Is Environmental Health A Good Career?

Environmental health is a rising issue in today’s world. While every human is constantly being affected by the deteriorating health of the environment, the demand for people working towards the betterment of its health is on an increase. So, everyone trying to build a career in environmental health can expect a great deal of growth in their career. Let us read in detail to know “Is Environmental Health A Good Career?”

Is Environmental Health A Good Career?

Is Environmental Health A Good Career?

From local NGOs to international organizations, there is a need for data scientists and environmental health specialists at every level. From collecting data to predicting future trends based on present situations, environmental health specialists work day in and day out to improve the environment for future generations. So, yes, environmental health is a great career choice as it possesses immense scope for growth.

What Qualities Should You Posses?

A person needs to have passion and dedication and they can make an amazing career out of this. Moreover, the positive impact that their deeds would have on the environment will keep them happy as the happiness of giving back to nature is much more than the happiness of having earned a profit. Aspiring environment enthusiasts need to have good knowledge about the workings of ecosystems. They need to possess some diploma or degree in plant or animal biology, life sciences, ecology, or other related fields. They have to collect data and analyze them to predict trends in environmental changes. Their analysis forms the basis of actions to be taken to bring about positive changes in the environment, such that the world becomes a better place to live in. So, they must possess good analytical skills. Being well-versed in data collection tools and techniques is a quality desired by most organizations.

Where To Begin And What To Do?

To form a career in environmental biology, degrees in microbiology, marine biology, horticulture, exobiology, etc. are needed. After obtaining such degrees, working on various small-scale projects that focus on environmental health is always a power boost for the career. Apart from the biological aspect of the environment, sustainable development is a great career path for the younger generation. Not only is it well-paying, but also highly prestigious. The main focus of these fields is on creating sustainable energy and businesses for the betterment of the environment. Such businesses not only garner good faith but also get the benefits given by governments as they keep their carbon footprint low. Graduates or diploma holders in such streams are taught how to approach such problems, hence the need for such knowledge before entering the field is necessary.

Perspective Matters

Building businesses is not an easy task as there are a lot of obstacles, yet, those with the grit to prove their worth and bring about change strive hard to bring about a positive change. Be it building zero-waste, reusable sanitary products for women or creating engineering marvels such as affordable solar panels, enthusiasts have proven that they will not be dissuaded by the minuscule failures that come their way. Many might say that a business can be made based on just money, but the fact of the matter is that businesses are made by identifying the problems and gaps in the industry and solving them. In this aspect, the environmental health industry is yet full of a lot of problems that need to be identified and solved. Everything relies on the perspective with which the situation is observed.

What If Business Is Not For You?

If a person does not feel the push towards building a business out of their knowledge, they still have a lot of options. Many international organizations hire specialists to help them deal with the problems occurring in the environment. All you need to do is identify your talent or interest and work towards making it your career. On the path to building such careers, one must seek guidance from people who are already in the field and possess more knowledge of how everything works. These people have always encouraged the younger generation to step up and save the environment from the perils that humanity has brought upon it since time immemorial.

Where To Find Jobs?

Be it ocean clean-ups, plastic waste recycling, or exhaust filtering for industries or vehicles, almost every big company in the world relies on its environmental scientists to keep them above their competitors in the field. For an engineer seeking work in the sustainability sector, companies like Schneider Electric, Orsted, Netse, etc., have ample opportunities where the individual learns and grows in their career and also as a person. For life sciences students, a lot of fully-funded research projects are awarded annually to provide an environment for extensive research and development in the environmental health sector. For data scientists, companies like Apple, Google, Tesla, etc., encourage youth participation and prefer skills over degrees. All they wish to see is a determined person who wishes to bring a change in the world.

Do These Career Options Pay Well?

All these careers are not just prestigious, but also well-paying. For example, the average base salary of an environmental data scientist is around $123,814 per year, which increases according to the skills presented by the person. Similarly, an engineer at a renowned multinational company focused on sustainable development gets an average base pay of $101,438 per year with an additional pay of nearly $35,021 per year. People from life sciences get complete tuition waivers and an annual base pay/stipend of nearly $50,000. Apart from this, they are at the receiving end of the benefits of various government policies. The monetary benefits from each career mentioned here can be easily defeated by a businessman in the same field. Such businesses reap monetary benefits from the customers and the government.

Summing It Up

Keeping all the mentioned points in consideration, environmental health is an excellent career option. Whichever career path you chose, it needs to be a well-informed decision based on what your heart desires. In the end, all that matters is that you can bring a positive change to the world, support your family and create some wealth for your retirement. If you leave the world a little better than you found it, your life would be a success. If this drives you, then the environmental health sector is a great career option for you.

Is Environmental Health A Good Career?

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