Pier 1 Imports Careers- Job Opportunities, And Their Salary

Pier 1 Imports Careers

About Pier 1 Imports

Furnishing spaces is an art and science that can be learned, practiced, and applied. People have unique personalities and habits and their living and workspace should be able to resonate with that. Another important element is that it should be seamlessly integrated into their everyday lives. For decades now, Pier 1 has understood the dynamic environment it operates in and adapted and evolved continuously. That is what makes each merchandise item eccentric. Let’s know about Pier 1 Imports Careers.

Pier 1 Imports is an internationally recognized brand that specializes in the trade of quality furnishing and decor items and accessories. The distinctive brand has an even more unique company mantra that is reflected in their stores- From Hippie to Hip. Anyone who doesn’t know what they’re referring to needs to go back to their history right from their first store in California.

All stakeholders at the company are directly or indirectly involved in the process of designing and delivering the remarkable items that it is famous for, today. Being a global brand helps greatly since buyers get involved with the designers and makers to get exactly what they’re seeking.

Customers admit that shopping at Pier 1 is an experience in itself and they almost always have something to suit everyone’s needs- be it for residential, outdoor, corporate, or casual purposes. With over 55 years of experience, and growing, the company knows its customer base and how to keep them satisfied. 

Some of the brands by Pier 1 Imports you might recognize are Radioshack, Dressbarn, Stein Mart, MentorBox, Franklin Mint, Farmer’s Cart, Linen N’ Things, and Modell’s Sporting Goods.

Job opportunities at Pier 1 Imports

According to Indeed’s survey reports, the work happiness score is above average at 74%, appreciation is at 79% and achievement is at 78% in a survey of 966 employees. Some other factors that you might be interested in and rather happy to know are:

  • The employees can strike work and personal life balance and most importantly, draw a clear line between the two. The work from the home scenario isn’t any different.
  • The employees are happy with the management and the relationships they share as a team.
  • The organizational culture is highly inclusive and welcoming.
  • When it comes to compensation and benefits, it comes as no surprise that workers are satisfied with their pay packages at their respective levels.
  • While the company doesn’t shy away from admitting that it is highly customer-centric, it doesn’t fail in satisfying its employees too. There is absolute job security, with the growth of the company comes the growth of the employees too.

Viable Salary Expectations

The salary would depend on a lot of factors such as the country of employment, the actual job and where it falls on the hierarchy and the portfolio, and the potential of the candidate.

Roles may range from visual designer, to store manager, to marketing personnel to the material handler. To give you an estimate, a sales leader would get $12.41 per hour, a store manager would get $47,649 per year, a stocking associate would get $8.84 per hour and a material handler would get $36,578 per year. These are all approximate values for viable salary expectations.

It is a good idea to check current market rates and what the competitors are charging their employees for similar jobs. Before negotiating, always learn about the complete package and not just the yearly salary. The package is likely to include benefits such as insurance, work flexibility, autonomous work environment, yearly leaves, childcare, etc. The higher the position, the better the perks.

Job applicants are also advised to check which tax bracket they fall under. You may also check online job advertisements or the LinkedIn page of Pier 1 Imports. With over 1000 stores strong, there is plenty of room for everyone!

The Application Process for Employment at Pier 1 Imports

If you’re passionate about being a part of making someone’s home or office a reflection of their personality, you’re in for a treat!

The application process is fairly simple. This hassle-free process starts by checking for the availability of jobs and location of the same. Everyone who is 18 above is eligible to apply but specialized jobs have their eligibility criteria and candidates should check that before applying to save everyone’s time and efforts. 

Simply filling in the candidate’s application form online, the candidate comes in direct contact with the recruiter. This will require you to give in your basic background, educational details, and contact information. Also, have a copy of your resume handy as you will probably need to upload it.

For some of the jobs, an online self-assessment is there that you will need to take. This will evaluate your skills for the job in question and show the recruiter if you’re worth interviewing in the first place.

Bonus tip: take your time to complete the test, if there is one. Do not rush through as this is an important step in evaluation. Check for audio and video issues and a proper internet connection.

The next step for you is to wait for their response. If selected or not, the company will be sure to inform you. Keeping in touch is always a good idea. 

If selected, you will be asked to appear for the interview which is the final step in the process. If selected, you will be officially informed by the company.

Common Job Interview Questions and Standard Answers

When an interviewer or a panelist asks you questions, there are standard answers that they expect of you. You do not have to strictly stick to every word but you might want to note some pointers to play it safe.

We have also explained, wherever necessary, what the question essentially means and what the interviewers want to know.

  1. Why Pier 1 Imports? Why not Home Goods or Ethan Allen or some other local dealers?

What you’re being asked here is what is special about the company and to check how well researched you are. 

Answer: I have been a customer of the company and from my observation and research, I can confidently say that all stakeholders are genuinely interested in their job and it means something more to them than just their pay scale or packages. This reflects positive company culture. Another fact is the kind of reputation and goodwill the company enjoys; it would be an honor to be a part of the Pier 1 Imports family.

  1. How do you hope to learn and grow in this position/ at this company?

Answer: It is evident that the position requires a person who is a team player and a strategic thinker. I am looking to work on new projects and learn from mentors of various fields of expertise. In short, all I am seeking is to learn and grow with the company in every aspect. I can see that my personal goals align with the ones of the company which will help me establish a solid foundation here.

  1. What changes would you bring to the organization?

This will be relative to the job position you’re applying for but an example has been stated here.

Answer: the only thing constant is change and everyone knows that. There is always some change necessary when we closely observe customer behavior and stakeholder reactions. One of the positive changes that I would like to focus on is waste management. This could also be incorporated into the CSR activities of the organization.

  1. How would you describe a good and a bad superior?

Answer: I have seen leaders adopt various managerial styles and models and none of them is wrong per se. It is whatever suits the organizational culture the best.

For me, a superior with an open door policy and one who ensures absolute transparency in the team is ideal. It has to be someone who realizes what the situation/ project needs. For instance, micromanagement is necessary sometimes but others require them to trust the team to do their best and deliver results. A bad superior is simply someone who fails to recognize these small but significant factors.

  1. Tell us something that isn’t already there in your resume and CV.

If you’re asked this question, this is your golden opportunity. Mention your strengths, important skills (hard or soft skills), past failures that you learned from, past projects that didn’t work out but gave you a good lesson, or anything else they might find useful and make you seem bankable. Ensure that your answer is short, structured, and crisp.

  1. What were your responsibilities in the last job(s)?

Unless you’re a fresher, the interview panel is interested in this part and if answered properly, it can play a huge role in the final selection. Mention all the important roles and duties done in the past, with relation to the job you’re applying to. A similar work profile can prove to be fruitful to the candidate.

  1. How do you deal with problems and can you work under stress and pressure?

Answer: With problems, I see only one way: work with or around them. There is no space for stress when dealing with problematic situations as it only tends to make things worse. When it comes to working with stress and pressure, it is part of every aspect of life and gradually but surely I have learned how to find mutually beneficial solutions regardless and learn in the process.

Neither of the two is an issue.

  1. Which other companies are you interviewing with?

Be honest in this answer as the interviewer(s) are looking to see your potential and seriousness. The higher position you are applying to and the further you are along the recruitment and selection process, the more valuable you seem, once the company will know which other companies they are competing with to employ to.

Other basic questions you might want to prepare for could be about your strengths and weaknesses, past projects, failures, important life lessons or simply to elaborate something you might have mentioned in your resume.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are some other interview tips I should know?

Starting with the basics, know everything about your resume and cover letter, and do not write things that aren’t or only partially true. Secondly, research about the company and its core competencies. It is always a good idea to know about your role and look adaptable and curious. Lastly, if you manage to get the contact information from the recruiters, make sure to follow up after the interview.

  1. What if they’re not hiring currently?

Ask an expert and they’ll tell you that there is always a vacancy at a company this big, whether or not they’re hiring. Asking for a job vacancy is an art and only a few have been able to master it yet. If they aren’t looking, call for an ‘informational interview’ and tell them that they can contact you if and when they have a vacancy. Most importantly, show keenness and not desperation.

  1. How do I make a lasting impact in a short interview or an online mode?

Again, stick to your fundamentals. In an online setting, check for proper lighting and internet connection and look presentable throughout. Project confidence and don’t shy away from admitting when you don’t know the answers. Make sure your body language matches with whatever you’re saying.

Remember, the hiring managers are professionals and are trained to read you.

  1. Which are the top characteristics that they look for in a resume or during the interview?

This varies from position to position but ideally, an employer is looking for someone passionate, is a team player, coachable, and is overall a good investment. To survive, fundamental soft skills are a must in the corporate world today, regardless of the job position.

  1. Is asking questions at the end of an interview acceptable?

It isn’t just acceptable, it leaves a positive impression of the interviewee, given that the questions are rational and thoughtful. It also shows that the person has done their research and is genuinely interested in whatever the company has to offer.

Pier 1 Imports Careers- Job Opportunities, And Their Salary

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