Is Doordash A Good Company To Work For?

Is Doordash A Good Company To Work For?

This article gives an answer to your question ‘Is Doordash A Good Company To Work For?’.

2020 saw the coming of the pandemic, and with it, we all got locked inside our four walls. Untouched from the rest of the world, as human beings, we still had to make a livelihood, we all had to survive. For all that, we had to get groceries, food, and so on, without making contact with our social surroundings. Hence, to make ends meet we found different ways to survive. One of these was the e-market. 

With each person being skeptical to step outside, we took help from the e-market. We shopped using the internet and had things delivered at our doorsteps through delivery services. 

Thus, the rise of the e-market helped in the growth of the demand for the courier and messenger industry. With the pandemic, the “delivery” jobs have in reality increased. According to a report, the delivery jobs in the United States have increased by 26% from February to December, last year. In fact, the “courier and messenger” industry, as they call it, was already rising before the coming of the pandemic. However, the pandemic just helped the number rise to a huge extent. 

Among the many companies working in this industry, helping people survive even in those tough times by delivering them their needed items was “doordash”. 

What is Doordash?

Doordash is a food delivery platform operating in the United States, San Fransisco, and California. The platform was founded in 2013. Based on its official website, it is a “technology company” connecting people with the “best in their cities”. 

The company collaborates with the local grocery stores and supermarkets and delivers the items to the customers. The company offers door-to-door deliveries, and by doing this, the company empowers local businesses while also generating new ways for people to earn, work and live. 

According to a report, the pandemic was proved very beneficial for Doordash. The team at Doordash is in fact expecting the order value of the year 2021 to be around $39 billion to $40.5 billion. 

Becoming A Dasher

Joining the company and becoming a “dasher”, as they call the driver, sounds all fun. The company states that anybody who is interested can join the company if they meet the following requirements:

  • Age 18 or more
  • Own car, scooter, or bicycle
  • Have a drivers license number
  • Have a social security number (only in the United States)
  • A background check and required consent of the same

However, before joining the company or becoming a dasher, one question might have struck the minds, “is doordash a good company to work for?”. 

Hence, here we have presented some pros and cons of working in Doordash. 

Good Sides Of Working In Doordash


One major perk of working in Doordash is that you get the chance to make money for yourself. The drivers are paid on a weekly basis, however, the drivers or “dashers” can also withdraw their earnings on day to day basis. But, this opportunity is only available in the United States. 

The average payment for a doordash driver in the United States ranges from $2 to $10 per delivery. In addition, they get to keep 100% of the tip received. Moreover, once in a while they also receive additional pay for promotions, such as when working during peak hours or going through unexpected challenges while delivering, or completing a specific required number of deliveries within the set period of time.  

Flexible Work Hours

According to the official website of Doordash, the drivers can choose where and when to work. Unlike all the traditional full-time jobs and seasonal job offers, Doordash lets the driver choose a time shift that suits their comfort. 

Hence, this becomes a go-to option for many workers looking for part-time jobs or simply a second job. 

“Freedom To Dash”

If we go with what the official website of Doordash tells us then the company lets the drivers choose the location where they wish to deliver. They give the drivers the “freedom to dash”. Thus, if you are on your way near your home, and there is a delivery to be made there, you can do the delivery by any means. 

Employee Benefits

Apart from all these good perks, the company provides some employee benefits to the drivers. These include health insurance and car insurance for the drivers. However, it only covers some basic damage done, and the company still stands untouched if you are sued while delivering. 


Overall, the company stays lenient and respects the choices of the drivers.

When it comes to leniency, the company lets the driver choose their own medium of travel, it could be a car or a scooter. There are no “compulsory” vehicle requirements as long as the deliveries are made possible. Moreover, for heavy traffic and congested places, walk-in deliveries are also accepted. 

End the perks, the company appears perfect to work for. However, each coin has two sides to offer. Along with the above-mentioned perks, come some unpleasant consequences.  


As mentioned above, the company remains untouched if the driver is ever sued while doing the deliveries. This, do not come as a surprise since this happens in almost every second company.

Not Pocket Friendly

Since there are no “vehicle restrictions” proposed by the company, the drivers stand wholly responsible for their vehicles. This also means all the vehicle costs are to be made from the driver’s pocket. These include fuel prices, in case of any damages done to the vehicles, and so on. 

Hard Work

No work comes easy. Deliveries are no exception. With all honesty, the drivers go through a rough journey while delivering since the demand in the market is high too. Thus, the time to rest gets lessen and lessen. Especially during the peak hours when the restaurants are busy or during special occasions like Christmas, the rush and the trouble doubles. 

Moreover, sometimes the deliveries are to be made at far-off places, hence, they end up taking much of the driver’s time, and sometimes, it goes beyond the driver’s shift. 


One major con of being a delivery person at doordash is the implications of taxes. According to an article, “as an independent contractor, the driver will be needed to report the income accurately and par the necessary taxes” instead of directly extracting the taxes from the salaries of the drivers. The company sends the required “tax form” but the payment of the same depends on the driver. 


To briefly put it, doordash as a company is lenient and respects the choices of the drivers be it in case of when they would prefer the salary or by which means they choose to make the deliveries. However, on the other side of the coin, the job comes with a lot of hard work and financial spending, which may get physically and sometimes, mentally tiring. 

Hence, before blindly taking up the work in the company, one should carefully check if the conditions suit their case/circumstances or not. 

Is Doordash A Good Company To Work For?

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