Is Water Treatment A Good Career?


Are you seeking a great job that pays well and allows you to give back to your community? A profession in the water industry allows you to supply, clean, and rejuvenate the world’s most valuable resource. In this article, we will see about ‘Is Water Treatment A Good Career?’.

Is Water Treatment A Good Career?

Is Water Treatment A Good Career?

Water treatment is done to improve the quality of the water. The water treatment procedures used are determined by the quality of the water supply. In all circumstances, water must be disinfected to kill any germs that may be present. So far, this strategy has been proven to be the most vital for human life protection.


  • Involve residents in crisis and emergency circumstances.
  • Learn how to treat HVAC water using chemistry.
  • React to any crisis support or electrical issues that emerge and make a fitting move. 
  • Follow industry conventions to keep exact and ideal records of all drying/remediation hardware. 
  • Help NCOs with any documentation they might need support with.


You’ll require the following:

  • The capacity to evaluate quality or performance.
  •  Knowledgeable observation and recording.
  • To be meticulous and give close attention to the smallest details.
  • The ability to operate without supervision.
  • Ability to operate, maintain, and repair equipment and tools.
  • Ability to think analytically.
  • To be able to use a computer or a hand-held device to do basic activities.

Is It A Good Profession?

Indeed, studying water treatment a great profession. In fact, from 2019 to 2025, its market is anticipated to increase at 6.5 percent, that’s $211.3 billion. Water and wastewater treatment frameworks are a higher priority than ever previously, thanks to rising global demand for clean water, stricter regulatory challenges, and increased environmental concerns.

How To Become One?

Examine the various paths to this position:

  • This employment can be obtained by taking a college course.
  • An apprenticeship.
  • Directly applying.

Water Treatment Jobs

1. Office Manager: An office manager is in charge of creating and carrying out new administrative frameworks, for example, record management, as well as auditing and updating health and safety approaches. He/she is probably going to be in charge of a team of representatives, which may incorporate administrative assistants. The average salary is $81,486 yearly.

2. Administrative Assistant: An administrative assistant is answerable for basic office operations, for example, archive and document management. Their main role is to help in daily activities, which can be to help HR, accounting field, giving reports, and other things necessary. The average wage is $42,125.

3. Sales Manager: A sales manager is in charge of keeping clients happy and getting new ones, as well as selling imminent customers on cost savings and offering brief and agreeable support. Their jobs may be section-level or experienced-level. Basic water treatment training, which may be followed through at work, is needed for a viable sales manager. The normal payment is $120,039 per year.

4. Help technician: A help technician’s main obligation is to maintain existing accounts’ water frameworks. The company gives initial and progressing training to help technicians all through his or her career as industry cycles and innovation improve. The average salary is $42,169.

5. Water Treatment Specialist:  This is an accomplished situation in the water treatment field. The individual starts as an assistant technician and advances through the ranks of the business to turn into a specialist. He/she can as well acquire more knowledge to be certified in the field after five years of involvement and integrated training given by a water treatment company. The average salary is $62,617.

6. Laboratory Technician: This refers to the person who works in a laboratory. He/she performs water-testing tests on samples acquired by administration technicians or water treatment specialists in a laboratory setting. This is frequently a section-level situation, with the water treatment firm giving initial and continuous training. The average salary is $54, 150 yearly.

7. Marketing Specialist: A marketing specialist assists in the marketing of a company’s items and administrations to clients. He/she is trained to review a client’s behaviors and ways to use the data gotten and plan innovative and powerful advertising strategies. The average payment is $51,747.

8. Human Asset Specialist: A human assets specialist is an individual from the workplace staff who is in charge of enlisting, screening, meeting, and placing representatives at the water treatment company. They may also handle worker relations, payroll, advantages, and training, contingent upon the size and construction of the organization. The average salary is $52,043.

9. Accounting Specialist: An accounting specialist for a water treatment company is answerable for accounts payable, general record accounting, and account reconciliation. He/she may also be in charge of payroll or guaranteeing that the company’s financial portfolio is even. The average salary is $ 47 466 per annum.

Reasons To Seek Jobs In The Field

1. Space for Advancement: As recently stated, the water treatment and distribution industry is a career, not a task, so remember that while thinking about your choices. This area is the logical one of a couple of exemptions for the general standard that obtaining a managerial post requires years of education. Presently, the majority of supervisory and management positions in the drinking water industry lack an advanced degree.

2. No professional education required: Most individuals accept that to find a new line of work, you should have a good advanced degree. You, then again, don’t. Although many school graduates are working in the water area, it is not necessary to have a school diploma. Try not to misunderstand it, and you can’t simply go into a plant and start operating machinery on the off chance that you’ve never done as such. 

3. Amazing Pay: One of the main factors to think about while picking a career is the pay scale. We as a whole have to live, and we as a whole want to live in a way that allows us to accomplish and have the things we want. 

4. Advantages: In addition to the already brilliant pay that accompanies a career in the water business, the field offers a wide range of advantages. Public benefits, medical insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, extra security, paid vacation, and wiped-out leave, as well as paid holidays, are only a couple of the advantages that an operator position may offer.

5. Relocation choices: Another advantage of working in the water treatment industry is that your field abilities and certifications allow you to work anywhere in the United States with certification correspondence.

Working Conditions

You might be able to work in a control room. It’s possible that your working environment is filthy, physically hard, cramped, at a height, and exposed to all types of weather. Also, you’ll need to put on some safety gear.

Average Salary

In the United States, the average water treatment wage is $35,689 each year, or $17.16 each hour. Individuals on the lower end of that range, the base 10%, earn about $21,000 each year, while those in the top 10% earn $59,000.


Now we have learnt ‘Is Water Treatment A Good Career?’, Water treatment is a lucrative career that’s essential in the public eye. So pick a water treatment vocation that conveys a valuable commitment to society, for example, plant treatment and distribution operators, similar to specialists and designers, which offer essential types of assistance to the general population.

  • What is the size of the water treatment market?

The worldwide water treatment frameworks market is anticipated to arrive at USD 33.26 billion out of 2020, up from USD 30.55 billion in 2019.

  • What is the capacity of the water treatment devices?

Water treatment devices can assist with improving water quality by bringing down wellbeing dangers like microorganisms, synthetic contamination, and other unsafe mixtures, as well as smells and hardness.

Is Water Treatment A Good Career?

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