Who owns Lionsgate? – History and Competitors

Who owns Lionsgate?

History of the Film Industry

Who owns Lionsgate? – During the early 20th century the cinema in the United States has hugely affected the film industry. At that time, the American cinema’s dominant style was classical Hollywood cinema. It was developed between 1913 to 1969. Even now, it’s still the most popular type of film in the 21st century. Two Frenchmen, Auguste, and Louis Lumière got the credit for modern cinema, yet American cinema became the dominant force in the entire film industry. They have produced many films with only one language in every national cinema, about 700 English based films were released every year. 

The American cinema, along with the United Kingdom, Canada, and New Zealand, has produced films with only one language; however, they weren’t considered part of the Hollywood system. Hollywood did consider making the cinema transnational to produce some of the titles in multiple languages such as Spanish and French. However, most of the films were outsourced to production in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Hollywood is considered to be the oldest film industry since the place where the earliest film was created, where the production organizations have emerged. It was the birthplace of many movie genres such as comedy, drama, action, musical, romance, and the war epic. They have been an example for film industries around the world. 

All About Them – Who owns Lionsgate?

This is an American-Canadian entertainment business called Lionsgate, started by Frank Gieustra in July 1997. It was formed in Vancouver, Canada. It is also called Lionsgate Entertainment or Cinépix Film Properties. Currently, the headquarters is located in Santa Monica, California. The company has made its additions to the flagship divisions, such as Lionsgate Television and Lionsgate Interactive owning many subsidiaries like Summit Entertainment, Debmar-Mercury, and Starz Inc., Including their successful mini-films studio North America. Lionsgate happens to be one of the major studios for decades. They have a reputation for their films and TV series being creative and innovative, having live entertainment that attracts the audience and using the Straz premium play platform to reach the next generation of audiences worldwide. 

The company has combined the Starz premium global subscription platform with motion picture and television studio business Lionsgate to make their portfolio of entertainment unique for the audience across the globe. Their goods and services include films, television series, live entertainment, and game business. It has a huge collection of films and TV shows franchises. Also, it is a digital-based organization that was driven by the commitment to being innovative, cultural entrepreneurship. The brand image is known for being original, bold entertainment for audiences in every country. 


Frank Gisutra founded the company in 1997 with an investment of $16 million and more investors of $40 million, including Keyur Patel and Yorkton Securities executives like G.  Scott Paterson. Recently, Giustra retired from Yorkton’s CEO, the investment bank, and the president was Paterson. Giustra merged Lionsgate and Toronto Stock Exchange as Beringer Gold Corp was founded in 1986 to make the organization public. However, the assets from Beringer’s mining were immediately sold off. 

Motion Picture Group

The motion picture of Lionsgate was a consistent box office market share that included the films and was grossed up to more than $10 billion worldwide in these past six years. The leadership has been driven by the talent relationship, portfolio of successful brands and franchises, and a slate that is so diverse and balanced for the audiences to enjoy the experience and at the same time having the flexibility for the utilization to broaden the range of release strategies in alternative ways so that it can be a way to monetize the films and TV series for continuing to expand. 

The film brands creator, distributor, and owner of Hunger Games. Twilight Saga, John Wick, La La Land, and many more famous and popular movies were released by Lionsgate and predecessor companies. They earned exactly 129 Academy Awards nominations, and 32 Oscar wins. They have additions to their commercial releases, and Lionsgate’s Motion Picture Group has included specialty film distributor Roadside Attractions, the industry leader with award-winning prestige movies. In addition, the American market leader Pantelion Films has released Spanish language films and made it to the top film production and distribution across England along with the multiplatform distributor Grindstone Entertainment. 


For example, their production consists of the television series Nashville, Anger Management, and one of their Emmy Award-winning Mad Men. In 2006, Lionsgate acquired Debmar-Mercury, television syndication and producer of CBS Television Distribution known for evergreen game and talk shows. They collaborated with Pilgrim Media, a producer from an unscripted series, 3 Arts Of Entertainment, a talent management and production organization. This led to becoming a popular TV production partner and being a source of the top talent for Lionsgate’s business. In addition, the company’s distribution has licensed the feature films and TV slates to some of the major linear platforms across the world that have a huge customer relationship. 

Lionsgate Television Network had important positions as third-party suppliers of TV series, streaming apps, broadcasting, and cable platforms. They were similar in terms of performance as they are known as the supplier of content for Starz. Their production partnership with content creators creates a huge amount of scripted series and supplies them to twenty network partners. They have a reputation for creating iconic series, for example, Mad Men; Orange Is The New Black, Dear White People. They continue developing new television series with their business partners who operate streaming apps and have arrays of linear.  Lionsgate is also operating an unscripted television series. This led them to earn 238 Emmy nominations, 38 Emmys, 66 Golden Globes nominations, and 9winden Global wins.

They have handled ad sales that had some exceptions for the TV show Meet The Brown. The ad sales were handled by both Disney-ABC Domestic and Turner Television, who was a co-distributor. In March 2013, the organization signed a development agreement of first-look television with Universal Music Group. 


Lionsgate owns Starz, which is a premium cable network and channels such as Starz Encore and MoviePlex. The organization has made alignment with the studio operation on handling the growth of the streaming apps platform. Starz became one of the most distinguished global streaming platforms. They offer subscribers about 7,500 television episodes, especially Starz’s original television series and documentaries. Although they had a vast catalog of first-run movies, Starz has taken the lead to deliver premium content for the audience to relate to important topics and current issues. The type of audience is female, African-American, and more categories of audiences that deserve attention. 

Entertainment World

Lionsgate has diversified the portfolio of theme parks, iconic attractions, and live events and has extended the properties of television and movies to consumers globally. Some of the premium attractions are indoor activities. Those included are –  

  • Lionsgate Entertainment World in China
  • Lionsgate Zone of the Motiongate theme park in Dubai 
  • Official Saw Escape in Las Vegas 
  • Hunger Games: The Exhibition 
  • Now You See Me Live touring magic show
  • La La Land live-to-films global concert tours 

Additionally, Lionsgate adapted some of the intellectual properties and Broadway stages with globally renowned producers. 

Lionsgate Ventures and Games

Lionsgate created a video game development division called Lionsgate Interactive Ventures in April 2014, headed by Nerdist Industries Peter Levin. The division is dedicated to the production and distribution of multiplatform games Lionsgate and investment in digital businesses. 

Studio Complex 

In September 2019, Lionsgate signed a deal with Great Point Capital. The purpose was to build a new production facility in New York, Yonkers, and became a long-term anchor investor and tenant. Lionsgate soon named the rights to the studios. The plan was to construct the site in November, and the facility will start to operate in autumn 2020. At the beginning of April, they announced the developers have lockdown $60 million in the financial section for the rest with $40 million in the second phase of the project that Lionsgate will anchor. 

Who are their competitors? 

Lionsgate is facing competition from various organizations of the entertainment industry and more forms of leisure entertainment from travel to sports, video games, and many more forms of digital entertainment. The top competitors take the form of movies, TV series, and networks. Here are Lionsgate’s competitors:

  • Anchor Bay Entertainment
  • DreamWorks Animation SKG
  • 20th Century Fox
  • Universal Studios
  • Focus Features
  • Sony Pictures 
  • Warner Brothers 

Who owns Lionsgate? 

The owner of Lionsgate is Mark H. Rachesky. He is the chairman of Lionsgate Entertainment and the head of the MHR Fund Management organization of their $5 million investment. The organization’s investment includes a stake in Lionsgate and the trucking energy sectors.  Blair Witch was one of the franchises with Lionsgate Games having to publish a Blair Witch game in 2019. 

In conclusion, I would like to say that movies are a source in many ways, from being inspired to create stories or art or to make people happy. Or movies can be used as an escape from reality to live in a fantasy world, to live in their dreams. 

Who owns Lionsgate? – History and Competitors

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