Round Table Pizza Careers 2021 – A Complete Guide

Round Table Pizza Careers 2021– A Complete Guide

Round Table Pizza is a franchise of pizza restaurants that are located in the Western United States. We will discuss Round Table Pizza Careers here. The restaurant was established in the year 1959. William. R.Larson founded it. They have a franchise of 450 restaurants around the country. The company’s headquarters is situated in Atlanta, Georgia. Larson served 4 years in the U.S. Navy and has worked in several other fields before initiating the business. The first restaurant was opened in Menlo Park, California, in the year 1959. They celebrated their 60th anniversary in the year 2019 and changed their logo to “Pizza Royalty.”

About 5000 employees are working for the restaurant. The estimated revenue for the company is about $100M (USD). They have expanded their franchise in the U.S. and overseas as well. Being one of the largest pizza chains, the company offers many roles for freshers. The popular roles available are Restaurant manager, crew member, delivery driver, Shift manager, etc. The company offers several benefits, such as discounts for employees, flexible schedules, and health insurance.

Available Positions | Round Table Pizza Careers

Cashier, Team Member, Shift Manager, Dough Roller, Pizza Maker, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Area Manager, General Restaurant Manager, Manager In Training, Business Analyst, Administrative Assistant, Franchise Development Analyst, Financial Analyst, Human Resources Manager, Human Resources Associate, Operations Director, Franchise Operating Partner, Marketing Manager, Catering Sales Manager.

Working Hours

They work from 11 am to 10 pm. They are open throughout the year.

Minimum Age for Working

The applicant must be an aged minimum of 16 years, to seek a job role in the franchise restaurant.

Job Opportunities

Throughout the franchise of nearly 500 restaurants spread across the world, round table pizzas are keen on serving only fresh ingredients to their customers. They have created up to 30 varieties of pizzas unique in their content, available to their customers. The available job roles exist within the location of the restaurant. However, career-oriented roles are accessible for the employees at the level of the restaurant. As entry-level employees, individuals may rise in their careers and seek restaurant managers, corporate positions, or district managers.

The restaurant operation requires focusing primarily on customer service, including maintenance, cleaning, or the fulfillment of orders. Apart from the role of specialization in food, individual personal hygiene plays an important role in the service. Health regulation plays the main role within the overall organization. The individuals lacking hygiene, cleanliness, or social skills are often not considered by the recruiters. One of the advantageous aspects of gaining employment in the restaurant industry is prior related work experience. The applicants should possess basic knowledge in mathematics to complete paperwork and checking on customers’ purchases. The company provides weekend holidays, part-time positions for entry-level employees. Applicants aspiring for full-time jobs should be extremely dedicated to their work.

Positions and Salary Information- Round Table Pizza

Apart from the high school diploma, the pizza shop doesn’t require any other preferred educational background. The entry-level candidates get obtainable roles in the restaurant franchise. The commonly available positions are listed below:

  • Delivery Driver

Their major duty involves the transportation of food ordered to the residence or preferred locations of the customers. They also support the staff working in the restaurant during the order dip. They receive training to prepare food and complete the cleaning tasks while there are no deliveries. The aspiring applicants must have valid vehicle insurance and driving permits. Though the pay scale may vary, the tips provided by the customers make a large part of their income. They get paid about $12.99 per hour.

  • Dough Roller

The responsibility of a dough roller involves the preparation of food. Their daily tasks include preparing fresh ingredients, consistency in creating food, and ensuring hygiene and the restaurant’s food preparation techniques. They shall be familiar with the items on the menu card and be prepared for quicker service. Apart from food preparation, they are also involved in the disposal of trash, cash register, and solving customer complaints. As per the location of the catering service, they participate in both the delivery of food and its service. The early wage may be low, but it shall rise as per evaluation. Their estimated pay ranges from $24,000-$31,000 annually.

  • Managers

The managerial job requires a minimum of one year of experience in a similar sort of role. They take over the overall responsibilities of the restaurant. Additionally to the normal duties such as cashier or dough roller, they have to manage order fulfillment, the productivity of the co-working employees, and customer satisfaction. Assistant managers should possess knowledge about the operation of the restaurant. They should also take care of all the activities in the absence of the general manager. The general manager’s daily tasks involve overseeing the productivity of employees, opening the restaurant, getting along with the customers to create the best experience for them in the restaurant, and ensuring they give repeated business. The restaurant managers should focus on increasing the sales of the restaurant. The general managers are responsible for hiring staff and reporting sales to upper management. The salary for General Managers and assistant managers ranges from $30,000-$60,000 yearly.

  • Crew Member

The crew members prepare a variety of food, take care of customer transactions and sanitation jobs. They greet customers, take orders and serve food to the customers and should possess helpful attitudes. They should also help the customers with queries about the food menu. They have to ensure the cleanliness of the table, handling trays in the kitchen, mopping, sweeping, sanitizing utensils in the kitchen, and cleaning restrooms. They should communicate effectively with the customers, thereby possessing excellent communication skills. They should help in training new employees. Flexible to work during weekends, nights, and sometimes during holidays based on the restaurant’s business. Possessing the ability to work in a fast-paced environment and keen on customer satisfaction. They get paid about $13.05 per hour.

  • Pizza Cook

Their work responsibility includes preparing pizza dough, chopping vegetables and meats for pizza toppings, considering customer’s requirements, and cooking as per their request. Baking wide varieties of pizza bases such as thick-crust, thin-crust, or cheese stuffed pizza dough. Maintaining cleaner cooking stations and ensuring to sterilize kitchen equipment. Updating new recipes on the restaurant’s menu card. Apart from cooking pizza’s they also cool garlic bread, appetizers, and salads. They should possess great time-management skills. They should be familiar with cooking equipment such as brick and stone ovens. They earn about $13.81 per hour.

Tips for Application

Interested candidates can apply online or visit a nearby location for an application for a preferred role. The online application requires time to complete, as it requires providing basic information such as name, desired location and position, address, and availability to work. The application should be free from spelling mistakes or any missing information, as this reflects your personality and eagerness towards work. Even though the candidate prefers to apply online or offline, they have a great advantage in visiting the staff personally. During your visit, ensure to get dressed properly, remain courteous and behave professionally. 

Application Status

The aspiring applicants must keep checking their application status as the managers hire only active individuals. They should be keen on following up on the application process. The candidates can enquire via emails, phone, or may even visit the location personally. The interview may be scheduled based on several circumstances; the interview may take up to a week from the date of application.

Benefits of Working – Round Table pizza

The pay scale and job benefits for the employees are up to the competitive aspects of the industry. Eligible employees get to participate in various health care packages such as dental and vision coverage. Full-time employees receive a 401K retirement plan, stock ownership, paid vacation. Most of the locations offer free food to the employees during lunch breaks. Also, they are provided with benefits and compensation. The company offers flexible working hours to its employees, requested day-offs, or even switching schedules with their co-workers.

More Information – Round Table Pizza

The franchise runs a charity foundation named “Round Table Family Charity.” They have partnered with making a wish foundation in the year 2014. They have also established a charity foundation to serve children who have cancer. In the very first year of establishing the company, they assisted four cancer patients. Apart from donating money, the company also provides complimentary pizzas post the events.

Placement Tips – Round Table Pizza

The pizza franchise is located across the western part of the United States, estimated at 500 locations in states like California, Arizona, Alaska, and Washington. The chain of restaurants employs 2500 full-time and part-time employees, along with new hiring frequently. The company features both chains of restaurants and corporately owned restaurants. The interview process and format may vary as per the location. The company interviews various locations to find job hopefuls.

Scheduling Interview

The pizza parlor requires aspiring applicants to apply for jobs online. The applicants must provide personal information such as their name, address, prior work experience, and current availability. As per the provided information, the hiring authority shall contact the eligible applicants to schedule the interview. The interview usually consists single process, face-to-face meeting with the manager or the owner. The applicants must be prepared for the interview to open up about themselves.

The interview takes about half an hour to forty minutes to complete. The timings depend on the number of questions asked. The general questions are usually about the performance of the employee. The applicant must respond to the schedule of work, their ability to work as a team, social and communication skills. The applicant must be honest with their views and show eagerness towards work. They must express their desire to work for a particular job role and the company. The applicants looking for a driver position should have clean driving records along with the required documents. The applicants must display their skills related to their preferred role in the restaurant business.

Interview Questions

Here are the questions from individuals, attending the interview.

  • Describe your job role and duties?

As a crew member working for Round Table pizza, my primary duty was to cook pizzas. The orders were handed, and others would put different ingredients for the pizza. Apart from making pizza, one should also handle cleaning the dishes.

  • Explain the work environment?

It was a fast-paced working environment during lunch and dinner hours. As the orders keep increasing, the customers would have to wait for a while. Apart from the busy hours, other times it used to be laid back. During the usual hours, most of the work will be around cleaning, checking for re-stock.

  • Describe the application and interview process?

The process is much of basic stuff, as one has to fill the application form and attach a resume along with the application form. The individual should get dressed professionally for the interview. The outfit plays an important role in your appearance.

  • How can the candidate set apart from others?

The reference from working employees has the greater advantage to seek the job role. Expressing your desires and great work ethics, sometimes your academics are the factors that help you get the job.

  • What would be your piece of advice for job seekers?

The individual must prepare a proper resume. Ensure that there are no mistakes in the application form and resume as well. The appearance and outfit are what sets you apart from the other applicants.

Summary – Round Table Pizza Careers

The job in the restaurants has more involvement as a team. The applicants must be a great team player to succeed in the career. The applicants must possess professional behavior, be friendly with the customers at the workplace, and be keen on customer satisfaction. The employees reflect the standards set by Round Table Pizza, which has set it apart from other leading companies in the industry.

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Round Table Pizza Careers 2021 – A Complete Guide

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