Currys Pc World Careers – Job Application, Salary, Age & Process

Currys Pc World Careers


The primary responsibilities of the whole role included printing documents and providing full logistical support to the organization’s programs, such as transportation and honoraria/mess. We will discuss Currys Pc World Careers here. We make shopping for the right economic computer hardware quick and convenient through Currys PC World Business. If you’d like a small laptop as well as MacBook to bring among meetings, a big desktop or iMac besides your office, or an elevated workstation to handle complex workforces, we have the right tools with you from labels including Apple, HP, Dell, Leica, Acer, Microsoft, and perhaps more. Setting up your new machine correctly with our selection of high-definition screens, including desktop equipment like keyboards, mice, as well as presenters.

Through our range of smartphones and tablets, you can make your company more android and versatile. Designers can make business communication a smooth process with smartphones from well-known companies including Apple, Samsung, Google, Panasonic, Huawei, Motorola, Nokia, and much more. We will assist you with whatever your company’s terms of information technology are.

In the meantime, around 1967 until 1984, Currys Group PLC (Currys) expanded significantly to become a major high-street retailer of televisions and consumer goods (refrigerators, dishwashers, and many other household items); by 1984, Currys Group PLC (Currys) reached 570 stores, more than twice as many as the business that would later buy it.

What is Currys Pc World ?

Currys Pc World is in the Home Appliance Store business and is based in LONDON, United Kingdom. Even this Currys Pc World location employs 40 people and produces $2.39 million in revenue (USD). Currys PC World is a supermarket chain of computer supermarkets that caters to the mainstream market. Computing (which include desktop PCs, laptops, MacBooks, and tablet PCs), workplace and computing equipment (scanners, printers, storage systems, networking, software, modules & upgrades), home appliances (laundry, refrigeration, small kitchen equipment, floor care), consumer electronics (TV, DVD, as well as Blu-ray), as well as audio (from sound systems to headsets). Following its purchase of some Phones 4 U stores last month, Currys PC World is relying on the marketing experience of its Carphone Warehouse sister company to be a true smartphone retailer.

Since Currys PC World is such a well-known store chain, the consumer opportunity is enormous. Every day, thousands of people shop in both physical and online shops. As a result, both cases also need recruiting. Currys PC World supports web applications in most cases. You can conveniently look for work in all categories by filling out the CV Form online. There are several entry-level positions available at Currys PC World. Through in and customer service jobs often hire entry-level employees. In certain cases, home office/piece employment options for the online store are indeed open.

What is the role of Currys Pc World?

You must enjoy both drivings while being on the lane, as well as assisting customers. Furthermore, since you will be highly prepared in the expertise you can use for the job, learning the job and improving yourself will be simple. PC World Business has changed its name to Currys PC World Business, and it now offers everything a business wants, whether it’s a beginning, a home office, or perhaps a medium-sized company. We offer a large selection of over 60,000 items and several services such as distribution, installation, communication from after support. Follow us each year for the latest advice, suggestions, and tips on developing efficiently and on a schedule that works for you. Including over 290 Shopping Centers within their Currys PC World outlets, Dixons Carphone Group, another of Europe’s largest electrical specialists ready to hire, owns and operates Currys PC World Company.

What does Currys Pc World Do?

Suppose you’d like to work in a supermarket as a professional life or need a few flexible hours to get by while at university or college. You could also look into all the potential information at Currys. Sales advisors/assistants are the most popular retail jobs at Currys. Also, there are general manager and store managers roles available at Currys if you think you may like to step into administration. Every one of the usual support functions, such as marketing, IT, finance, and sales, is represented at Hemel Hempstead’s head office.

Currys also has positions available in contact centers, fulfillment centers, and several other full and part-time positions. An even more thing to remember is that Currys usually recruits heavily during the holidays, so you can begin searching for temporary emergency Christmas employment with the chain as early as September. In the actual run to Christmas, Dixons Retail hires millions of additional people to staff its Currys, PC World, and Tools and knowledge stores, but you’ll need to early decision to stand a decent chance of landing a holiday job with us.

Currys Pc World Careers


The director’s diary, organizing travel, addressing all calls and texts, making Powerpoint slides, typing all documentation and paperwork, or organizing all board-level meetings are all core responsibilities of this position.

You will be responsible for the following tasks as part of this position:

  • Setting up a variety of items for consumers
  • Making each customer interaction unforgettable
  • Make product-customer matches.
  • Setting new standards in terms of customer service.
  • Contributing to the retailer’s overall sales success.
  • Collaborating with people from various departments as well as product lines.

Benefits of Currys Pc World 

  • A full-fledged fully paid training program
  • Obtain a complimentary ‘Team Knowhow’ uniform.
  • Discounts for you as well as your family throughout
  • Various cell phone contracts with such a variety of companies are up to 30% off.
  • Company Share Savings Plan
    • There is a subsidized supermarket on-site, as well as a Costa Coffee house.
  • Corporate Benefits
    • A well-defined structure for career advancement
    • Free parking (subject to terms and conditions)

How to Apply Online for Currys PC World Jobs?

  1. The Login Page for the Online Application.
  2. From the very first “Country” section, choose a country. You may select a city within that country throughout the second “Country” portion.
  3. At Any Hours, you get to choose whether the job you’re looking for here is part-time or full.
  4. From the “Any Contract” section, choose one of the possibilities “Fixed Term Contact,” “fixed term contract Contact Peak,” or “Long lasting.”
  5. Finally, from the “Any Sector” segment, select the appropriate option and press / click the “Search” button. As a result, a list of job openings will be generated based on the criteria you specify.

Skills Required

  • Communication: It requires brilliant communication skills, so that person can easily communicate with the customers. 
  • Teamwork: There is a need for teamwork skills in the persons because it helps the members manage the work. 
  • Initiative: Voluntary participation is required in the person so that he/ she can take the initiative to do the work. 
  • Problem-Solving: A person should have the knowledge and skills to solve the issues and problems within a given time period. 
  • Flexibility: The person should be flexible enough to d their work fast and frequently. 
  • Computer Skills: A person must know how to operate the computer and have enough knowledge about it.  
  • Technical Skills: candidate should know technical knowledge and skills, to manage the work. 

Buyers Guides

After all of the options and various features offered, finding the right machine, tablet, printer, and networking solution sometimes seems daunting over the last decade. These guides were designed to help you get started & make the best decision possible. The right software will bring your company a competitive advantage and increase productivity. If you need a laptop for specialist design programs, a printer to meet the high demands of your company, or a sophisticated network established for your fantastic workforce, we have a wide range of products built for corporate use. We will help determine the best solution to help your company expand. Consult your nearest store to learn more about the product’s functionality, whether you have any additional questions and want to see them in practice.

Currys PC World’s Key Rivals

  • AO World. 3,000 people. $1 billion.
  • Extra. $1 Billion. 1,874.
  • hhgregg. $4.001 billion.
  • JB Hi-Fi. 12,900 employees. $5 billion in revenue.
  • COURTS: 2,345, $533,000,000.
  • American television, with 1,286 channels and a budget of $250 million.
  • Best Buy, with 125,000 employees and a market capitalization of $42 billion.
  • There are The Brick. 6,000 people. One billion dollars.

Job Openings at Currys PC World | Currys Pc World Careers

At some times, the company, which requires staff both for the stores and the website’s smooth operation, posts professionals typically suitable for its available positions. The business, which primarily accepts online work applications, also offers a printable job advertisement that can be picked up the package. Individuals who apply for a job online should build a CV and apply for the right job. Homeoffice jobs, as well as part-time and full-time jobs, are sometimes available.

  • Online Merchandiser: 

Users must customize once again to view the product properly, and that you should also perform the requisite optimization unless the Marketplace spotlight banner doesn’t really appear properly. In group teams, you can work collaboratively with your coworkers. You should talk to these people about your marketplace marketing strategies and set up weekly special promotions together. Regularly track the traffic on the marketplace, and study and evaluate the statistics. Create opportunities and recommend behavior to the professional unit based on this information—employees who work as Online Merchandisers at Currys PC World.

  • 7.5T Delivery & Install Driver:

It’s a job that requires you to do more than just drive cars. It is one of your responsibilities to supply and install the washing machines that the consumer has ordered. You should even be skilled in placing orders such as washing machines and 3D TVs. You are effective for the secretion and delivery of products purchased by consumers to different locations. People should positively greet the employees. You must give correct responses to questions asked.

  • White Goods Engineer:

You can visit the home of the consumer who made the purchase and inspects the purchased white goods. In the event of a problem, you can diagnose and correct the issue. You should have professional knowledge of the white products that a company sells and be willing to share them with others when necessary. With the service you give at home, you can improve the company’s reputation. While your work entails a lot of ability, it’s also important to have a conversation with others.

  • LGV Driver Apprentice: 

They should show the consumers the items they’ve ordered and operate with the software. As the literal depiction of Currys Pc World, you may be the last person to reach the customer. As a result, one of your primary responsibilities is to fulfill your customers’ needs. You must’ve been able to lift large objects if necessary. You must visit many locations and deliver the correct product to both the correct person.

  • Sales Collage:

Customers who come to the shop to purchase items should be greeted with a smile and in a polite manner, and you should acceptably greet them. In short, as the brand’s face, you’ll strive to improve the consumer experience. When asked about a company or product, you must’ve provided accurate answers and introduce the desired products to customers in a professional manner. This role is primarily concerned with customer interaction.

Earnings of Currys PC world 

Currys PC World has a $2 billion turnover. The average annual salary at Currys PC World is $4,891.19 a year for a Sales Colleague and $59,919.85 for a Network Security Analyst. Employees at Currys PC World give their overall pay and benefits bundle a 3.2/5 rating. In the Uk, the average Currys income is $22,187.21 a year and $11.38 per hour. Starting salaries for entry-level jobs start at $19,599.04 a year, with the highest-paid employees earning up to $24,325.73 a year. 

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Currys Pc World Careers – Job Application, Salary, Age & Process

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