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In a world where the English language is crucial, phrases and words are like pillars. Whether a student, employee, self-made individual, or even an aged person, English serves well no matter where you are. Moreover, it is one of the common languages that connect people. One can assume it to be a strong link for effective communication. However, there is much to learn in this language. One cannot stop or fully acquire language skills. Each day has something new, be it a word or a grammar rule. And as we learn and use these in our lives, we develop. In this article, we are going to see about What is assert dominance?

What is assert dominance?

Assert dominance – overview 

This article has information about the basis of the term ‘assert dominance. Widely used in the authoritative and business world, one must understand the meaning and usage of the same. Find the meaning and aspects in which this term may be used. Also, find why and where it is used as you read on. Furthermore, understand how to use it and how it adds to the value of your linguistic skills!

What is assert dominance?

One may structure it in the following way, ‘to assert one’s dominance’ or ‘asserts dominance’. To understand the basic meaning, simply combine the two individual meanings of the terms. ‘Assert’, to confirm, verify or firmly declare. ‘Dominance’, to gain power and authority, to rule and control. Therefore, asserting dominance is confirming and declaring firmly your authority over something. This could be a thing or even something abstract. There are innumerous ways to use this term for infinite cases. 

Let’s understand the deeper meaning of this term. When we say ‘assert’, we use it as a more compelling term. We replace this term with confirm, verify, and other words which have a more optimistic and casual meaning. ‘Assert’ gives the impression of fitness no matter what. When this term is used, one may also find traces of aggressiveness in the sentence. Herefore, asserting dominance would mean trying to inflict power and control over something under any circumstance. While it may be assumed that the sentence has a negative or strong emotion attached to it, this term is also used to dictate the level of strength and power. 

Where and how is it used?

So where and how is it used? Should you be using this term? What are the right conditions to use such a term? Find out as you read on.


One may commonly find this term used by politicians. However, they wouldn’t directly use it on the people as they don’t want to come as a compelling party. Rather they may use it in their policies or while communicating with their fellow members. Another time where they may use this term is toward their rivals. In the case of their rivals, they can come off as strong and compelling individuals. Therefore, there is no threat and they may freely use this term then. 


When you’re a manager or the head of any department, you may use this term. Keep in mind that this term is not always forceful and aggressive. The tone you use, how you structure it in and the context decides what impression the term may give. If understood well, the heads in various industries may use this term with their colleagues. Often, this term is avoided while directly communicating with subordinates. However, it is a strong point to keep in mind while communicating to ensure effective leadership. 

Creation and ownership 

Think of artists, authors, designers, and so on. And now think of using this term in the second or third person. You wouldn’t hear a songwriter say ‘I assert my dominance over the lyrics’. However, if you’re reading any content where the songwriter is in the third person, you may find something like ‘ he asserted dominance over the music industry with his new album’. When you’re talking about owners and creators, this term may come in handy. 

General cases 

You may be under the impression that this term now can only be used under heavy and professional situations. But that’s not all, even simple everyday situations use this term. Asserting dominance on your pet. To assert dominance in class being the representative. While leading the group, she asserted good dominance and kept them together. The reason for their victory was the way he asserted dominance and carried out the chores unitedly. Many other examples prove that ‘assert dominance’ is also used in daily life. Only one needs to be prudent while using the term to avoid coming off as a strong and controlling person. 

How to show signs and be an assertive dominator

You can’t always go rebound saying you’re an assertive dominator. Your actions need to show the same too. Here are some tips on how you can assert dominance without having to speak and directly mention it. 

  • Actions speak louder than words- it’s true!

If you want to assert dominance and only keep yapping, you’ll be an all-talk, no-show person. Consider leaders and how they lead their team or group. They don’t go on giving speeches and instructions. All the more, if you want to assert dominance, you have to make sure that your actions are enough for people to understand what needs to be done. If you want to assert dominance over something you’ve created, mark your style on it. Something that defines you. You can assert dominance with actions too!

How assertive? 

If you’re going to be extremely controlling, no one will adhere to you. Then you can forget asserting dominance because you’ll lose leadership only. If you’re trying to assert dominance, you need to know how far to go. If you’re going to overdo it, you’ll end up coming off as a controlling and overpowering bossy character. Know where to assert dominance. Moreover, how to do the same. Exercise gentleness and politeness while you’re being assertive. Learn to keep a hold on your dominance while being understanding towards your subordinates. 

Balance and boundaries

When you’re not going overboard, remember to involve your subordinates. You want to assert dominance but at the same time, you need your employees to understand your authority. This requires interaction and two-way communication. Maintain a balance between asserting dominance and involving employees. Set boundaries toward how much the employees must pitch in and how much you must show authority. 


Asserting dominance is indeed a wide term. There are different perspectives to look at depending on your situation. It is important to understand balance and context while you use or exercise this term. Rightly, this article has a good range of information for the same!


  • Should one assert dominance in a group task?

It’s hard to say. Whether or not you must assert dominance depends greatly on how your group is functioning. If you are appointed as a leader or you want to take on the responsibility of leading the group, it may be a good idea. However, if your group prefers working collectively, it’s better to work on the same level than assert dominance. 

  • Does assert dominance mean leadership and authority?

Yes, in a way. Leadership and authority are parts of asserting dominance. Only when you are considered a leader or have authority over something can you assert dominance. However, there is more to keep in mind while exercising the same. Along with leadership and authority, approval and balance must be joined for effectively asserting dominance. 

What is assert dominance?- Learn More

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