features of other competing companies with Aeries. Aeries’ competitors are all excellent in their own right. 

A few of the competitors of aeries are discussed in this article. Here we will see about Who are Aeries’ Competitors

Who are Aeries' Competitors ?

Aeries’ competitors:

There are many competitors of Aeries. A few of them are discussed under:

  • Power School SIS
  • Infinite Campus
  • Skyward is a student management suite.
  • The Rediker administration plus SIS
  • Aspen SIS
  • Illuminate student information, ISI
  • Gradelink
  • Synergy education platform
  • Alma SIS
  • Facts SIS

About aeries:

Aeries is a company that deals with saving student data through its student information system, SIS. It was established in the year 1955. Aeries is working with K–12 districts to manage agencies of education. It has been over 40 years that Aeries has been working with this education and student management sector. Aeries provide a very easy platform for schools from which they can get everything related to the daily activities, students’ information, results, and fundraising. It creates student portals from where information can be accessed easily.

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Power School SIS:

Power School Student Information System is a leading information company that deals with K-12 educational institutions. Power School SIS aims to drive success in your institutes as well as students. Power is a very easy-to-use and innovative technology that plays a main role in a school or a district. The system provided by Power School has all the features that a school or district requires. The features include portals for students, teachers, and administrators. This is the only platform that provides a combined platform to connect all the students, teachers, and administrators behind the classrooms.

Infinite Campus:

Infinite Campus is a k-12 education system. It has real-time access to all instructions, administration, communication, etc. Infinite Campus was founded in the year 1993 and has its headquarters in Blaine, MN.

Skyward’s student management suite:

The Skyward student management suite was founded in the year 1980 in Stevens Point, WI. It is a complete solution for handling and dealing with student information, as well as the comfort and knowledge of the staff. It is used to set all the deadlines, timelines, and management-related information. The features that make Skyward Student Management Suite stand out as a competitor to Aeries are: it is a cloud-enabled system, it tracks student behaviors, admission management, laboratory management, and management reports.

The Rediker administration’s plus SIS:

The Rediker administration’s plus SIS is a K-12-based education system that provides an easy-to-use student information system. This SIS does not only gather and save the data of students but also manages the data to deal with other operations like student attendance management, report cards, schedules set up, and billing processes. This SIS contains two parts along with student management like TeacherPlus and ParentPlus, which maintain a sound relationship between students, teachers, and parents. This is how the Rediker administration’s SIS is considered a strong competitor of Aeries.

Aspen SIS:

Aspen SIS is also a well-known and easy-to-use student information system that is designed to access the real-time information of students. This system allows students and parents to monitor their academic records and stay in touch with the teachers.

Illuminate student information, ISI:

Illuminate student information. ISI is a high-level student information system that is also known as next-generation SIS. It provides a few more features than other SISs like it has the features of attendance management, grades, assessments, report cards, mandates reporting, parent portal, student portal, and many more. This SIS allows district-wide or school-wide teachers and students to get connected through the platform.


Gradelink is a student information system that is highly rated among different SISs and is considered the best option for those who want to save time and improve the management of their institutes. This SIS offers a lot of features for teachers and students, which allows them to choose Gradelink.

Synergy education platform

Synergy Education is a platform that unites all K-12 data management solutions under one roof. This platform allows users to bring betterment to their administrative blocks and learn new outcomes without the interaction of a third party. To use synergy, customers do not need many software licenses or vendors.


Aeries have many competitors which compete with the company in different ways. Every company is trying to adopt a few innovative features which are not observed in other companies. So every competitor has a great impact on Aeries.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Are these competitors a threat to aeries?

These competitors are somehow a threat to the company because they can prove to be the alternatives to Aeries.

Does Aeries contain all the features its competitors have?

No, Aeries does not have the same features as its competitors, but it has many features like them. That’s why they are considered competitors of Aeries.

Who are Aeries’ Competitors?

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