Jobs you can get with a Mechanical Engineering Degree

What jobs can you get with a mechanical engineering degree?

The first time the word Engineer is used in the context of military vehicle operators. Word “Engineer” is coined from Engine. At that time, the person who operates the Engine is acknowledged as Engineer. Majorly at that time, machines and vehicles were not so Obvious. Mechanical devices are available to the military only. Engineers are supposed to be in military service most of the time. “A Mechanical Engineer adds the knowledge of Physics, Mathematics, Material sciences to build and maintain the mechanical systems”. Here are the Jobs you can get with a Mechanical Engineering Degree.

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest engineering branches. Its roots penetrate very deep in time. 

One of the greatest inventions that initially started mechanical engineering. 

Guess what?  

If you guessed the wheel, then you can tap on your back. The evolution of wheels and gears leads to making the systems moveable and in motion. The essential difference in Mechanical and Civil Engineering is that a Mechanical Engineer deals with moving structures such as an Engine, – while Civil Engineer primarily deals with static designs. Mechanical engineering is the most versatile engineering domain. The reason behind this is that a mechanical engineer can work in various other fields. Such as 

  • Biomedical. 
  • Civil engineering. 
  • Aerospace engineering. 
  • Mechatronics engineering. 
  • Robotics. 
  • And many such more engineering and non-engineering professions. 

Besides this, new domains are emerging which will be requiring a mechanical engineer. Biomedical sciences are reaching one of its milestones. The biomedical sciences have produced a mechanical heart. The first man with a modern mechanical heart, Star Larkin, lived 555 days with his mechanical heart. It is under regular developments which are taking place. This is only one instance I have given. For being a Mechanical Engineer, one would have to understand the following core subjects. 

  • Thermodynamics. 
  • Fluid mechanics. 
  • Mechanics. 
  • Dynamics. 
  • Structural Analysis. 
  • Material science. 

And many more subjects. The History of Mechanical Engineering is ancient. We can say that the origin of a mechanical engineer is from the stone age. Let’s see how. In the upcoming article, you will see the details of Mechanical engineers and their duties. One of the primary jobs of a mechanical engineer is equipment designing. Types of equipment are designed according to the need. At a stone age time, there was a need for equipment for hunting and self-defense purposes. So they developed weapons and tools. They designed every device, such as 

  1. Harpoon and lyngby axe. 
  2. Scrappers 
  3. Bow and Arrow 

And many others you Might have seen in movies, cartoons, or somewhere else. 

Mechanical engineering got attention during the industrial revolution in Europe. The spread of Mechanical engineering also gets the push by World Wars. Mechanical Engineering is a core branch. It doesn’t only deal with mechanics, but the inclusion of various other domains increases the value of a mechanical engineer. Mechanical Engineering is among the most versatile engineering domains. 

This can be understood by knowing that most of the structures around us are designed, manufactured, or maintained by a mechanical engineer. 

Where to search for mechanical engineering involved in our life? 

There are a tremendous amount of examples available to us. Just Look around. 

  • The Refrigerator you use for cold drinking water. This machine works on thermodynamic principles. 
  • Bikes, cars, and any aircraft are also the expertise of Mechanical Engineers. From designing to being available for your use, its maintenance is done by a mechanical engineer. 
  • Nowadays, there are Drones, Robots, and Rockets, which are going to be a new standard in the upcoming days. Guess what? All three fields require a mechanical engineer. 

Nowadays, there is competition between big technological giants to put the most efficient, economical, and commercial flight to space. Recently Amazon undertaking company Blue Origin worked on a reusable rocket system which pushed its first crew in space and pulled back successfully by VTVL that is vertical take-off and landing.  

Although reusable rocket systems were first proposed by Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Which made him a billionaire.  

Have you ever wondered what laid the foundation stone of Mechanical engineering? 

 The history of Mechanical engineering is ancient. It has its roots in prehistoric times. Below are some essential and classic inventions that eased the way for spreading the reach of Mechanical engineering. 

  1. The inclined plane is wedged in shape: you know it as the ramp. It is the simplest form of structure to quickly take goods from a higher level to a lower level. Nowadays, its uses are innumerable. 
  2. The wheel: it is among the most significant inventions. It is assumed That the first time the wheel was used in Mesopotamia, it was used as a potter’s wheel. We will discuss it elaborately in another section as it is among the most incredible engineering marvels.  
  3. Lever Mechanism: it was seen for the first time about 5000 years ago and used as a balance scale. Levers were first used in “SHADOOF,” a water-lifting device that works on a lever system. Used in Mesopotamia. It was used in about 3000 B.C. 
  1. Pulleys: it is another engineering marvel. Its existence is recorded from the 2 and millennium B.C. It is used to lift heavy objects with fewer efforts. You might have seen many pulleys-based machines in Gyms. If not, you should visit a gym. 
  2. Sakia: it is a wheel put vertical and rotated with the help of lateral gears and shafts. Initially, it is used in agriculture for irrigation purposes. It is also known as the Persian wheel. It is obsolete in most parts but can be seen in India and some nearby countries. The above-given example only provides a glimpse of the initialization of Mechanical equipment. There are a lot of such models available. 

Jobs available as a mechanical engineer

Aerospace engineer: Most of the aerospace engineering subjects are also present in mechanical engineering. Some of the central topics like 

  • Thermodynamics 
  • Fluid mechanics 
  • Strength of material many also says, solid mechanics. Production engineering and some other topics are also there. 

A mechanical engineer can perform the following task working as an Aerospace engineer. 

An interesting fact is that. Aerospace Engineering applies structural analysis, Fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and other mechanical engineering principles to Spacecraft. Hence a mechanical engineer can perform all the jobs if they have the required set of skills. 

Automotive Engineering: Engineering branch includes the principle of various engineering domains 

  • Naval Architecture 
  • Aerospace engineering 
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • Electronics engineering 
  • Software Engineering 
  • And many more. 

Job description

Its primary work is to Manufacture, Design, Modification, and Maintenance a vehicle. Whether it’s a Huge Aircraft carrier or a motorcycle. There are a tremendous amount of opportunities in this particular domain. Mechanical Engineers can work as a designer, manufacturing or maintenance profile, or any other profile of their liking. The main concern is that the Engineer must have related skills and experience. 

AutoCAD Designer: This Skill will work in this field and various other areas. CAD Computer-Aided Designing is one of the fundamental skills for a Civil Engineer and mechanical engineering. There are many more designing software available, but it is one of the best and widely used. Mechanical Engineer designs the parts of a mechanical machine. This software makes visualization easier. Hence more creativity can be done, which will increase the efficiency of the designer and the design. 

Job requirements

  • This job requires a mechanical engineer with knowledge of CAD and CAM software. 
  • Subjects are required to draw the mechanical part or types of equipment. 
  • As it needs to deal with customers sometimes so it should possess healthy communication skills. 
  • Knowledge of fundamentals of designing and subjects. 
  • Creative and innovative. 

Job as Mechatronics Engineer

This domain indulges the principle of Electronics, Computer Science, and of course, mechanical engineering. This rapidly increasing sector nowadays. As we all are aware that everyone wants a car which will have an Automaticity in its behavior. This can be achieved with the help of the principles of Mechatronics. Developments made in sensors, gears, and new technologies helped accomplish these types of milestones.  

Job requirements and description

This field includes working on Robotics, Drones, and many other new moons shooting technological sectors. These are gradually becoming a new normal. 

A mechatronics engineer deals with the following principles  

  1. Fluid mechanics. 
  2. Thermodynamics. 
  3. Strength of materials. 
  4. Subjects of Electronics Engineering. 
  5. Coding languages.  
  6. And many more. 

Jobs as Production Engineer

Job description and requirements

  • This engineering domain mainly deals with producing a product and assessing its criteria to be fully satisfied. 
  • Most of the time, A production engineer has to work in production. 
  • He should be active and creative. 
  • His duties are to check the measurements, size, and shape 
  • of the final product. 

There are four primary manufacturing stages of any product. 

  1. Designing stage 
  2. Manufacturing 
  3. Operating stage 
  4. Maintenance stage. 

Except for the operating stage, each stage requires a mechanical engineer. You can understand by the following example. Take the model of your motorcycle. The first thing a company does is produce a design. It depends on their dream about the vehicle. That this vehicle would be a Racing bike or dirt bike. After selecting the objective related research is done to provide a new and advanced car. Then they choose basic specifications, i.e., size of Tyre, which type of Engine should be provided, and many other elements. After deciding all design specifications. They start production. Manufacturing is done. Them is available to road users. Then after prolonged usage, there might be some parts that may malfunction. For that, you take your vehicle to a mechanic. This is the maintenance part. 

Senior Engineer/ Assistant Engineer

Job description & requirements

His work includes assessing all the ongoing projects that deal with the technicalities. 

  • Guide the team to increase their efficiency. Give reports of the project to the Executive Engineer. It is his responsibility to tackle any technical issue that is coming in front of his team. 
  • He should be as gentle as he can so anyone from the team can ask, discuss for better results. 
  • He is to check the work and deal with seniors.  
  • He designs and builds the project. Then he transfers the design to subordinates to make it real. His work is to communicate with higher seniors and with juniors. 

The education qualification required is you must have one of the below-mentioned qualifications. 

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. 
  2. Diploma In Mechanical Engineering. 

Following given some set of skills required for a senior engineer. 

  • Leadership qualities 
  • Good Communication skills 
  • Creative and active 
  • Deep knowledge of related subjects and software. 
  • Problem-solving skills. 
  • Futuristic thinking capabilities. 

Junior Engineer

Job description

It is one of the crucial and basic levels of the job. Every firm requires a junior engineer to work on-site and keep a closer look at the ongoing project.  

  • Junior engineer work includes working on-site, managing labor, and completing the project in less time and cost. 
  • The mechanical project includes welding, forging. 
  • There are a lot of jobs that can be performed by a Junior Engineer. His works also include performing necessary tests on the product and providing a report to the senior engineers. In which he has to provide precise calculations and drawings. 
  • He has to make deals with the product supplier. Hence he Requires excellent communication skills. Following are the given set of skills that are necessary for a junior engineer. 

Skills Required 

  • Junior Engineer is supposed to be creative as he works on the field so majorly, he is required to show his creativity on the field to tackle a problem.  
  • Knowledge of CAD (computer-aided designing) and CAM (Computer-aided manufacturing). 
  • Junior Engineers are required to deal with laborers hence a set of good communication is required. Many times, he has to report to seniors also so at that time good communication skills may turn the mind of a frustrated senior.  

Biotechnology engineering: This engineering domain has a lot of medical equipment involved. There is a lot of medical equipment that requires a mechanical engineer. Mechanical The engineering involved in each step from designing to Maintaining such substantial mechanical devices. Such as MRI, An endoscope, X-ray, and many more machines. Biomedical sciences are regularly increasing their span with the development of technology. There is a considerable requirement for action to improve human life expectancy. 

Quality Assurance engineer: here is another opportunity for a mechanical engineer. If you are a job seeker. You can look forward to this type of post. Every manufacturing unit requires a quality assurance engineer. This is quite an important job. There are chances of defects during the manufacturing of any product. The reason might be faulty machine settings, improper working of a mechanical part, or any other reason. They must find the motivation and eliminate the cause of defects as soon as possible. He might be well known and should be quick to respond as delays in manufacturing will lead the company to face a considerable loss. 

Machine operator: Companies prefer a mechanical engineer for this job. Due to the following reason. 

  1. He can perform various tasks when required. 
  2. While operating the machine, if any faults occur, he would be able to eliminate them. 
  3. A mechanical engineer can adequately use a machine. 

Job description

  • A machine operator at least has a diploma in mechanical engineering. 
  • Experience in operating devices. 
  • Know about the machine and its function. 
  • Communication Skills must be excellent.  

Sometimes the company takes freshers also and gives required training to operate a machine. 

Salary: it depends on company to company and type of machine. But generally, it is between. $16-$20/ hour. It might increase if machines are complex. 

Government sector Jobs: there are a lot of jobs available in local government and state government. A mechanical engineer is required to handle machines and much other stuff. He has to have a deep knowledge of related subjects. The government needs a Mechanical Engineer to check the working of mechanical equipment. This is one of the most reliable jobs.  

Benefits of a government job

  • Job security 
  • Works for public grievances of Reputationo Job satisfaction.  

Skills required to be a professional Mechanical Engineering: 

There are many misconceptions among the students that books are not that much needed while working in the field. They thought that most of the time, only work experience is required. This is not the case. Many industrial experts gave Importance to the knowledge of a fresher. So don’t get confused. Try to have a deep understanding of any subject you like. There are many basic skills required for a mechanical engineer. 

  1. AutoCAD: This is Software for 2D & 3D modeling. This is one of the essential software required for a civil engineer and mechanical Engineer. Autodesk markets it and many other drafting software. Much other software is also present in the market. This Skill is in huge demand and might be playing as a game-changer. 
  2. Management skills: This is a soft skill required in almost Every engineering domain. For a timely competition of a project. Management skills are highly needed. Whether we talk about managing a team or managing yourself, this requires lots of effort and knowledge. Many firms are recruiting mechanical engineers for managerial posts. 
  3. Deep Knowledge of related subjects: you can simply understand the Importance of a subject’s knowledge. This truth can’t be denied in any way. You didn’t require knowledge of all available topics. You need only those of keen Importance for your work. Let’s take an example. You want to be a design engineer, you should thoroughly understand engineering graphics, Machine Design, and Kinematics of machines. If you want to enter the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics then you should have a great knowledge of 
    • Fluid Dynamics, 
    • Fluid Mechanics, 
    • heat transfer, 
    • Gas propulsion engine dynamics. 

Suppose you are trying to be a Structure Analysis engineer then knowledge of 

  • Solid mechanics, 
  • Finite Element analysis, 
  • strength of material 

Like subjects should be under your command. If you want to be in Robotics as this is one of the exponentially increasing domains for this, you should know of 

  • Multibody dynamics. 
  • Kinematics of machinery. 
  • Engineering mechanics. 
  • Fluid mechanics. 
  • And some subjects of Electronics engineering. In this way. You can get your dream job. 
  1. Communication skills: Many times, a mechanical engineer has to deal with the public. He has to get an elaborated explanation of the requirement of the product or machine. The Engineer needs to ask the consumer about some restraints regarding the design. From Now onward, whenever you see a car reaching its top speed, Aircraft safely landing, giant cranes successfully putting the structures in sequence. You will understand why mechanical engineering is so vital for human life. 
  2. Basic knowledge of Civil Engineering/Electrical Engineering: A mechanical engineer works in an environment where many times he has to deal with public grievances. Henceforth he requires the basic knowledge and application of electrical and civil engineering concepts. 


We have seen the Importance of Mechanical Engineering. Started with a historical background. From where it began. And discussed some complex innovations that had taken place and are under steady development. Then we moved to jobs available for a mechanical engineer. We saw that there are a lot of opportunities for a mechanical engineer. We had also noticed what are the critical inventions that led mechanical engineering to its success. It is one of the evergreen branches. The necessary design-led to make Marvels like Engine. Regular developments are going on to increase the efficiency of the Engine. There are developments also going to Make a new mode of transportation. Which is known as Hyperloop. It is going to be the fastest means of transport. Which is another emerging technology for mechanical Engineers. At the end of the article, some critical and essential skills are required to be a successful mechanical engineer. There are a lot of technical and non-technical skills which are necessarily required. 

A lot of other skills are also important. A mechanical engineer should be aware of all new technological development going around the globe. At least the technologies related to his domain should be taken into account. 

Jobs you can get with a Mechanical Engineering Degree

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