Voice Over Jobs for Beginners

Voice Over Jobs for Beginners

Have you come across people who instantly hook them with your voice? Their voice is so soothing, calm, and miraculous that you instantly lose yourself in the calmness and poise of the voice. If you know anyone with such a voice or you have one such voice that calms others and has that perfect annotation you can be fit for the job of a voice-over artist. Here, let’s know about the Voice Over Jobs For Beginners.

As a beginner, it could seem tedious to find a job that makes you fall in love with the work and give you the right opportunities. But with the right place to look for a job you can easily start your career as a voice-over artist. 

We have curated a few job opportunities that will give you the right opportunities and also make you work on a broader spectrum of discovering your job. 

Let us quickly dive into the job list and also know some additional details of the job. 

What are voice-over jobs?

Voice-over jobs are opportunities in which a candidate provides their voice, or you can say lends their voice to projects that need them. It includes giving voice to podcasts, animations, audiobooks, television programs, and so much more. The job can be considered as voice acting. 

The job can be carried out in studios or at home with the right equipment and skill set.

  1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelancing platform that allows every voice-over artist to start their career on their terms. Fiverr serves as a platform for multiple jobs and voice-over jobs are one of the most famous on this platform. Some several clients and companies are actively looking for artists to meet their demands, and the best place they could look for is Fiverr.

The platform hosts a good platform for client and candidate bridging and provides opportunities to both small scale and large scale industries to look for the right professionals. 

The registration on this platform is very easy, it just requires you to sign up through your details and add your voice details, languages, gigs, and other information about the service you provide. You can also mention your hourly rates or rates per project. The platform is extremely flexible and you can accept the work according to your requirements. 

The pay scale varies larger depending upon the clients you work for. 

  1. Voices.com

Voices.com is a voice platform that provides opportunities to its candidates. Any person interested in this platform can look for a job in multiple languages. The platform is well versed in North American English, French, Spanish, German, and Mandarin. The company also works with multiple clients and the profile of the clients has a very high profile. 

Candidates who want to apply for the job can fill out an application form and record a voice sample for the same. The most difficult part of the job is to record voices of high quality and audition for different sets according to people. Once a candidate accesses this platform they can opt for two options: either they can log in as guests or go for a premium account. 

You can also receive daily jobs on the platform and receive multiple jobs consistently. The pay scale for each job that you accept varies widely and can range from up to $100 to $1500 per project. 

  1. Voice123

Voice123 is one of the most professional platforms that provides voice-over jobs to beginners. The company was founded in 2003 and has been exponentially working and building its platform to stand among the top list of industries. Many professional voice artists and clients are equipped with the job and this gives a better chance for any candidate working here.

The company has many high-profile clients and has partnerships with Coca-Cola, 21st Century Fox, NBC. To get enrolled in the job you would be required to fill up a form and attach a voice note along with the application. 

A candidate can opt to go for either a standard or premium account with this platform. Premium users get additional benefits which include, high exposure to jobs, better client base access, and audition details. 

The pay scale of the platform can range from $30 to $100 per hour.

  1. Voice crafters

Voice crafters is a platform that provides candidates with an extremely professional background. The policies of the company are very strict and they require a candidate to be experienced for more than 5 years. The company was founded back in 2008 and has served the world with more than 2500 projects. 

The company works with 80 plus languages and is a boutique marketplace. It deals with multiple projects and takes jobs like e commercials, TV, videos, IVRs and so much more. The registration of this platform is very stringent and does not require any additional cost for the same. 

The pay scale for this job can range from anywhere between $150 to $3000 per project. 

  1. Upwork

Upwork is another freelancing platform on this list. The platform is best suited for voice-over artists as it provides them trillions of opportunities to work. Candidates can easily register through this platform and ensure that they set criteria according to their requirements. 

Through this platform, candidates can work for audiobooks, YouTube channels, and much more. The clients on this platform have a very broad spectrum of jobs and thus it allows for more flexibility of work for the candidates. 

Another benefit to working with this platform is the flexibility of payment. Any candidate can easily mention their rates on the profile; this can be hourly or per-project rate. 

  1. Freelancer

Another interesting freelancing platform out there is Freelancer. The platform though has many perks as it allows a different payment selection method. When a candidate applied for a job on this platform they see the bids that are placed on the project. For instance, if there is a project wherein you would be required to voice a story, here different artists can bid on the project with different rates and clips of their choice. This makes the entire process a more fun thing. 

The registration on this platform is quite easy. You would be required to sign up on the page and set up a profile according to your requirements. The rest of the work is done by the platform as it matches your profile with the right jobs and projects. 

The pay scale here is quite jittery as there is no fixed or minimum payment set by the client. 

  1. VoiceBunny

VoiceBunny is a perfect platform for beginners to start their job as voice-over artists. The platform is relatively new to the market but has served multiple clients with its tough competitive nature. 

The company currently works with more than 28000 employees and has a record of providing projects in multiple languages. It also works with beginners and allows them to work from the comfort of the house. As a candidate who is just getting started with the job, you can record your voice in the comforts of your house with available equipment. 

The company not only provides you with great opportunities but rather also provides candidates with benefits like; choosing their pay scale according to the project, looking for projects that perfectly match the conditions of work. 

The average pay scale for the job varies according to clients. You will surely receive a minimum of $38 for your project. 

  1. Mandy voices

Mandy Voices is a professional voice-over platform that works with high-end clients and big production names. The platform works with several actors and film production, this allows for candidates to receive several high-end jobs that can prove way better for professional growth. The platform also allows the candidates to work for Disney if they have the right skills. 

The auditioning process for the platform is extremely easy. You would be required to fill your registration through an online platform and send relative voice notes and clips for the same. 

The average pay scale for the platform ranges from $25 to $50 per yours. Depending upon the project and client the scale can vary in a wider amount. 

  1. Flexjobs

If you are looking for remote jobs that are specially screened to provide good benefits and flexibility then Flexjobs is your one-stop-shop. The platform has been continuously functioning since 2007 and provides candidates with multiple working opportunities. The platform does not only provide the candidates with projects to work upon them even on life training, courses, and mentorship for the same. 

The platform has very in-demand voice-over jobs which help candidates to look for opportunities almost every day. The applications on this platform are pretty up-to-date and have all the basic requirements highlighted in the correct sections of the work. 

The average pay scale you could earn from this platform can range from $30 to $1500 per project. 

  1. Bunny studio

Bunny Studio is a freelancing platform that provides jobs like designing, voice-over artist, and many other similar jobs. The platform deals with professional and world-class clients, and hence the major requirement of this platform is to hire extremely professional candidates. 

To start work with this platform you would need to have a professional set and your recording also needs to be completed in a professional environment. The hiring of the project is done very carefully by experts. Every candidate is personally screened by industry experts so that the service quality of the platform is maintained. 

The pay scale associated with this platform is not disclosed, every candidate receives the money as per the rates decided by the client.

  1. Envato Studio

Envato Studio is the world’s leading marketplace for creative artists. All the artists on this platform are handpicked and are selected on a different basis to complete a particular job. Envato Studio has a lot of policies when it comes to hiring voice-over artists. They look for candidates that have experience and work with professional equipment. 

If you want to register on the platform you would be required to fill an interest form. Once you have submitted the form experts from the platform will review your profile based on different metrics. As a fresher, you will require to put your best foot forward when sending them a sample piece. This will allow you to be hired without any prior experience. 

The average pay scale of this platform ranges from anywhere between $40 to $200 per project.

  1. Amazon ACX

If you are looking for a platform that specializes in audiobook recordings, Amazon ACX is your go-to place. The platform is extremely versatile in audiobook projects and provides candidates with extremely competitive jobs. 

One thing every candidate must keep in mind here is that Amazon is a big name. The opportunities here are very competitive, this being said you would be required to compete with multiple professionals to get a particular job. If you want to land a job where you need to be extremely focused on the work and modulate your voice in such a manner that it suits the requirements of the audiobooks. 

Working for this platform will allow you to gain experience and start a career with Disney as well. You would be required to record stories and books that are already present in the Amazon section to dedicated audiobooks. 

To register on the platform, you would be required to open your audiobook profile. As you register you will be able to access multiple job opportunities to which you can apply. 

The average pay scale on this platform can range from $1200 to $1500 per project. 

  1. Brilliance Audio

Brilliance Audio is a great voice-over platform for many publishers and audiobook enthusiasts. It is a platform that allows several authors to connect with fans and provide an opportunity for various readers to enjoy their favorite books in audio format. 

The platform is extremely huge in connecting book enthusiasts with the right books and tools, this pushes them to hire artists that are dedicated to their work and add value to their company. The platform works with different authors and allows candidates to work with several projects which include working with audiobook translation. 

The pay scale associated with this platform is not yet declared outside the community.

  1. The voice realm

Interested in Disney? Well, Voice Realm is your place to make a mark in the world of Disney. Voice Realm is a platform that deals with almost every translation that is associated with Disney. One thing every candidate needs to ensure when applying for this platform is, you will be competing with professionals. 

The platform is one of the best voice-over jobs out there in the market, this makes it extremely competitive and hard to get in the job. Though it is not biased for freshers, you would be required to have a great voice and put your best forward when competing for the job. 

The registration of the job is very simple, all you need to do is fill in the details mentioned on the platform and send samples of your work. The platform also provides candidates with translation jobs, so if you are multilingual it can prove to be the best place to start. 

The average pay scale of the project ranges from about $150 to $300 per project.

  1. Backstage

Backstage is another platform that is famous for making a big career in Hollywood and Disney. The platform is one of the biggest names in the voice-over industry and works with top industry clients. 

The registration process for the job is very easy and you would be required to only fill up details in the registration form and add samples for the languages you would like to work for. Once you pass the initial rounds, you will be required to audition with different clients according to the projects assigned to you. 

The platform is a big name in the industry, to register with them you will be required to pay a monthly fee of $9.99. The fee is quite minimal compared to the benefits the platform provides and thus is almost negligible. 

Once you have landed a project you will be paid a minimum of $50 per hour. This is the basic rate that almost every candidate follows. If you are approached by clients you can also receive several incentives based on performance. 

  1. Funimation’s

Animation is a platform that works under Sony pictures. The platform mainly deals with east Asian productions and is mainly used to voice-over in Japanese anime. The company is an American-based company and usually hires locally.

The projects on this platform are quite on the high end and thus required professional candidates who are extremely talented in controlling their voices. If you are someone who is well versed in mimicry, this job can be the best fit for you. 

Being a high-end company that works with international clients, the pay scales related to them are private and not disclosed on any official website. 

  1. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is also another freelancing platform that allows you to work according to your work requirements. The platform works unlike any traditional platform and allows candidates to update their profiles based on their experience and their past jobs. 

A candidate on this platform can add reviews to their profile section and also display their work on the portfolio section, this makes the work of the clients easy as they can readily choose from the candidate’s profile. The reviews on the platform help to add credulity to the work of the candidate thus providing them with more and better opportunities. 

  1. Voquent

As a voice-over artist if you are interested in working with the video gaming industry then Voquent is your best match. Voquent mainly deals with the video gaming industry, this allows them to have hundreds of jobs that are right for a beginner level in the voice-over industry. The platform hires individuals for translation, dubbing, subtitles, and so much more. 

Being a video gaming voice over the platform you will be required to have specific accents that will suit the gaming platform. The basic accents that the platform looks for are British, American, Canadian, Irish, New Zealand, Welsh, Scottish.

To register on the platform you would be required to sign up on their hiring page and add relevant samples in different accents. The best thing about this platform is you can add multiple samples that range on a broader spectrum. This will allow you to get hired for different roles easily. 

Skills required for a voice-over job.

Good command over voice

A good voice is but naturally the biggest requirement to become a voice-over artist, but this isn’t the only requirement. Not all people who have a good voice become voice-over artists, so a big requirement here is the correct enunciations and modulation of voice. 

Any person with good modulation of voice can easily land a job as a voice-over artist. 

Language command

Having command over several languages adds a plus point to an artist. It allows them to work with multiple languages and come across a broader spectrum of work. Having a good language command in one or multiple languages will allow the artist to easily land a job and make the best out of their language skills.  

Ideation and creativity

Sometimes, voice artists could receive a script of a project. Now, it becomes the responsibility of the artist to bend the script in such a manner that it flows out naturally. To do so you will be required to be creative and ideate the script in a manner that brings out more connection to the script. 


Again many people have great voices, but what matters the most is having control over the voice. It will bring out a certain calmness to your voice that will keep listeners hooked. Pacing plays an important role in keeping the listeners hooked and this gives the entire experience a different emotion altogether. 


If you have got the right talent to work for the voice-over industry, nothing can pull you down. Use social media platforms, freelancing platforms, and many other similar platforms that will showcase your talents and also help you with networking on the job. 

As a fresher make sure you look for the right jobs. Use the list mentioned above, the list includes all the best options that you can use to make a name in the industry. In the end, work hard and advertise yourself the right way. 

Finally, congratulations on the job. 

Voice Over Jobs for Beginners

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