Jobs Where You Do Nothing- Where to Find?

Jobs Where You Do Nothing

So, imagine – you got that column writer’s job that Carrie Bradshaw had the City where you manage to spend entire weekdays with your best friends, go on romantic dates dressed in designer outfits, live in a considerably large apartment in New York, just by writing a weekly newspaper column. Exciting, right? Sorry to drag reality to this scenario, but it’s genuinely impossible in the real world. Still, here, we bring to you jobs where you can do as much work as Carrie and still earn that dream income. So, let’s know the Jobs Where You Do Nothing.

Are you looking for well-paying jobs that require minimal work? Do you need some extra money but got no time? Whether you came upon this search randomly or because you seriously require jobs that serve to your lazy trait, we have got you. If the world has made you think that your introversion and laziness stop you from making cash, tell the world to think again. There are jobs in this world that pay you to sleep, shop online, cuddle, binge-watch new shows, walk cute pets around the park, and much more. You can also do these jobs even if you have a part-time or full-time job and just want to make more money. The best thing about these jobs is that you can do what you love and earn for it. For example- if you love dogs but don’t have one, become a dog walker; if you can’t get enough sleep due to your day job, become a professional sleeper; if you take online surveys when the internet gives you some, earn for taking them.

Now let’s read on to know about these jobs in detail so that you might apply as soon as possible. Then, who knows…you might find your dream job.

Jobs Where You Do Nothing

  1. Professional Sleeper

If you love sleeping and getting out of bed is hard for you, there are several job choices for you:

  • Sleep Experiment Participant – You might seek experiments conducted online in your area, and if you are lucky, you will find an experiment requiring participants to sleep. Thus, you can earn a good amount while catching up on your sleep.
  • Sleep Analyzer – Certain mattress makers and hoteliers might require people to test either the mattress or the arrangement of a bed in a room by sleeping there.  The job is to try if the given area is cozy enough to sleep or not.
  • Exhibitionist Sleeper – Some artists require fit people to sleep on their pieces of art to complete them. For this, you have to be comfortable with sleeping while many people are watching you.

The criteria for this job are that you should be above 18 years of age, and once you begin getting these jobs, you might be recommended to other hotels or science institutes by word of mouth. It’s because sleeping under specific circumstances is not as easy as it seems. You will have to be an extremely sound and carefree sleeper. You can earn from $10 an hour to about $10000 for 35-37 days of sleeping.

  1. Get paid for your hobbies.

If you have specific hobbies like reading, watching tv shows on Netflix, or just staying in your house, you might as well earn money while doing those:

  • Professional Reader – If you are a bookworm and love a job where you just have to read and provide your opinion on a book, this is the job for you. To get a job as a reader, you will have to get in touch with the human resources branch of a publication house.
  • Binge Watcher – If you habitually binge watch shows and movies on online streaming platforms like Netflix, you are already doing the job. How good would it be if you could also make some money? Online platforms hire binge-watchers to rate the shows and movies before uploading them for the common public.
  • Dog Walker – Do you think that the world would be a better place with more dogs? Well, here’s your chance to live on this better side of the world. Walk dogs and get paid by the hour. If the dog likes you, you are likely to be hired as a dog sitter too.
  • House-Sitter – This job requires you to live in somebody else’s house like your own and get paid for it, provided you keep it clean and don’t call in your friends to a party. When house owners have to leave their house for a long duration, they look for people online to keep it safe and tidy in their absence.
  • Rented Quest – Do you love formal parties? You won’t care if you like it or not when you come to know the salary a foreigner is given to attend these parties. Believe it or not, people in many countries like India, China, and Japan hire well-dressed foreigners just to attend their parties. 
  • Food Taster – Everybody likes good food. But suppose you are one of those people who love food and have spider senses for taste buds. In that case, you can become a professional taster of chocolate, wine, or simply delicious food at high-rated restaurants. For this, you will have to do a course, which you can easily do online.

These jobs can help you make a decent living, especially that of a professional reader, making you about $45000 yearly, or a food taster that can make you any amount from $20000 to $100000 a year. Considering that you will get free housing and food, even a house sitter can get an excellent hourly wage ranging from $10/hour to $175/hour. Even the jobs of rented guests pay well if you can find the job because it’s somewhat rare to find. Usually, people hire foreigners through personal contacts and small agencies rather than online. 

  1. Jobs that require zero skill.
  • Standing in line – Yes! There are popular events like comic cons or movie premieres that the queue for their entrance is over hundreds of people long. So a lot of attendees of the event hire other people to wait in lines for them. Plus, when your turn comes, you can also purchase a ticket for yourself (of course with your own money) and get into these famous events.
  • Professional Mourner – A lot of times, certain people’s deaths don’t sadden others much. So, for this purpose, mourners are hired who cry for those people in their funerals. Although it is prevalent everywhere, traditionally, people from England, China, and the US hire these mourners more than in any other country.
  • Professional Cuddler – In this digital world, people have started feeling lonelier than ever. So, they hire cuddlers who lent them a shoulder to cry on when they feel overwhelmed. These jobs can be found online, especially on Craigslist.
  • Professional Bridesmaid or Best Man – Sadly, due to a lack of close friends, people hire bridesmaids and best men for their wedding, and all that is required of you is good looks and a persona that’s at the very least non-repulsive. 
  • Survey Taker – We are sure you must have taken online surveys a lot of times. But have you ever gotten paid for it? If not, please use the opportunity to get yourself paid by going online and looking for a freelance job as a survey taker. You could do the job anywhere, and you definitely will not need to use your brain. 

Most of these jobs can be found online. These are genuinely some jobs that need only your existence. The pay range depends on the person hiring and the urgency of the event. When you start in these professions, your pay might be low, but as you continue doing these and get more known in the community or get a higher rating online, you will get higher pay. Nonetheless, your income might range from $10- to $100s per hour.

  1. Swedish Art Project

There is this project that will start in 2026. However, don’t get distracted by the year and apply for it as soon as you possibly can. They are still accepting online applications. For this experiment, a lucky employee will be selected whose only job will be to clock in and clock out of the Korsvagen station. The employee can even go anywhere outside in his work duration and do anything except doing another job. The intended loophole, however, is that you could yourself decide to do anything in the working hours as you could even bring a canvas and paint with you and paint, or choose to just sleep for that duration. As the official job description goes, “Whatever the employee chooses to do constitutes the work.” Furthermore, you will never in your life have to worry about income, as the salary is government-funded. Now, if that’s not the best job for sluggish people, what is? 

Where will you find these jobs?

This is the biggest question. Indeed, for most of you, these jobs might be unheard of. After all, this is a capitalist world where people have to work their fingers to the bones to get minimum wage. Nobody seems to know how millionaires like the Kardashians became millionaires. Anyway, these jobs are to be found online mostly, especially on platforms like Craigslist or These are primarily freelance jobs unless your work impresses an employer enough to hire you for the long term. For example, if you are hired as a professional reader for a publishing house, they might either let you go right after your contractual duration or if they like you, they might offer you to stay on. 

However, some of these jobs, like that of a professional bridesmaid, or a rented guest, are such that you could also get them through your contacts. One more thing about these jobs is that as freelance jobs, the pay is never fixed, but it is inevitable that with time and experience, your value will increase, and so you may up your ask. 

Financial Security

Some of you might do these jobs besides another job just to make extra money, and some of you might want these as a career choice. Whatever the case,  they do not provide any sort of long-term financial security. On the other hand, you can be persistent and make a fine earning with it. As mentioned before, the longer you are in a particular profession, the better the chances be that you begin to get recognized in the community and are constantly employed by someone or the other. People might start recommending you to their formal or informal contacts. But for that, you have to take care that even if the job is to do nothing, you be good at it. 


As we come to an end here, we hope that we were of help to you. Also, we are sure you will earn your dream salary and assure you that not every job requires a degree or even experience. There are more non-generic jobs like these that you can find on Craigslist a lot of times. Maybe you can’t live in your dream world, where you get paid a lot for doing nothing, but you can be as lazy as you want and still live well in real life itself. As far as financial security is concerned, no job is financially secure, even generic ones like doctors and engineers. The only difference is that you have comparatively lesser financial security here, like in any freelance career, but you have a lot more time on hand to do other things. We wish you luck in your search for the right job, and on this note, sign off.

Jobs Where You Do Nothing- Where to Find?

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