Is Fidelity a Good Company to Work for?

Is Fidelity a Good Company to Work for?


Among the top financial services companies in the world, Fidelity Investments is headquartered in the United States and has the mission of helping its clients and customers achieve their financial goals. Here, let’s know ‘Is Fidelity a Good Company to Work for?’

Throughout the education, the public sector, and the healthcare industry, this company provides insurance benefits to over one million customers. Our services facilitate employers to offer their employees a variety of advantages to secure their income.

Fidelity International Limited (FIL), formed in 1969, provides investment solutions and retirement expertise to various organizations, private investors, and their representatives. They strive to help clients weather the future with peace of mind through the integration of savings and pensions expertise with world-class investment options.

The company focuses on:

  • Generational thinking to invest for the long term and acquire benefits. Advising clients on retirement savings and other long-term investment goals
  • Creating retirement solutions tailored to the requirements of clients, their advisers, and the defined contribution and defined contribution pension plans they oversee around the globe.
  • Provide comprehensive investment services to investors and their advisers: For individual investors as well as their advisers, we assist them in investing in the easiest and most economical manner.

The company offers jobs to more than 1900 U.S.-based employees as a part of the financial services and insurance sector, making it a large-scale firm.


  • The value of your employer in the industry will determine your career prospects. If you spend time with a company that has a market value below average, you are likely to wind up with similar companies in the future. Fidelity is one of the largest asset managers in the world therefore, working with them increases the probability of being hired by more of the proclaimed companies.
  • Prior to joining a company, it’s essential to consider salary packages, benefits, and perquisites offered by that company. According to employee ratings, the overall compensation and benefits packages at Fidelity are 4.1 out of 5 stars. The estimated annual salary at Fidelity Investments, including bonuses, is $98,986, or $47 per hour. The estimated median salary at the company is $100,788, or $48 per hour. 
  • A five-year work experience shouldn’t be a repetition of five months’ worth of experience. Your career should grow exponentially only if you have excellent learning opportunities. Fidelity provides great growth opportunities to its employees. Here’s a description of the same.


  • The company indeed has a high market value, but it doesn’t guarantee that your pay increases as per the market. The pay sometimes does increase as per the rise in the market values, making it obsolete.
  • Some employees have mentioned the issues with their Senior Management and the poor level of transparency between them and the employees working under them.
  • The work-life balance can be hampered due to the long office hours, making you feel drained, if you’re not a workaholic.
  • Many employees have faced several changes in the organizational structure every now and then, making it difficult to adjust to the hierarchy when working under senior departments.


The ratings of this organization in terms of employee experience are quite positive. About 91% of the people working for Fidelity designate it as a great place to work. In addition to the healthy work environment, employees state that the company is a welcoming workplace that makes you feel comfortable.

Along with personal advantages, the sense of community is also reflected by the employees as they feel satisfied by the company’s ways of contributing to society. 93% of employees claim to have a good work-life balance, in terms of company policies on taking time off or work schedule. The majority of employees are proud to work at Fidelity.

Compared to other organizations, the work environment at the company is exceptional and stress-free. Every associate receives fair and equal treatment. As an employee, working here at Fidelity opens a lot of other doors for our career. Moreover, they also offer good salary packages. Some have said that working for Fidelity has really changed their professional and personal lives. There is still a lot to come for those who are knowledgeable about the proceedings of the organization. They have made the decision to offer flexible work hours, a significant move on their part. For the development of associates, monthly training sessions are held on different topics. As you gain experience with this company, you will certainly learn a lot more.

  • The company’s ethos and environment are among the best in the industry.
  • In addition to hiring, HR is also very functional and helpful.
  • Follow an open-door policy that goes beyond mere words.
  • Technology utilization of the highest quality.
  • A high level of employee recognition and promotion.
  • A good salary that is on par with market rates.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility is one of their strong suits
  • A formal style of working to suit a straightforward, disciplined working environment


Q1. What’s it like to be working at fidelity?

The work environment is thoroughly professional and helps you grow in the sector. The salary packages and benefits are on par with other top financial companies. 

Q2. What does Fidelity look for in their employees?

Fidelity appreciates the motivation and drives to achieve something in the people they want to work under their company. It is necessary to have extensive and thorough knowledge about the company and the financial field. Good research in this aspect is highly commended.

Q3. What should I expect in the interview?

The HireVue interviews take place online with a time limit of 2 minutes in which you have to answer around 7 questions asked from you. Next, if they like your answers then there’s a 45 minutes phone interview which is to check your behavioral orientation. After that, you have to complete an assignment which, if selected, results in the last step, a zoom meeting with hiring managers. This interview includes questions about your professional decisions and history along with a few behavioral ones as well.


Starting your career as a financial advisor at Fidelity is a great idea. They are well-respected in the industry and their representatives are in high demand. Assets under management put them in the top five of the world’s largest financial companies. Employees at Fidelity become familiar with the software development life cycle, new technologies, and achieve a very reliable network. Having a great corporate ethos, a strong Enterprise Leadership Team, competitive benefits, and amazing salary packages contribute to Fidelity making a stellar job.

There’s no doubt that they look after their employees and offer some of the best benefits you’ll find at any big company. 

Is Fidelity a Good Company to Work for?

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