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Trans-net Careers


Trans-net is a big South African railway, marine, and pipeline corporation with headquarters in Johannesburg’s Carlton District. It became a limited liability company on April 1, 1990. A large number of the company’s shares were acquired by the Office of Public Corporations, or DPE, of the Government of South Africa. The corporation was launched by reorganizing into business segments the activities of South African Railway lines and Seaports and other previous operational activities and product lines. Here, we’ll discuss Trans-net Careers.

Trans-net numbers have grown from its Production Capacity Policy, which is associated with elevated capital expenditure, to the Trans-net corporate Initiative, which is aimed at realigning Trans-net, as well as the nation’s cargo framework, for competitive advantage in the incredibly fast-moving innovation framework of the fourth industrial revolution. International expansion, service and product improvement, and the broadening and extension of Trans-net’s manufacturing department are among the strategies and tactics of its major growth pillars. The main goals of Trans-net’s project are to improve the interconnected seaport, railway, and pipeline cable network connections, compactness, and capability.


Trans-net holds itself to a high degree of excellence. We are pleased to manage and operate South Africa’s regional transit head, and we have a mission to become Africa’s national champion in logistics and transportation solutions by growing our activities abroad. Trans-net is a global enterprise with a team of more than 55,000 self-motivated people. Our environment provides exceptional opportunities targeted at recruiting results-oriented employees who are appropriately qualified and capable of rising to even higher heights within our organization. The action plan also prioritizes diversity and inclusion. Recruiting the most professional staff in the business is critical to the company’s development and long-term viability. Our employees enable us to realize our ambitions and achieve our strategic objectives.

The following are some of our key values:

  • We follow through on our promises
  • We have a safe mindset and greet each other with respect and dignity.
  • We appreciate and reward good work; we are empowered to do our duties, and we have excellent interaction.
  • Business is our priority

Career Divisions

The action plan also prioritizes diversity and inclusion. Recruiting the most professional staff in the business is critical to the company’s development and long-term viability. Our employees enable us to realize our ambitions and achieve our strategic objectives. 

The business divisions of Trans-net are:

  1. Trans-net Ports – The National Ports Authorities are responsible for infrastructure facilities and maritime activities at South Africa’s eight commercial shipping ports. When Trans-net, then a single port company, Port net, was split into management and tenant enterprises, Trans-net port terminals and the National Port Authority, Trans-net ports was formed in 2000. Trans-net ports have supported the South African administration’s output economic plan since its inception. South Africa’s top six ports, Richards Bay, Durban, Saldanha, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and East London, handle the majority of Southern African exports and imported cargoes. The modern Ngqura deep seaport opened in October 2009, only 7 kilometers beyond Port Elizabeth. Not only do port terminals handle these cargoes, but they also apply freight forwarding solutions to their cargo, multi-purpose, and vehicle terminal operations.
  2. Trans-net Pipelines – Trans-net Oil refineries, previously named Petronet, are the keepers of the nation’s refinery facilities, serving two main economies (fuel and gas) by transferring petroleum and natural gas products over variable distances.
  3. Trans-net Freight – Trans-net Rail Freight, originally Spoor-net, is Trans-net’s largest division. It is a freight rail firm that specializes in long-haul cargo handling. It is the largest multinational shareholder outside the United States, except India, and it is a government agency rather than a corporation.
  4. Trans-net Engineering – Trans-net Engineering specializes in cargo wagons, railway, and metropolitan buses, fuel oil, and electrical engines, along with wheels, spinning machines, rolling stock machinery, mold, auxiliary facilities, and logistics.
  5. Trans-net Property – Trans-net Properties oversees a real estate business portfolio for the company. Licensing and rent management, daily operations administration, building maintenance, and asset supervision are all part of an estate’s financial advisory competence. Property usually gives specific property assistance to Strategic Priorities as well as the Corporate Unit in addition to asset management. Market value, municipality value surveillance, land assessments and certification, property supply chain management, and topographic maps, but also documents and property maintenance, are just a few of the services available.

​​Career Goals

Trainers will use the multi-million rand packed Maritime Shipping Simulation mostly during several training programs. The Maritime School of Excellence (MSoE) satellite branch in Durban has this system established. It can be used to educate marine pilots and boat managers, helping to bring them up to speed with the Professional Standards Learning, Accreditation, and Watchkeeping standards and providing training sessions. The MSoE also contains Terminal Operations Simulators, RTG Cranes, and Ship-to-Shore Container Cranes, which will allow learners to command, maneuver, and become familiar with all terminal-related tools and vehicles in full detail.

Further simulations, including a Reach Stacker, Counter Balance, Portable Harbour Lifting equipment, Railway Installed Cantilever, Straddle Transporter, and Truck Management Simulator, will indeed be accessible to supplement the Maritime School of Excellence’s premier education. More education and training possibilities, which will benefit not just Trans-net but also the industry, South Africa, and the marine industry, are closely associated with the Market Growth Strategy’s delivery.

School Joining Criteria

The Learner Administration department at the Maritime School of Excellence provides information on the application process. A booklet explaining the offered courses and entry requirements can be obtained from the Maritime School of Excellence.

Quality Assurance

We admire their devotion and commitment, and we recognize the need to ensure that the correct skills, talents, and increased capacity are long-term sustainable through assisting our employees in reaching their full potential. Our workplace reflects our dynamic and challenging environment, and it provides exceptional opportunities to attract results-oriented employees who are appropriately qualified and have the requisite career prospects.

Trans-network SOC Limited has its origins in ingenuity and transformation, to become Africa’s world champion in transport and logistics solutions. We are honored to operate and control the majority of South Africa’s primary transportation infrastructure. Trans-net is dedicated to collaborating with our customers to meet their specific requirements. We want to build a workplace that attracts and retains the best personnel, allowing them to achieve their greatest potential.

Requirements at Trans-net

Entry Requirements

Minimum requirements vary with each course, but a Grade 12 with a Level 4 in the following compulsory subjects: English, Mathematics, Physical Science

Main Requirements for Some Courses 

  • Operator Lifting Equipment (OLE): As an OLE you will be concentrating on assisting Port and Terminal activities.

You will need:

  • Mathematics and Physical Science are required in Grade 12 (matriculation).
  • A valid Code 8/EB driver’s license for three years is required.
  • a computer-savvy individual
  • Maintain a healthy and balanced life.
  • Be ready to work in shifts and inclement weather.
  • Pass an entry test and physical examination, that will involve tests of physical coordination, depth perception, and the ability to operate at heights.
  • A technical qualification with knowledge of N1-N6 will be beneficial
  • Skipper Port Operations (SPO): As an SPO, you’ll be in control of a vehicle in a cargo area that weighs more than 25 tonnes but less than 200 tonnes. You’ll need to have completed Grade 12 (matriculation) in mathematics and physical science, as well as pass a pre-entry exam and a medical assessment.
  • Marine Motorman Grade II (MMG): Under the guidance of the Chief Engineer, an MMG will perform maintenance, inspections, and cleaning of turbines and accessories onboarding a ship in a port operations region.
    • Level 12 (matric) with mathematics and physical science is required.
    • An EGPR/GPR is a gene that controls the expression of two proteins (general purpose rating),
    • Complete a pre-entry and physical examination, as well as a background check.
    • Maintain a healthy and fit body.

How to Apply

  1. External applicants who desire to register for programs that are open to the private market must visit the Learner Executive branch of the Maritime School of Excellence to register for the appropriate course. By choosing the job search button, you may search for our open positions.
  2. You must first enroll as a candidate to apply for any of the open vacancies.
  3. Employees who have previously worked for Trans-net do not need to re-register. Send your previous SAP number or ID number to [email protected], and we’ll adjust your login settings and mail address. Your username and password will be sent to you through email.
  4. Applicants should register through the Careers tab. When people notice an advertisement in their national or regional newspaper, they should register. Then you’ll send in your application form, together with your Matric Certificate, CV, and any other supporting documents. These should be sent to the Human Resources manager who is responsible for them. 

Application Process

  • Step 1 – Go to the trans-net website and look for a job.
  • Step 2 – Go to the main search page by clicking the “Search Jobs” link towards the top of the page. If you want to learn more about the various types of careers available, scroll down to the bottom of the main page.
  • Step 3 – Use a keyword or a location to search the list of current opportunities.
  • Step 4 – You can sort the results by title, location, or date. To proceed to the next step of the process, click the position link/title.
  • Step 5 – Read the job description, click the button at the bottom of the page, and then choose how you want to begin the application process 
  • Step 6 – Profile Information – Fill out the “Profile Information” form with the information needed:
    • Address of electronic mail
    • Create a password, then confirm it. First name, last name, phone number, and current title Are you a U.S. veteran?
    • And a high degree of interest
    • Select “Next” from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 7: Fill out all of the form’s required sections and subsections.

You may log in at any moment after registering to:

  • Make a profile for yourself and keep it up to date.
  • Modify your personal information, such as your phone number and email address.
  • Change your password and username.
  • Set up job notifications.
  • Look for open employment and apply for them.
  • Register for open positions using the referral code provided in the advertisement.
  • Cancel a previously submitted application
  • Keep track of the status of jobs you’ve applied for. The External Candidate Reference Manual will come in handy in this respect.


Administrative AssistantR 962/month
Administrative ClerkR 19308/month
Administrative OfficerR 12257/month
administratorR 19624/month
Administrator IIR 46985/month
ClerkR 9975/month
Computer AssistantR 31685/month
Data CaptureR 4500/month
Financial AdministratorR 18000/month
Office AdministratorR 26058/month
Office AssistantR 6406/month
Office ManagerR 22807/month
Personal AssistantR 5125/month
Personal Assistant to CEOR 465000/year
PlannerR 30984/month
Planner/SchedulerR 40000/month
Quantity SurveyorR 8000/month
ReceptionistR 6000/month
Receptionist/Administrative AssistantR 28287/month
Safety, Health, and Environment AssistantR 5000/month
Senior AdministratorR 18000/month
Senior SecretaryR 20229/month
Switchboard OperatorR 5184/month

Interview Questions

  1. What are your objectives?
  2. Can you tell me about your flaws?
  3. Can you tell us why we should recruit you?
  4. We work in a highly competitive market. What distinguishes Trans-net Corp. from its competitors, in your personal view?

Answer: I am well aware that this is a highly competitive market. You only get a single opportunity to impress your consumers, so make the best initial impression possible. Trans-net Corp. appeared to have far more favorable impressions than any competition when I checked professional customer reviews. You state on your site that your customer support values are your priority, and this is true.

  1. At Trans-net Corporation, we are constantly looking for innovative methods to improve our services. Are you able to provide us with any recommendations?

Answer: Trans-net Corp. puts a lot of effort into its services and other innovative ideas, which I enjoy. My first idea is to expand your company’s website to include more digital downloads and worksheets linked to your products. Free materials are highly valued by customers.

  1. At Trans-net Corp., we look for people who can solve problems. When was the last time you were able to solve a problem at work?

Answer: In the office, I frequently address minor merchandising issues. I’m always looking for fresh marketing tactics to get rid of some of the older products and make room for the new ones.

  1. At Trans-net Corp., we prefer that shas have some type of post-secondary education. Explain your schooling and how you believe it has prepared you for this position.

Answer: DeVry University awarded me a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. Because the classes were so hands-on, I felt quite prepared after receiving my degree. I was also able to learn a lot about business management. These are all talents that I believe will be extremely beneficial to me in my position with Trans-net Corp. I was able to obtain good grades and finish first in my class despite working part-time during my studies at DeVry. In this capacity, I would offer the same degree of commitment and excitement.

Trans-net Careers- Job Opportunities

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