Who Owns Mint Mobile? – Roots and Success of the Company


Who Owns Mint Mobile? – Zig Ziglar has rightly quoted that “You don’t build a business, you build the people, then people build the business.” But, of course, this implies that the right kind of people, especially the founders and owners of a company, are solely responsible for a successful business. So here we are, to learn more about the foundations and owners of one of the most leading and top-notch American telecommunications companies, Mint Mobile. 

Who Owns Mint Mobile?

Mint Mobile is an American and privately held telecom company that provides mobile phone services, headquartered in California, United States. It works as an MVNO on the cellular network provided by T-Mobile (a German subsidiary telecom company) in the US. An MVNO is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator that provides wireless communication services but does not own the network infrastructure to provide service to its customers.

Ultra-Mobile launched Mint Mobile back in August of 2016 as an internet-based only MVNO specializing in prepaid plans on the T-Mobile cellular network. As for the company’s owners, in technical terms, it is a subsidiary of a company named Ultra Mobile since it was founded under it back in 2015.

Another renowned owner of Mint Mobile is the American Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds, who acquired significant ownership as a stakeholder, officially announced on the 25th of November, 2019. Since then, because of his popularity, he has inevitably become the ‘public face’ of the company in the public eye.     

Perks of Being a Customer of the Company

The following are how the company is more efficient and effective than its other competitors in the industry:

  • Online-Only: this nullifies the struggles of commuting to the stores, thereby saving the customer’s time and energy.
  • No Contracts: The customer can choose the duration they want to be associated with the company for.
  • Free Choice: the customer is free to choose whatever data package is the best for them, and for that, the company provides a variety of flexible choices. 
  • Perks of Spreading the Name: The company provides free service for spreading the name to friends and families.
  • No Surprise Bills: The company doesn’t have any hidden charges or unexpected bills to surprise their customers.
  • No Extra Charges: The customers aren’t required to pay for services included or part of the plan, like hotspots

The Roots

Mint Mobile started on 1st August 2016, in Costa Mesa, California, under ‘Mint SIM.’ It was renamed ‘Mint Mobile’ in May of 2018. The company spotted started to provide affordable wireless services directly to the consumers whilst also keeping the customers’ best interest in mind. It started as a subsidiary of Ultra Mobile, which started back in 2012, selling SIM cards with prepaid plans, and the name spread very fast in the USA. Three years after Ultra Mobile launched the company, it started its operations to serve its customers, thereby being recognized as a separate private company and not a subsidiary company. The company provides a range of plan packages to the customers on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis, and the customer is allowed to choose whichever suits them the best.

The CEO – Founder and Owner: David Glickman

David Glickman is the founder and CEO of the company. Here are some facts about him, his experience in the industry all these years, and his role in the company:

Fifty-one-year-old David Glickman is one of the founders and the Chief Executive Officer of Ultra Mobile and, in turn, Mint Mobile. He graduated from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and secured a Master’s degree in Psychology from California in Los Angeles. He has been a technology innovator and an entrepreneur with skyrocketing growth for more than 20 years. The company started by providing SIM cards that are not costly and contract-free, and also sells wireless telephones and provides data infrastructure from T-Mobile. According to him, Ultra Mobile drew people who could not afford costly international calls or didn’t want the struggles of using a calling card. The plans provided start @19$/month. In 2015, Ultra Mobile, the parent company of Mint Mobile, was declared as the fastest-growing private company in America with an increase of over 100,000% within 3 years. 

Although he is most widely known for being the CEO of Ultra Mobile and Mint Mobile today, those are not the only successes he has had. Apart from these:

  • He also plays the role of the CEO and Chairman of TelePacific (growth of around $500 million in 2 years)
  • He also ran the company that grew the fastest back in 1998, a telecom operation company called Justice Technology (first rank of the Inc. 500 in 1998) 
  • He is also the Chairman of Hometown Telecom, which is a global telecom carrier (81st rank on the Inc. 500 in 2010)
  • He is also behind the success of Freeconference.com, which is a free conference calling service provider, founded back in 2000, which provides free and efficient con-call services. It was the initial company to provide such services and was sold to American Capital Partners later. 

The Face of The Company: Ryan Reynolds

A very widely known persona, Ryan Reynolds, is the active owner of the company. Through his experience, he has attracted a lot of other new customers. Another significant owner involved in the company’s spreading of brand-name specifically is none other than the Canadian-American Hollywood Actor Ryan Reynolds. The ‘Deadpool’ actor was born on the 23rd of October 1976 and is an actor, producer, and entrepreneur. He is very widely recognized in the public eye and spotted advertising and promoted spotted advertising, promoting the company, and using its products. Although it is very widely misinterpreted that the famous actor Ryan Reynolds is the owner of Mint Mobile’s company, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t partially true. The actor purchased ownership of the company by being a significant stakeholder after its separation from Ultra Mobile. 

Role in the Company: He is involved in the decision-making strategy building and marketing the products of the same.

The Incentive Behind the Integration with the Company: The reason that Reynolds gave when asked why he invested in the ownership stake of the company was that the company was producing affordable wireless services, and so he was excited to be a part of such an effective and practical approach towards providing such essential technology services.

One of the most recent commercials was introducing free 5G technology to its customers dated 13 October 2020, posted on his official Twitter account handle.

Another very widely recognized promotion by the actor was when he launched a PowerPoint Presentation instead of an advertisement. The ad was for low-cost wireless carrier Mint Mobile and was created by the ad agency called Maximum Effort Productions, which the actor himself also owns.

The Managing Partner – an Effective Owner and Manager: Rizwan Kassim

Although neither the CEO nor a direct stakeholder, someone involved in the company’s initial stages is the company’s Managing Partner. Another person involved in the early years of the making of the company is Rizwan Kassim. He graduated from UCLA’s School of Engineering and is a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council and the Entrepreneur’s Organization. He plays the role of the Managing Partner, which although directly doesn’t make him an owner, but does play the role of both an owner and a manager. He has been focusing on taking ideas and converting them into businesses. In this company’s case, he has focused on planning strategies and business intelligence development to become a next-gen MVNO.

A Reflection of the Success of the Owners

Any organization’s success lies in the hands of the employees, and most significantly, the people holding significant positions in it. Here is an overview of the achievements of the company:

  • The US News & World Report’s 360 reviews have declared Mint Mobile to have the Best Cell Phone Plan of 2021. 
  • The company’s 4G data plan was named the Best Overall Plan, and the 5G plan was praised for its good-quality service and pocket-friendly nature.
  • The company provides easy prepaid plans with increments in 3, 6 and 12 months.
  • It ranked first in Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans of 2021.
  • It also gained the first rank for Best Cheap Cell Phone Plans of 2021. 

The reviews team ranks the companies based on their cost-effectiveness, professional ratings and consumer ratings and reviews, and comparison of various plans and services provided by the different companies in the play. This proves that the owners have achieved a great height of success and are deserving of the positions they are in. 


All in all, the company’s success speaks for the hard work of the owners themselves. In the general public’s eye, the company owners are usually the founders and the Chief Executive Officer of the company and own a very high stake in the company. In Mint Mobile’s case, however, apart from the CEO David Glickman, Ryan Reynolds is also widely recognized as the same, thanks to his popularity because of his roles in the entertainment industry. In addition, Ryan Reynolds and Rizwan Kassim have collaborated on various promotional activities posted on Reynold’s Official Twitter Account, which made Kassim a renowned face of the company. The three are the most prominent and renowned people of the company and play the role of the owners in different ways, and are deserving of the heights of success that the company has reached.         

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Who Owns Mint Mobile? – Roots and Success of the Company

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