Virgin America Careers-The complete guide


In this article, we are to see Virgin America Careers with their salaries.


The airline operated in 2007 as a brand identity company, certified by the Virgin Group, which regulates the Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia brands as well. In 2007 it was an autonomous airline. In April 2016, the Alaska Air Group acquired, at a value of nearly $4 billion, Virgin America and its label, till the airline completely joined Alaska Airlines on 24 April 2018. The airline operated Virgin America.

Virgin America boasts about $1B to $5B revenue with more than 10,000 staff capacity around the globe. They are one of the prominent organizations in the transportation and logistics sector. They provide job opportunities to US residents. They hire applicants with little or no experience in entry-level positions and hire applicants with a high level of skill and experience in top and managerial positions. 

Job Description 

Customer Service Agent 

The customer service agent assists visitors with travel requirements. This individual function as a passenger serviceman attends to visitor inquiries and fulfills several tasks in the fields of ticketing, verification, and boarding. 

Below are the duties of a Customer Service agent:

  • Sell tickets and provide lodging in the cabin. 
  • Computer and documentary tasks are carried out. 
  • Assess and organize travel arrangements, special meals, and upgrades, by arranging seat assignments and loading. 
  • Secure traveler baggage and process. 
  • Management can be allocated tasks of different capacities to guarantee full happiness for guests
  • Interacting with clients positively and empathically and professionally at all times. 
  • Answer customer requests immediately. 
  • Communicating via numerous channels with customers. 
  • Customer problems are recognized and resolved.
  • You know our products both inside and externally to address questions. 
  • Orders, forms, requests, and requests are processed. 
  • Records of encounters, transactions, observations, and complaints between customers
  • If required, communicate and coordinate with colleagues. 
  • Responses on customer service effectiveness. responses. 
  • Management of a junior customer service staff. 
  • Provision of competent customer service and customer satisfaction

Job Requirements

  • Customer care or community work experience for at least two years. 
  • Exceptionally good communication and interpersonal abilities (e.g., verbal, written, listening). 
  • At least 25 WPM type speed. 
  • Capacity to lift 50 lbs consistently. 
  • You have to bend, squat, reach and grasp. You can. 
  • Flexibility to operate different changes (e.g., weekends, holidays). 
  • Ability to learn and operate an electronic booking system. 
  • Capacity to adjust to working according to certain methods. 
  • Ability in a quick-run atmosphere to foresee the demands of others. 
  • Fluency in the English language. 
  • Diploma or equivalent to secondary school

Manager Stations Operations II

The Manager Station Ops II is in charge of operating the airport and is responsible for the implementation of a strategy to guarantee that our visitors at the airport enjoy the highest level of client service. As a leader, Station Ops II Manager leads and sets priorities for the team to offer outstanding guest experience and to uphold the highest safety standards

Below are the duties of the Manager Station Ops II:

  • He leads the team and defines station operations and station staff priorities. 
  • Implements strategies, budget, and timetables for strategies 
  • Discuss and manage contracts with sellers. 
  • Decisions are to be made in respect of any station tasks, which include customer support, baggage handling, weight-and-balance cargo operations, passenger safety, ramp-service operations, and bookings, to ensure that business service standards, policy decisions, and all the national, state, and local Port authorities regulations are met. 
  • The company is represented by public relations initiatives in the community
  • Develop individuals by efficient strategy implementation and continual feedback, concentrating on the delegation for extended tasks, building and developing the capability and development team, evaluating the team’s success and management skills. 
  • Contract management supervises. 
  • Forms team culture through action, presence, and behavioral strengthening. 
  • Job, Education, and Skills Experience

Job Requirements

  • 5 years of customer support and/or operational experience in a station, ideally with proven passenger service abilities, station operational capabilities, including freight handling, land management, staff management, shift work schedules, employee management, and budget control. 
  • Experience in management for 2 years. 
  • Baccalaureate or another two years of appropriate training/experience, instead of this degree. 
  • Ability to build a collaboration with different teams and working groups that are cross-functional. 
  • Diploma or equivalent to secondary school. 
  • Age of at least 18 years. 
  • Must be permitted to work in the United States

Manager Payroll Services 

The payroll services manager is responsible for the accuracy and proper compilation, payments, and maintenance of records. As an individual leader, the Manager Payroll Services guides and sets priorities for the team, guaranteeing compliance with standard operating procedures and legislation, plays a critical role for employees and pensioners.

Below are the duties of a Manager Payroll Service:

  • Performs weekly, bi-weekly, semesterly, and Adhoc payroll processing procedures as needed. 
  • Sets goals and targets and provides the department with a focus on high performance and ongoing improvement for direction and supervision. 
  • Establishing and maintaining ties between employee benefit, data management, and finance divisions. 
  • Ensure that salary activity is consistent with the GAAP, government rules, and state and federal regulations on payroll tax filing. 
  • Manages and monitors payroll tax returns, journal entries, and reconciliation preparations
  • Track adjustments, reports of exceptions, and reconciliations. 
  • Works to reconcile inconsistencies with payroll accountants. 
  • Reconcile periodic equity operations from the corporate and payment system external stock system. 
  • Carries out year-end pay data and audits to guarantee that proper payroll information has been sent to tax authorities and W2 staff. 
  • Establish auditing mechanisms and ensure proper compliance with SOX controls. 
  • Ensure data integrity and respect for document preservation policies of salary and related subsystems. 
  • Prepare management review reports, analyze key performance parameters of the payroll
  • Suggest new/revised existing analytical approaches to improve functions in the sector. 
  • It maintains professional and technical knowledge by participating in educational programs, professional publications examination, personal networking, and professional societal participation

Job Requirements

  • Five years of experience in payroll. 
  • Experience in management for 2 years. 
  • Bachelor’s degree, with a concentration on accounting, management, or a comparable subject area, or two more years of appropriate training/experience instead of this degree. 
  • Strong accounting abilities, tax and labor law understanding, and experience in preparing and producing quarterly and annual payroll returns (including W-2s). 
  • Microsoft Office-friendly with a focus on advanced Excel skills.
  • Certificate of high school or equivalent. 
  • 18 years old minimum 
  • Must be permitted to work in the United States

Financial Planning Analyst 

The major job of FP&A is to convert the company’s overall strategy into a long-term plan with annual budgets for operations and capital. It estimates operating performance and rentability using financial modeling and establishes strategic goals for key indicators of performance (KPIs). It gives management a clear picture of future performance with a yearly budget while offering employees guidance.

Below are the duties of a financial planning analyst :

  • Analyze key performance indicator trends (KPIs), in particular concerning financial indicators such as sales, spending, and gross profit. 
  • Monitor KPIs and detect the cause of unforeseen discrepancies 
  • Continuously develop and improve budgeting, financial and operational forecasting 
  • Ad hoc reporting of company performance 
  • List the financial statements of different Departments or Divisions monthly and quarterly 
  • Construct a tool and table reports for corporate intelligence 
  • Establish and evaluate financial models in support of strategic initiatives 
  • Support teams and heads of departments with data-driven insight

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree, focusing on finance, accounting, business or related subjects, or two years in financial services, financial reporting, investment banking, or related fields. 
  • Microsoft Excel and general databases skills, including a wide range of Excel mathematical functions and pivot tables. 
  • Diploma or equivalent to secondary school. 
  • Age of at least 18 years. 
  • Must be allowed to work in the United States

Managing Director Airport Affairs 

The Managing Director, Airport Relations, develops out a long-term plan to supervise airports and immobilization activities’ financial results. As an individual leader, the role sets strategic goals and guidance for a team of leaders to promote network growth and meet airport space and related immobilization needs by coordinating the internal and external development work of airports, negotiating leases and operating agreements, and developing and maintaining strong professional links with airlines.

Below are the duties of the Managing director of airport affairs:

  • Negotiates airport utilization and leasing contracts with a profound understanding of existing or considered airport rates and charging mechanisms. 
  • Drives airport capital plans by evaluating Air Group commercial and operational needs and leading airport enhancement development agreements. 
  • Represents the corporation in all airport property-related third-party real estate transactions. 
  • Monitors and manages the optimization of property assets at airports by working with business partners to guarantee efficient management of business facilities and maximize value. 
  • It assists in the formulation of firm hub strategies on immovable needs, limitations and adopts effective principles to develop immovable assets and mitigate financial risks. 
  • The partnership includes network and capabilities management, marketing, airport operation, and government interactions with key business players inside the organization. 
  • Recommends and encourages respect for appropriate corporate brand standards space measurements and safe operations and sensible company needs. 
  • Maintain fruitful working relations with airport personnel, other airlines, local and federal authorities, and the associations of relevant airlines
  • It conducts the evaluation, execution, and enforcement of various stakeholders to contractual agreements. 
  • The development of projects, initiatives, and business prospects at airports reports, analyzes, strategies, and concepts, as required. 
  • The direct report personnel who support property transactions are managers, consultants and provides professional guidance. 
  • Airport Design and Construction Committee Associates to handle Alaska’s construction projects financial condition and contracts with airports

Job Requirements

  • Ten years of lease and contract negotiation, drawing up, and management expertise. 
  • Five years of experience in leadership. 
  • Degree in Bachelor 
  • The capability for financial analyzes, architectural concept drawings, and operational requirements can be interpreted. 
  • Evidenced capacity to scope real estate issues quickly, create precise risk awareness and develop risk-sensitive plans. 
  • Proven ability to make the organization a crucial business partner by using the business acumen and analytical aptitude
  • Strong interpersonal skills, able to develop collaborative interactions with colleagues in an organization, with key external companies and government partners, to achieve results for the benefit of the company. 
  • Evidenced talents in change management and hunger for study and best practice in current commercial concerns. 
  • Ability to collaborate on long-term difficult project objectives with other departments, airlines, and airport representatives. 
  • Evidenced capacity to prioritize several tasks and goals and to manage them. 
  • The function of managing, leading and assisting staff.
  • Capable of managing, monitoring, and motivating external suppliers


Insurance health and wellness 
  1. Health Insurance 
  2. Dental Insurance 
  3. Flexible Spending Account (FSA) 
  4. Vision Insurance 
  5. Health Savings Account (HSA) 
  6. Life Insurance 
  7. Supplemental Life Insurance 
  8. Disability Insurance
  9. Occupational Accident Insurance
  10. Health Care On-Site
  11. Mental Health Care
  12. Retiree Health & Medical
  13. Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
Finance and retirement 
  1. Pension Plan
  2. 401K Plan 
  3. Retirement Plan 
  4. Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  5. Charitable Gift Matching
Family and parenting 
  1. Maternity & Paternity Leave
  2. Work From Home
  3. Fertility Assistance
  4. Dependent Care
  5. Adoption Assistance
  6. Childcare
  7. Reduced or Flexible Hours 
  8. Military Leave 
  9. Family Medical Leave 
  10. Unpaid Extended Leave
Professional support 
  1. Diversity program 
  2. Job training
  3. Apprenticeship program 
  4. Professional Development 
  5. Tuition assistance 

Application Process 

Considering applying for a job at Virgin America? Then you can visit their website and submit an online application form for a position that is suitable for your relevant skills and experience. Below are steps you can follow to successfully send in your application to Virgin America:

  • Visit the Career Openings page of Virgin America 
  • Select a method of application and select a position 
  • Learn about your choice of position 
  • Login or create a new account for users 
  • Make an application profile 
  • Confirm Step by Step Some Information 
  • Response Some questions about in-flight 
  • Consent to the notice of data protection 
  • Take the job evaluation 
  • Complete the entire process of online application


Customer Service Agent 18 
Manager Stations Operations II21 
Manager Payroll Services 18
Financial Planning Analyst 18
Managing Director Airport Affairs 21


Customer Service Agent $18.04/hr 
Manager Stations Operations II$84,980 per annum 
Manager Payroll Services $25.28/hr 
Financial Planning Analyst $74,400 per annum 
Managing Director Airport Affairs $140,503 per annum 
Virgin America Careers-The complete guide

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