Working For a Corrupt Company- What to Do?

Working For a Corrupt Company

People often crave the security and perks that a job brings with it, along with providing them with food and shelter. But what if you’re told out of the blue that the company you’ve been working for for over 5 years is corrupt? You would be in utter disbelief but putting light on such topics may save thousands of other individuals from falling prey to such companies. Here, let’s know what to do when Working For a Corrupt Company?

If you are working for a corrupt company and are confused about what you should do regarding it, this article will guide you through the steps and precautions that you may take along with potential red flags to spot in a company. 

Working For a Corrupt Company, What to Do? 

One may feel worried about the consequences if the secrets of their corrupt company are out. You may feel concerned about your employment and future if you act as the whistleblower. You must try your best to minimize the risk before reporting it to the media or any government authority. Following are some steps that one may take if working for a corrupt company.

Research the Company

It is essential to research and gather solid evidence of the corrupt higher-ups or coworkers in your workplace. You must store all the found data in a safe place, both online and offline, make sure it is only accessible to you or someone you trust. Record or document any corrupt practices. 

Continue with Work

It is recommended to work and display a seemingly normal appearance so the supervisors or higher-ups do not suspect you. You do not want them to be alarmed by any blatant action that you take, as you probably will be working closely with them. Alerting your higher-ups can be useful if your coworkers are the corrupt ones. 

Report to the Authorities 

After you have gathered enough compelling evidence, you should report it to credible and non-corrupt media sources, along with filing an official complaint. Before reporting the evidence, you must make a list of trusted sources. Having witnesses can go a long way to prove the credibility of the claim, just in case your motives are questioned by the authorities. 

Red Flags to look for in a Company

As a new or potential employee in a company, you may be worried about the legitimacy or legality of your work. Thus it is important to notice certain signs and warnings to ensure you do not face any troubles later. Below are some red flags to look for in a company, so you can avoid them.

Office Atmosphere

You may feel like something is off when you enter the work premises. Paying attention to the moods of the people, their expressions, body language may help you understand the culture of the company. Transpose yourself as an employee working in that workplace, picture how that makes you feel. If you feel uncomfortable or not at ease then it’s better not to work at the place. Avoiding the place in its entirety before joining can be the best precaution in such cases. 

This can be subjective and you can also be wrong at times. Just let your intuition guide you. Spotting bad work culture is a skill that not many people have, but it is easy to master.

Unclear Job Responsibilities

If the description of the job is unclear, then it may be difficult to work since it’s an open-ended task and you don’t know what your actual duties will be. Accepting a position with vague responsibilities isn’t the right thing to do if you aim to grow in your professional career along with achieving some sort of personal growth. You won’t be able to receive meaningful feedback if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

Unprofessional Behavior 

Initially, not all companies may come forward as unprofessional. Although some may show indecent behavior during the interview process, by not paying attention or suggesting sexual intentions. This should not be tolerated. Cracking racist or sexist jokes in the workplace is one of the most common red flags and you should avoid such companies when you can. These are signs of very bad management in the company. 

Unprofessional behavior is not just limited to the above practices, it may also include lazy behavior, not replying or updating people, unclear communication, these are the early alarms of an unprofessional workplace. 

Bad Reputation

This is a reverse background check that an individual must do to check the legitimacy and reputation of the company. With the means of the internet, this task has become easier. There are websites where former and current employees at your potential workplace may have written about their experiences. You must pay thorough attention to all the details in the reviews, as only a few reviews are required to change your mind on certain employers. 

Asking questions to former employees will also paint a picture in your mind about the workplace. 

Initial Impression

We human beings can sense when something is wrong, you may have the same gut feeling when you enter the workplace for the very first time. You may also have the first impression of distrust with your employer, this can be due to a variety of reasons. Some employers may be rushing for you to sign your contract or they may be unclear in their explanation of the workings of the company. It is better to look for alternatives if the employers are rushing the process.

The Sudden Surge of People Leaving

You may notice a surge in people suddenly leaving the department. This may occur due to salaries not being paid on time or there may be a cut in the salary, along with not delivering on promises like employee benefits. You must come forth and ask your employer about this during the interview. Unless it is a startup, the hiring of new candidates may be a red flag.

Final Thoughts

Knowing that your company is corrupt and unethical may be a tough pill to swallow. But taking the appropriate measurements to bring light to such an issue and clearing your name out of a potential mess is very essential.

Working For a Corrupt Company- What to Do?

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