Is Xerox a Good Company to Work for?

Is Xerox a Good Company to Work for?

Before applying to any company, you have to know if the place is right for you or not. To find out if the company is good enough for you or not is significant. This article will attempt to simplify things for you. Xerox is a company where everyone wants to work. But is that the perfect place to work, for you? Is Xerox a Good Company to Work for?

You have to be acquainted with the working conditions to know if the place is right for you or not. To find this, knowing about the company and its policies is very important. Read the next section to get familiar with the company.

Xerox: What is it?

You can guess what the company does by its name. The name Xerox indicates that the company deals in xeroxing. An American corporation that sells print and digital documents, Xerox facilitates around 160 countries in the world. It employs around 24,700 people, providing them with certain benefits and perks. 

But the question is, how do we get to know if Xerox is a good company to work for or not. To know if this is the right choice for you or not, you can take the aid from the reviews of the current and former employees. It will help you decide if the company is the right fit for you or not.

Some reasons to work for Xerox

To work in a company, you have to find reasons why this should be your choice. Here are some of the valid reasons why you should choose Xerox for working:

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  • The company facilitates its employees with many benefits and perks. The employees can avail the benefit of paid leaves. They are given a restricted number of paid leaves to rejuvenate, recover from any health issues, or for vacations. It motivates the employees to work efficiently and meet the goals of the company.
  • The company cares for the health and wellness of its employees. They are protected with health insurance so that in case they face any health problems, the company can prove to be beneficial in providing financial aid. In addition to this, the company also has programs for childcare and eldercare. The company thinks not only about its employees but also about their families. 
  • Another reason to work in this company is their good working environment. According to the employees who have worked in the company or are working in the company, the workspace is friendly. As per, the employees have given 3.2 ratings to the working culture at the company. This score is good enough for a corporate company. A good working culture gives people a reason to apply for the company.
  • The work-life balance that the employees avail in Xerox is also appreciated. As per, the employees have given a rating of 3.6 for work-life balance. Working hours and holidays are flexible. The employees enjoy paid leaves. They are also permitted to choose the option of working from home. In this way, they can easily juggle their professional as well as personal life. 
  • The employees also appreciate the management of the company. If the management system of any company is up to the mark, then that company is considered ideal for working. Since Xerox has a commendable management system, therefore it becomes a good place to work at. The management staff is easily approachable in case of any queries. If the queries of the people are solved effectively, they feel heard and work more efficiently.
  • The company allows the employees to widen their horizons. There are many opportunities in the company that can help the employees enhance their skills and personality. You learn new skills and then utilize them in the future. 

These were some of the reasons for choosing Xerox as a company to work in. However, there are some reasons behind not choosing the company as your workplace. 

Some reasons behind not choosing Xerox as a workspace

Some of the reasons that can change your mind are as follows:

  • Several employees have claimed that there are frequent layoffs in certain departments. They are also not satisfied with their salary. According to them, their salary is lower than the market. In short, there is less job security in the company. No one would like to work in a place where there is no or less job security. Thus, this trait might force you to ponder upon your choice.
  • Some employees also feel that parking facilities in most of the company offices are not up to the mark. They face inconvenience when it comes to parking their vehicles.
  • Some employees are also of the view that the workload at Xerox is high. People claim that they do not get time for themselves. This is a big turnoff for any employee.

However, these reviews and claims are based on the personal experiences of the people. Some people benefited from working at Xerox, while some were not. The ambiguous reviews of the company make it difficult for people to make a choice. Working with Xerox is great as it is one of the most prominent companies in the world.

They facilitate the customers with a friendly working environment, benefits, and perks. If Xerox is a good company to work for or not depends on your personal experience. Make sure you make the right choice by listing all the pros and cons of working there.


If a company is a good fit for you or not is a significant factor in determining your future. People apply to companies that offer them good working conditions, decent pay, and employee benefits. The article listed some reasons why people choose Xerox and some reasons why they do not.

All the pros and cons that you get as an employee of Xerox were elaborated on in the article. Make sure you go through all of them and then decide if the company aligns with you or not. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the work-life balance at Xerox?

Some employees claim that they have flexible hours of work while others claim that there is too much prefer. However, according to, the ratings for work-life balance were above three, which is an average score.

How is the management and working environment at Xerox?

The company has a smooth management system according to the reviews on various websites. The working environment is also friendly.

Is Xerox a Good Company to Work for?

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