Is It Ok to Quit a Job During Orientation?- Clear guidance

Is It Ok to Quit a Job During Orientation? Get All the Answers Here

A job needs professionalism, and the early stages of the orientation or your training session are important. The earlier you understand what professionalism is and know-how decision making in the market works, one can get a job. Quitting is when decisions are taken based on temporary factors, and here we will discuss the topic- Is It Ok to Quit a Job During Orientation?. 

Quitting the job during orientation is based on several factors. The main factor is your truthfulness and discipline. If you leave the company when they are suffering a crisis, then it shows unprofessionalism. Likewise, when the same job is given to you for a training period, and there you want to quit, then again, it is unprincipled. 

Factors When It Is Ok to Quit a Job During Orientation 

  1. When you got an undesired job 
  2. When the workspace is uncomfortable
  3. When they figure out this job isn’t for them 
  4. When you decide that you are not skillful enough 

How to Quit a Job That One Just Started?

There are many ways to quit a job, but let us discuss some healthy ways to leave the job that they are not interested in, having a bad time in the company, or the job that is not paying off well. 

  • One should resign in person. If they are suffering or having a bad time at the job, walk up to them and place a resignation sheet there stating all your factors. 
  • Ensure that you have a positive tone, no need to put all the points down there, just have a conversation that it is long and hard to do the job. If they press hard then, simply answer that leaving is better for both the company and you. 
  • Always draft your resignation letter before walking in to resign. This makes things clear and understandable to the company that you are no longer willing to continue. 
  • Decisions should be made wisely and when you decide you want to leave the job have a notice period of at least two weeks. Leaving immediately might spoil your personality and reputation. 
  • The job place is not a hotel room so, when you have submitted the resignation letter with notice period, you still have to do the job. Make an effort and be as positive as you can before leaving.  

Decide When to Resign 

When you have decided to resign, one should think carefully because there is no way in again once out. Many people have resigned from their jobs and then regretted it. Since you and the interviewer have spent time recruiting and choosing you for the job then, one should think carefully about this decision.

Think about the time when you applied for the job. Was it out of pressure or happiness? If the answer gives you a negative thought about it, ask yourself why I take this job. If your answer is positive and you entered this job because you liked it, then ask yourself why am I resigning? Many unemployed people are suffering because they don’t have a proper job, so when you have one, ask yourself these questions.

Consider Options for Staying 

Instead of running from the problem, analyze and interpret for the solution. That’s what 90 percent of the people in the world lack. The cases for quitting a job are 80% because of people’s continuously changing mindset and 20% of the actual reasons. Therefore, before quitting a job, evaluate your options for staying for the job.

As to why I want to quit instead of staying? Can we give it the last try before quitting? If you are quitting based on your mood swings, then it is a bad idea. On the other hand, if you have a firm decision to quit and have a hard time, then don’t let the thought of staying overdue your decisions. 

Can One Find a Job Quickly?

While one is still employed, the person should look for a job because you may find a job soon. There will be interview questions, which might ask you why you left the job and the guarantee that you will not leave your new job. There may be questions like this asked. So, be well prepared and have the answers to these questions. 

Can One Work Something Out?

Sorting out the preferences, having a good thought about your final decision is important. The manager or your supervisor may give you suggestions, stay and have a think-over, hear them out, and then find your decisions looped out. 


Hopefully, this information has helped you seek out the decisions that are swaying in your mind. A job quitting during orientation leaves a negative impact on your resume but, if one is pleased and compassionate with their decision then, they can easily have a jump through. So, stop, think, breathe and walk, because you matter the most. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to quit a job which is not good?
    Preparing a resignation letter by mentioning your notice period in it. Add some points as to why you want to quit the job and keep it professional. If they ask you for an explanation, simply reply that it is hard for you to continue and you can’t do it anymore. 

  2. How to quit a job one started a month ago?
    Here, there can be two cases, where one will simply submit a resignation letter and the company accepts it without any interruption. There is another case where, the company is unwilling to give you the resignation, there you might think of some steps that can lead to damaging of your reputation. 

  3. Can a person quit before orientation?
    Yes, if the person has a fixed decision that he/she wants to quit. No, if you are still hanging in between diplomatic answers. Stay when you feel you want to try this out but leave when you are constantly about leaving so that you don’t waste your and the company’s time. 
Is It Ok to Quit a Job During Orientation?- Clear guidance

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