The Disney Careers and Jobs- A Complete Guide



The mission of The Walt Disney Company is to engage, illuminate and motivate individuals around the globe through the control of unparalleled narrating, reflecting, and famous brands, inventive minds, and inventive advances that make their own the world’s chief excitement company. Here are the Disney Careers and Jobs.

Want to join the Disney network and experience a world full of imagination, creativity, and entertainment. In this article, they will help you to know everything regarding the Disney careers and job opportunities for you to get started. The following contents which will be explained in it are: 

  • Job opportunities 
  • Salary
  • Requirements 
  • Age
  • The application process.
  • Benefits the complete guide

Business support

Administrative: you can become administrative and handle day-to-day tasks. You can also be asked to assist a team and interact with employees to resolve their queries. You will need to prepare regular reports on expenses and orders.

Business development: Bring ideas, activities and take initiatives to help Disney grow and develop more. Put your ideas to use to make their business more profitable and better.

Compliance: At Disney, you need to work with ethics and values. If you too acknowledge these things and like to work with discipline then you can go and join them. Your role will be to make sure the company obeys any laws or rules that they have.

Government affairs: Disney is an institution of entertainment having units around the world. Hence, you can also become a government official and handle the political unit, people as well as exercising political authority. 

Human resource:  If you have an understanding of people and can build a mutual relation try human resources. You will be interviewing many aspirants and will choose a candidate who will be joining Disney in this beautiful journey.

Legal: You can also join with their attorney department, provide legal advice, counsel, day-to-day strategic suggestion, and commercial support.

Social responsibility: Disney is not just entertaining but they also serve society. You can become a part of Disney and serve your society and community.

Consumer goods

From children to adults Disney considers all equal and shows their love and gratitude. They try to make trustable and valuable goods. Associate with your talented team and handle consumer packaged goods, their merchandise, and publishing. Through this job role, you will be able to reach out to their audience who have supported them all these years.


Creative: You can showcase your creative side and turn imagination into reality. This role will allow you to bring your thoughts and ideas. You are required to have creative skills.

Animation: they all have grown up watching the ultimate chase of ‘Tom and Jerry’ and have played with ‘Mickey and friends’. With your skills and knowledge you too can create something, be it another chase or another friend’s party. This job will require you to make stories alive.

Content development: Create unique content for Disney and submit it properly and clearly. You are required to create such content which will help Disney to get new members to welcome their Disney family.

Digital and interactive media: You need to promote Disney on social media handles and interact with media. You will also be required to create blogs, posts, and much more to reach out to customers.

Gaming:  Games have always been children’s favorite fun time. Create some fun and enjoyable games. Take Disney customers to a “whole new world”.

Finance, data, and analysts

Banking: You need to manage all the financial activities and advise the customers regarding their finances. Help them get a loan, saving, and investment. The candidate must be aware of the basics of banking.

Finance and accounting: ‘Good with numbers’ handles the accounting and finances of the company to attract clients for Disney. Sharp calculation skills and management of data are required for this post.

Guest/ customer service

Call center: Help customers to clear their queries and suggest a reliable solution to their problems, acknowledge their complaints. Communication should be fair and clear to the customers.

Food and beverage: You need to serve the customers a delicious meal to make their holiday more relaxing. Have a good command over communication and must have polite behavior when catering to the customers.

Hotel: Welcome the customers to a place where they can feel at home. Manage the services, escort the customers and keep their satisfaction in mind. 

Maritime and cruise ship: Love sea! Then this job is for you to come on board with Disney and manage the cruise journey for their customers.

Park operations: Put a show on for the tourists and have a gala time with the kids and become a performer. Plan the weekends and host the events held in the park by being a park operations host. 

Recreation: Be a lifeguard and prevent precious life from danger. You must know how to swim. 

Retail operations: Manage all the activities of a store. Such as stock, supply, people management pricing, and promotions, etc. 

Innovation, technology, and science

Data: Systematically maintain data and clear format, to help Disney keep records. The job will require you to maintain all the company’s data and fill it into the system.

Engineering: Disney is incomplete without the fun rides. Your job role will demand you to make eye-catching rides for the theme parks, ensure safety, and review designs.

Medical: Holding a medical degree can be like ‘Doc Mcstuffins’ treating the visitors and helping them to have a healthy trip. You will be treating and helping the visitors with their health issues. 

Quality assurance: Everything comes to the question of quality? Become a quality assurance officer and detect the defects and ensure the quality from swings to services.

Research: Conduct research along with the team. Collect feedback and generate ideas to grow and make them better.

Research and development: Conduct research along with the team. Collect feedback and generate ideas to grow and make them better.

Science and animal programs: From water to plants you will be taking care of everything such as, raising fish to marketable size for Disney, maintaining food crops, and so on. Another program in this is a horticulturist. 

Marketing and sales

Communicate with Disney’s marketing team, bring in new ideas, showcase creativity, promote them on digital platforms, use different and unique ways to make promotions, and generate sales. You must have an understanding of digital marketing and experience in the same. 

Operations support

Make sure that everything from design to science and programs runs smoothly. Manage the operations and assure the quality of service. For instance, operate the broadcast media and have time to time airing of the programs. 


The salaries will vary from position to position, this is just a sample of some figures along with their positions: 

Business analyst.


Accounts clerk


Accounts specialist


Staff accountant


Finance manager


Recreation coordinator


Customer service.




Application process

  • Go to
  • Click on a specific company.
  • Browse the ‘our business Areas’.
  • Look for career options. 
  • Choose your desired career.
  • Read the responsibilities related to the job. 
  • Look for openings. (See whether the position is open or not).
  • Fill the application with all the required and relevant information. (Failure to put relevant information can cancel your application).
  • Upload your LinkedIn profile and cover letter.
  • Share about yourself and your experience in the profile.
  • Apply.

(Note: some positions will require you to submit your medical too).

Once your application is submitted successfully, the hiring team will analyze it and will decide whether you are fit for the job or not. 

Phone screening interview: If the company likes your profile, then the HR department will contact you for the phone interview.

You will be notified of the same through an email. 

Questions most likely to be asked during the interview: Work experience, Qualifications, Expertise to perform the job role.

(Note: phone screening interview is mandatory, ignorance of the same might lead to rejection)

Assessment: Based on your performance in the phone screening interview. You will be called for an assessment test. You will be given various activities to participate in, for example, role plays, psychometric tests and if required, an interview as well.

Face-to-face interview: On the assessment day, Disney holds a face-to-face interview. Questions most likely to be asked during the interview:  

Orientation: If you pass all the tasks mentioned above, then after selection you will be attending orientation. During this, you will learn about Disney right from the start. It will include the history and culture of Disney.  


There are certain requirements you must keep in mind while applying to Disney.

  • Your age should be 18 or above.
  • You should have a Bachelor’s degree from a renowned university.
  • Relevant work experience: relevant experience is required for the job role.

Strong resume: A clear and strong resume with all the accurate and relevant information.

Cover letter: with proper information about yourself.

Research skills: good research skills are a must.

No visible tattoos: the applicant must be well-groomed at all times. He/she must not have any visible tattoos.

Disciplined behavior: they deal with a lot of people every day. The candidate must understand the value of discipline.

Punctuality: Be it a part-time or full-time position the candidate must be punctual. 

Good Communication skills: A good command of communication skills, the communication must be fair and clear and should be in a polite way.

Knowledge about Disney and job role:  Before applying for any job role, the candidate must know the role they will be applying to. A little knowledge about Disney can increase the chances of selection.

Adaptability to change: Be ready to accept change, for instance, shifting from one place to another. 

Well-groomed at all times: the applicant must be well-groomed at all times. He/she must not have any visible tattoos. No facial hair. (If you wish to grow a mustache or beard, the facial hair should not be one inch long).  

Benefits of working with Disney

Yes, Disney has its rules and regulations but, along with that comes a lot of attractive features to such as:

Health insurance: Disney cares for its employees and understands the importance of health. Therefore, they offer health insurance. It includes vision coverage, dental and medical.

Paid time off the availability of paid leave. So you can relax on vacation without worrying about your monthly expenses.

Retirement programs: they all save up for their retirement period, but when in Disney you don’t have to stress yourself regarding this as they offer retirement programs.

Child Care center: when working for long hours, they often worry about their children especially, single parents. But at Disney, you can relax. They have childcare centers so that you and your child both can relax.

Commuter facilities: commuter facilities are available for employees.

Weekly pay. (Cast members only).

Career development: career development program will help you grow.

Discounts. (Hotels, dining, merchandise.): get exclusive discounts on selected hotels and services.


This Disney guide will help you to choose your desired career from many options. It has covered everything one needs to know if he/she wishes to work at Disney. From job titles to requirements, it has it all. This guide will help the participants to clear the doubts they might have regarding any issue. It contains all the major points and features of jobs and careers at Disney, How to apply, available job positions, requirements, FAQs, etc. 

Frequently asked questions and answers

  • How to get started?

You can refer to the guide mentioned above, refer to the application process and go through all the details.

  • Is Disney a happy place? 

Disney is filled with fun and excitement, it provides many benefits to their employees such as health insurance, child center, and commuter facility. 

  • What are the requirements to work at Disney? 

Refer to the requirement section of the guide. But the basic requirements are, Your age should be 18 or above.

You should have a Bachelor’s degree from a renowned university.

Relevant work experience: relevant experience is required for the job role.

The Disney Careers and Jobs- A Complete Guide

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