TD Bank Careers- Job Opportunities, their Salary, and Duties


TD Bank, N.A. is an American Financial Institution and Canadian Toronto-Dominion Bank subsidiary. TD Bank, N.A. It works mainly in 15 US states and Washington D.C. across the East Coast. TD Bank is the 7th largest deposit financial institution in the USA and the ninth-largest total asset bank in the USA as a result of various mergers and acquisitions. Here, we’ll discuss TD Bank Careers.

Employees looking for jobs in the financial services business regularly find jobs at one of the approximately 1,300 sites of TD Bank in 15 countries on the East Coast. TD Bank is committed to hiring motivated employees from throughout the country.

For employment applications in many different departments and areas, TD Bank requires entry-level applicants. At now, there are jobs for bank tellers, customers, call center operators, and data entry partners. Entry and part-time staff may benefit from paid training and advancements in any of the exciting sectors in TD Bank. Banking roles at entry-level normally require little or no experience to apply; however, certain experience during the recruiting process may be desirable.

Job Description 

  1. Customer Service Representative:
    • Employees of customer service respond to consumer or public questions or demands. They usually offer services via telephone, although certain people communicate with their consumers from person to person, via email or text, via live chat, and social media.  The customer service agents’ specific responsibilities differ according to the industry. For example, clients experiencing service problems, including outages, can be supported by representatives for utilities and telecommunications firms. While it is not their role to market a product or service, representatives can aid to create sales while offering information. Below are the duties of a Customer Service Representative:
      • Hear inquiries and concerns from clients and provide answers or answers 
      • Customer contact details and measures performed Record 
      • Orders charges calculation, billing procedure or payment process 
      • Review and make adjustments to customer accounts when needed 
      • Customers should be transferred to supervisors or more skilled staff. 
      • Providing product and service information 
      • Proceed with returns or complaints
    • Job Requirements:
      • Diploma in high school, university, or equivalent. 
      • The ability to remain calm if clients are stressed or distracted. 
      • Use computers comfortably. 
      • Experience in working with client support 

  2. Administrative Assistant 
    • Administrative assistants assist managers and staff and tend to customers and visitors to the office. An administrative assistant performs mostly clerical tasks that contribute to the general productivity and management of an office or firm. These experts are sometimes specialized in a specific sector such as the legal sector. Also referred to as secretaries, administrative experts, or administration coordinators are administrative assistants.
    • Below are the duties of an Administrative assistant:
      • Welcome and help visitors to the office 
      • Responding phones to the recipient and routing calls 
      • Monitor different day-to-day office operations like appointments, e-mail, and editing of input/output documents. 
      • Planning of meetings and interviews 
      • Generation of reports, inventory management, and accounting activities
      • Use computers to prepare reports, transcribe meeting minutes, create lectures, and perform research. 
      • Welcome visitors and help them. 
      • Keep your telephone, email, and mail friendly and professional contact. 
      • Advise others’ needs so that their experiences are smooth and positive
    • Job Requirements:
      • Graduate in a related field. Associate. 
      • Prior experience in administration. 
      • Excellent computer skills and typing in particular.
      • Please take care of the details.
      • It may be preferable or needed to be multi-lingual. 
      • Want to be proactive and give others a pleasant experience

  3. Loan Processor: 
    • A loan processor is an analyst that assesses applications for a loan before they can be submitted for clearance to the underwriters.  Below are the duties of a Loan Processor:
      • Support brokers and processors of loans 
      • Organization of required paper for applications for loans 
      • Check the loan request documentation for inappropriate or wrong information 
      • Send credit data and requests to the companies 
      • Check the financial records of applicants
      • Work with customers to identify requirements and recommend appropriate loan types. 
      • Send files to the underwriter chosen. 
      • Interviews are conducted to evaluate customer eligibility for loans or mortgages. 
      • Ensure that you respect the rules and requirements laid down in the legislation. 
      • Monitoring of crucial information with customers
    • Job Requirements:
      • Bachelor of finance or field of study. 
      • A minimum of two years of loan processing experience or an equivalent function. 
      • A thorough understanding of closing procedures, processes of loans, and documentation. 
      • Good financial software and MS Office comprehension. 
      • Outstanding communication and interpersonal ability. 
      • Good multi-tasking capacity with excellent time management capabilities

  4. Store Manager
    • A store manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of businesses and employees of a store. Shop managers need to make sure their shop works properly and the everyday task is done by closing time. Shop managers usually delegate tasks to assistant managers and executive trainees who report all day. Store managers must lead, inspire and monitor personnel. Below are the duties of a Store Manager:
      • Provided that inventories and contract negotiation with suppliers are fully stored for products. 
      • Develop ideas and tactics for customer service improvement 
      • Improving store profitability and making sure to satisfy sales targets 
      • Delegating responsibilities to personnel and alerting people of what has to be done to achieve daily operating requirements 
      • Organization of employee and vacation rotations and performance assessments
      • Respond professionally to consumer requests and concerns. 
      • Ensure that the storage conforms to safety and health rules. 
      • Design and arrange promotional materials and displays at the store. 
      • Detailed purchase trends, client requirements, and profit reports should be prepared. 
      • Conduct management tasks such as storage budget management and financial records updating. 
      • Follow stock and order new items
    • Job Requirements:
      • Diploma of high school or qualification equivalent. 
      • Minimum 3 years of retail experience, ideally in a managing capacity. 
      • Strong customer management and leadership skills. 
      • Customer-oriented service with extensive knowledge of core company management processes. 

      • Excellent interpersonal abilities and communication skills 
  5. Senior Teller: 
    • Senior distributors supervise distributor teams and provide responsibilities to other staff. The Senior Teller’s main tasks are to maintain cash drawers, to study inconsistencies, to train young tellers, to provide access to savings, to maintain ATM equipment, to report on the banks, and to instigate other tellers.  An acceptable candidate should emphasize the ability to manage and troubleshoot aTM, solid arithmetic abilities, computer functioning, and communication in his resume assets. For this position, no formal training is needed. However, a certificate program in banking or management is displayed in several examples
    • Duties of a senior teller: Like most banks, senior tellers spend most of their time dealing with client service. The distributors also provide clients with access to the lobby for safety deposits.
    • Job Requirements: Senior tellers must be detailed and knowledgeable in mathematics. You must guarantee that all forms of deposit and cash-back computation are accurate and have been completed by the consumer during banking operations. Furthermore, the skills of strong people are necessary. Senior cabinets must deal with all types of people and remain courteous and professional even if a customer is short or unpleasant.

  6. Senior Relationship Manager:
    • Relations with clients and company customers develop strong partnerships. Your search for new business prospects, advise customers on product/service options, and solve problems or complaints. Below are the duties of a Senior Relationship Manager:
      • Knowledge of the products and services of companies must be maintained. 
      • Stronger relationships with prospective and current customers. 
      • Research and explore new options for business. 
      • Identifies and proposes viable solutions for clients’ needs and requirements. 
      • Provision of full product/service conversations with customers and guidance of their decision-making. 
      • Products/services for sale to and from customers
      • Effective and prompt resolution of complaints and issues. 
      • Meeting targets for sales/revenue. 
      • Ensure contentment of customers

    • Job Requirements:
      • Graduated in management, commercialization, communication, or the like. 
      • Experience as a customer service relationship manager or comparable function. 
      • Ability to develop great customer relationships and to keep them. 
      • Microsoft Office and software expertise in CRM. 
      • Excellent interpersonal abilities and communication. 
      • Good resolution of conflicts and issue solving capabilities. 
      • Capacity management and team management. 
      • Customer-oriented

  7. Financial Representative
    • Representatives of financial services are often hired to offer different financial products or services to customers by banks and insurance organizations. They meet customers, propose appropriate financial or service items based on financial objectives of customers and ensure that customers are satisfied with their purchases Below are the duties of a Financial representative:
      • Plan appointments with customers to discuss their financial requirements and objectives. 
      • Gathering relevant customer information to ensure investment options are aligned with the financial status of customers. 
      • Monitoring market conditions to assess the possible impact of different changes on taxes and customer investments. 
      • Advise customers with the application for mortgages and credits. 
      • Develop and support long-term customer interactions to promote recurring business and customer references
      • Potential customers to communicate the numerous financial goods and services offered to them. 
      • Proposing effective ideas to improve the financial conditions of customers. 
      • To develop a thorough knowledge of our financial products to advise our customers
    • Job Requirements;
      • B.A. in finance, economics, accounting, or related matters. B.A. 
      • State licensing appropriate. 
      • Experience has proven as a representative of financial services. 
      • Well-informed knowledge of financial law. 
      • Expertise in all apps in Microsoft Office. 
      • Strong talents in mathematics. 
      • Excellent analysis, organizing abilities, and problem solutions. 
      • Efficient ability to communicate. 
      • Exceptional skills in customer service

  8. Assistant Manager: 
    • An Assistant Manager is responsible for the implementation of workflow operations on the basis of the management direction of the organization. Their jobs include overseeing staff during day-to-day activities, supporting customers in escalating circumstances, and controlling a workplace in its whole
    • Usually, an assistant manager is responsible for employee planning, recruitment, and training. They may also be required to deal with escalating consumer claims based on the sector as they often play a role in a customer. Below are the duties of an Assistant Manager:
      • Ensure compliance with business policies. 
      • Profit optimization through cost control. 
      • Recruitment, training, and new staff development. 
      • To resolve client problems in their entirety. 
      • Keeping a managerial style that follows best practices of companies. 
      • Quality and availability of the goods. 
      • Preparation and submission of a review by employees.
      • Closely working with the store manager to manage the personnel. 
      • Retail inventory monitoring. 
      • Wherever necessary, help customers. 
      • The work schedule for employees. 
      • Disciplinary action if required. 
      • Ensure a coherent customer service standard. 
      • Motivating and concentrating personnel on the task. 
      • Goods and a visual plan are maintained
      • Keep shops up to standards including cleaning and storage. 
      • The general manager has precisely and effectively assigned completion assignments. 
      • Store Manager support as necessary.
    • Job Requirements:
      • Secondary school or education level equivalent. 
      • Stable history of work. 
      • You must motivate yourself and have the drive to grow yourself. 
      • Have the ability to function independently if necessary. 
      • Be a player in the team. 
      • Self-satisfaction and a great experience for our customers


Customer Service Representative $30,476 per annum 
Administrative Assistant $27.39/hr 
Loan processor $43,905 per annum 
Store Manager $46,839 per annum 
Senior Teller $33,420 per annum 
Senior Relationship Manager$163,452 per annum 
Financial Representative $48,142 per annum 
Assistant Manager $54,389 per annum


Customer Service Representative 18 
Administrative Assistant 18
Loan processor 18
Store Manager 18
Senior Teller 18
Senior Relationship Manager21
Financial Representative 18
Assistant Manager 21


Competitive compensation and outstanding job advantages are provided for qualified individuals. Work benefits packages consist mostly of medical and financial benefits, with several additional programs included. Life, health, and dental insurance accompany all bank managers with additional short and long-term incapacity alternatives. Free banking, tuition support, flexible spending accounts, and even paid vacation are financial performances. Bank management professions may also include registration in retirement programs like 401(k) with 1:1 TD Bank employer match.

Application Process 

TD Bank boasts the belief in the development and active recruitment of young professionals from the ground up. TD Bank Often around college campuses, the big bank is looking for new skilled persons who are great places to keep an eye on opportunities. Branches also hire applications online. The electronic recruitment applications are completed for 30 to 40 minutes, with credit checks, background checks, and medicines checks approved. Preparing interview methods for multiple stages is generally a reliable technique.

Job hopes should send emails, make phone calls or visit banks to check on applications personally. HR managers normally take about a week to make job calls, which allow for a long period to follow up and to reaffirm the willingness to work for the financial services chain. Show enthusiasm and pose inquiries as detailed and forward as possible. Taking the effort to learn more about corporate culture and prospective obligations is a favorable reflection among managers and can result in further examination. 

TD Bank Careers- Job Opportunities, their Salary, and Duties

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