Super 8 Careers – Complete Guide


Super 8 is the largest hotel brand in America, it was previously named as Super 8 motels. It has the biggest budget hotel chains in and across countries with over 2,000 locations. In recent years, this number has grown to the estimate of about 2,091 hotels. The cost of one room in one of these motels is about $8.88 which relates to the name of their brand Super 8. It was first opened in 1974, in Aberdeen in South Dakota with only 60 rooms at the first establishment. Let us know about Super 8 careers- job opportunities, salary of super 8 employees and benefits of working at Super 8 in this article.

Super 8 job opportunities

Super 8 hotels careers

Super 8 motels are convenient and affordable for the general public. In every room a customer is provided with free internet access and Continental breakfast along with dinner and lunch, it was expanded its operation from New York to Washington. Being in the hospitality industry and owning one of the largest chains of motels, they offer to hire employees on several levels, from entry level jobs to high management. Working for Super 8 can be a great opportunity for people looking to make a career in the industry. They are always open for hiring and one can apply for a job at Super 8 by going to their official website page and filling out the application form.

Super 8 age for hiring 

The minimum age requirement at Super 8 is of 18 years. People from the younger age group can apply for any of the jobs such as guest services, housekeeper, bell person, receptionist, manager, inventory clerk, etc. 

Super 8 job opportunities 

The establishment is looking to hire people that are able to work at entry level jobs and provide the best customer service in shift distributed according to the time of the day. There are generally morning, evening and night shifts. Although the establishment is offering only the entry level jobs, they require the candidates to have at least some level of experience in the field of customer service or hospitality related experience. The employee may also need a high school diploma or equivalent in order to apply for the job.  

People looking for opportunities in the hospitality sector can apply to super 8 as there are several jobs posting on their websites, especially the management job opportunities. If students are looking for a job in management, then they need to acquire a degree in management and also have prior experience in the industry. This ensures that they are eligible for the job. They have to put in more hours and work full time jobs as opposed to other job positions within the system.  Super 8 employees at the management level jobs get higher pay and great benefits to along with it.

Salary of super 8 employees

As mentioned previously there are several job positions which can differentiate according to the location of the establishment and there can be different responsibilities within the same job title. Super 8 is known to post new jobs Opportunities every day. As the candidate apply, the hiring managers are actively on the lookout for eligible candidates. 

Down below is the list of different Job positions at super 8 and how much income they generate


For candidates to apply for this position, none to minimal prior experience is needed. 

▪︎︎ The candidate needs to be in a good physical position and lift up to 30 pounds . They will also have to stand for long hours and move around the hotel and carry with them cleaning equipment in a cart. 

▪︎︎ Main duties of a housekeeping staff would include task such as dusting the rooms and hallways, vacuuming around the hotel regularly, moping the floors, making beds in each room and use fresh washed linen.  And switching out old and used towels and washcloths.

▪︎︎ Typically, the housekeeping staff is paid an amount of $9.00 an hour. This is the average estimate of their salary.

2. Management

At the position of a manager an individual has to keep a check on supplies and their refilling, supervise employees and evaluate their performance, attend to guest and solve their inquiries or listen for some unresolved issues. They are also responsible for increasing sales. 

▪︎︎ different level of managerial position may include director of rooms, hotel manager, and guest service supervisors.

▪︎︎ it is the job of the guest supervisor to train new recruits, manage desk operations such as checking in and out by the guests. They are also responsible for overseeing that the employees are performing their assigned duties and that proper safety and sanitation protocols are being followed. 

▪︎︎ Hotel manager works along with the director of rooms to ensure that all the department within the hotel service are working smoothly and that there are no issues with the staff members or with the guest services.

▪︎︎ An employee at the managerial position may earn the income of about $40,000 to $55000 on a yearly basis. This number can vary if the experience and job title is factored in. 

For people in the younger age group

Guest service agent candidates with this job title may work in shifts which will be scheduled in the morning, evening and at night. It also involves directly at the front of the hotel services. 

▪︎︎ The responsibility that a guest service agent has to attention to are answering phone calls, noting down proper reservations, sitting or working at the front desk and help the guest to check in and out of the hotel with ease and efficiency. 

▪︎︎ The average salary of a guest service agent can be in the range of $8 or $10 for an hour. This can be different on the basis of responsibilities that they are given and the number of hours they work for.

Benefits of working at Super 8

•Medical insurance 

•Vision and dental insurance

•Retirement plans and 401k benefits

•Employee assistance program.

•Complimentary meals for each shift

•Employee discounts

•Assigned parking space


 Working for Super 8 can be a great opportunity for people looking to be in this industry and can earn a valuable experience. For ensuring a great customer service, they have put in some additional benefits for Employee morale boost and motivation along with a great pay. Although some of the jobs may require longer period of standing, smiling and taking to guests and other staff members. Only People who are in an able physical condition can apply for the job. Lastly, employment at super 8 can be very rewarding for many people and for any additional information you can always come back to the article to clear out your doubts. 

Super 8 Careers – Complete Guide

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