List of Goals Of An Executive Assistant

Goals Of An Executive Assistant

If you have found yourself as an executive assistant in a firm, industry, or organization, then that’s one of the bold steps to something great. An Executive Assistant is not just any type of worker, as the case may be. Executive Assistants are professional administrators who aid the executive branch of a business of any other high-level administrator. The goals of an Executive Assistant are not just any kind of matter to look at. They require keen and rapt attention as no Executive Assistant would want to be sacked immediately. To ensure you perfect your stay and even gain more promotions in your place of work as an Executive Assistant, you have to keen to lay down goals that would guide your way to the top, but first of all, you have to SET THE GOAL and how do you set them? We would emphasize how to set your goals to give you a clarified view of this article.

How to Set your Goals Of An Executive Assistant?

Over the years, goal setting has been crucial in actualizing certain dreams and many desires. Thus, it is very meticulous in setting your goals as an Executive Assistant to help you get to the top and be the best. Seeing your hard work coming in place and making great development gives joy and encouragement. It even boosts your desire to ask for bonuses and increments in salaries, and without setting your goals and working towards them, you are bound to fail. But before anything, you are to understand the relationship between GOALS and OBJECTIVES.

Goals and Objectives are very interrelated when it comes to making impacts in either your life or your social status. Goals are laid down ambition or action to take, and objectives are essential actions taken to actualize a goal. So you see that you need to set a goal and work towards it as your objective. Bear in mind, no matter how hard it seems to set your goals. Many strategies would help you make a tremendous impact in your work as an Executive Assistant.


  • Understand the Context of Your Goal:

One thing is to set goals and make a theme. The other is to understand why you want to pursue a goal as an executive assistant. Figuring out the reason for your goal is essential and must be dealt with. You should ask yourself questions such as *why this goal is important to me? If your goals are for personal growth, understanding them makes it very easy for you to accomplish them quickly. Before you set your goals, understand the context it comprises. Once you are sure of what you are doing, then be ready for the best.

  • Make a Theme: 

Now you believe you need to set goals to make your work easier and impressive. You would need to come up with a theme. A theme helps to unite your goals and makes them logical. The theme you pick or figure out is quite responsible for answering the question what are my goals as an executive assistant? So, in choosing, make sure to choose the best theme, relating to your work alone or your work and some family time. 

  • Divide Your Goals into Objective:

As earlier said, Goals and Objectives are complimentary and thus, required for your work so, you are to break your goals down into bits as long-term goals can appear impossible to perform when looked at as a whole deal. Breaking them down into objectives can help you obtain your goals as an executive assistant in no time, giving you that enthusiasm to do more as the year runs out. Furthermore, rewarding yourself for a goal actualized helps encourage you and gives you the strength to do more. Giving appropriate time and deadlines to set goals and objectives helps contain your schedule and gives you a place to look at.

  • Be Accountable for Your Goals:

It’s your goal, after all, and you should be held accountable for it if truly you want to achieve your set goals and objectives. Some goals require confiding in someone you trust. For example, if you want to improve in your manner of approach or you want to be more confident, you can ask someone you trust, which can be your family, your colleague, or anyone your trust to check up on you regularly and at times give you pep talks to motivate you and by doing so, you have outsourced Accountability. 

  • Make Your Goals Compelling and Set Time to Work on it:

Succeeding in your goal depends on the way you  set it and work towards it. Making your Goals compelling helps you to fulfill it as an objective.  Making your goals compelling comes when you fully understands the context of your goals, a compelling goals helps you to work towards it as it give you the urge to work on it. Time is another crucial factor when it comes to goals setting. As an executive assistant , one spends time working and assisting without focusing on themselves . Finding time in your schedule to help you actualize your goals is very vital . Peradventure your schedule is time wasting, you can find a way to share your gaol perspective to your Executive so that he /she would help you in some ways they consider necessary.

Many EAs ask most at times *What should I write as my goals and objectives?*.  and without proper guidance, some EAs fail in actualizing their goals.

As an Executive Assistant, your first goal should be:

  • Understanding Your Executive and Creating an Interesting Communication Between You and Your Executive

To understand your Executive doesn’t really mean to get to know their likes and dislikes. Understanding what drives them and gives them motivation is essential to your role as an Executive Assistant. True knowledge of what motivates your Executive and what they want to achieve would give you the chance of helping them attain what they need, and that’s a job well done for you too.

  • Concentrating on New Skills   

As an Executive Assistant, it is crucial to learn new skills as they would help you in your role, and they play a vital role in achieving success. For example, you can start attending online classes to improve your writing capability or take a management course to help you move your industry forward.

  • Maintaining Great Business Enthusiasm Between Co-Workers

Yes, most times, the Executive Assistant is solely responsible for the best-case scenario in their workplace. As an EA, you should set your goals to maintain this working environment. You can set goals like: Having lunch breaks with colleagues from a different department to ascertain how they are progressing and what needs to improve. 

  • Understand the Essentials of the Company and its Workers

As an Executive Assistant, you should know what the company needs irrespective of your personal desires. Understanding what the company needs helps you find ways to improve the company in your own special way. An example of a goal relating to understanding the company’s needs is pointing out at least two group needs that you can easily improve and address, such as better conference room bookings, security checks, and even entertainment during leisure.

  • Managing Your Stress

It’s a job, after all, and it comes with its own share of stress and how do you tackle it? Focusing on how to. Manage your stress is an important goal and working towards it is an important step to your success. From recent research, meditation plays a vital role in managing stress, and applying it to your daily living will definitely help you achieve your dreams.

When it comes to an executive assistant’s goals, understanding how to set them and what to set as goals are very important to your success as goals are mare desires until they are worked on. Be sure to understand the concept of goal setting and set your way to success.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can an Executive Assistant learn a leadership role?

Most people believe those leadership roles are meant for managers or any other high-class individuals, but EAs require leadership roles, too, as it helps them in rendering their services. Leaders help provide solutions, direct, and move everyone to achieve a goal, and that’s the work of an Executive Assistant. No matter your career, leadership roles are very beneficial.

  • Can finding a Mentor Help Me as EA?

Mentors play crucial roles too, finding one or even joining community groups can greatly help you in tough situations and when you need professional advice. Make out time to speak to your mentor if you don’t have any. Find one to help you to scale through.

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List of Goals Of An Executive Assistant

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