Is C++ hard to learn? – C++ vs C Example

Is C++ hard to learn?

When someone asks, Is C++ hard to learn? This can’t be answered in yes or no. It might have a complicated answer as it depends on some factors. We will try to highlight some aspects which may provide you the actual answer. Let’s dive into them. 

What is C++?

In our childhood, we all use to wonder how hackers do that? Don’t we? As we grew, we got to know the answer was coding. These are programmers who program/code and hacks the data. In technology and development, programming has contributed a lot, and it’s continuously contributing more and more. 

We must know a language to code. It’s like how we must know a language to speak. Several languages are used in programming, but several of them aren’t used anymore because of their complications. Some aren’t used as the updated version of them is more popular. In contrast, some vanished as there were easy options available even though there are many languages.

There are machine languages, assembly languages, and high-level languages. Some of the high-level languages used widely are C, C++, C#, JAVA, JAVA Script, Pascal, SHIFT, Visual Basic, PHP, and Python. C being the foundation of most of the languages, that must be why C didn’t vanish. However, while C++ is the updated version of C., there is not much to learn about C++ if you know C. Although it is a high-level language just like C., there are some differences we’ll look towards. 

How was C++ created?

C++ is derived from C. Therefore, there wasn’t much to create because the foundation was already present. However, some changes were made major one being the object-oriented language. Bjarne Stroustrup developed it in 1985. 

Why did he need to develop C++ when C was already there?

Well, C was already present in the market, and it made its name all over. But some things were missing, which were causing problems. To overcome them, provide a better option, and increase effectiveness and flexibility, C++ was developed. He wanted an object-oriented language similar to C., And he succeeded after developing C++.

Know More About C++ ft. C

Before we tell you more about C++, let’s look at the first program, which will explain a lot more.

#include <iostream> 

int main()


std::cout << “Hello World!”;

return 0;


“#include” is a preprocessor directive that is used to include files in our program. Here it includes “iostream,” which allows us to use “cout,” which prints the output on the screen.

“int main()” must be in any C++ program. It shows the validation of your program. The curly braces contain the function, “{” starts the function while “}” ends the function of your program. 

std::cout prints the contains inside the quotes “. They must be followed by “<<” symbols.

Return 0; indicates the end of the program.

The output would be:

Hello World!

This is the format of writing the code in C++. Which isn’t that different from the format of C. Let’s look at it too.

#include <stdio.h>

int main() 


printf(“Hello World!”);

return 0;


The output would be:

Hello World!

What is the difference you noticed? Not much, right? “stdio.h” of C changed in “iostream” when it came to C++. “printf” changed into “std::cout <<.” 

We can comment in our code in C by using the “/*” symbol. We can start comment while using the “*/” symbol we can end it. For example, “/* abc */.” In C++, however “//” symbol is used to start a comment. No symbol is used to end it, as the whole line is considered a comment. For example, “// abc.”

In both languages “;” a semicolon is used to terminate the sentence and move to another. printf and scanf of C are replaced by cout and cin in C++, respectively.

This is the reason why C++ is easy for those who already have a good knowledge of C. The basics are the same, even the pattern and logic behind the code. A few differences are worth learning other than that. They know a lot already. But if you don’t know anything about C, don’t worry. As they learned C, you can learn C++. Learning C before C++ isn’t necessary at all. It’s all about basics. If you know the basics of C, it’s easier to learn C++ because you don’t have to go through the basics. If you don’t, learn the basics of C++, there is nothing out of the box.

Is C++ hard? -How it can be difficult?

  • C++ may seem hard for some of you if you aren’t good at English. Because the programming is completely written in English. You’ll have to learn English then you may learn C++.
  • Another reason C++ may be hard can be you being unfriendly of computer system and its workings. If you don’t know how to work on a system, you’d have to learn it first.
  • If your teacher or the platform you learn from isn’t providing you better context, material, and knowledge of C++. Then you may seem to have difficulties.
  • If you had struggled with logical thinking and solving problems logically. C++ may seem hard as it depends on logical thinking and its execution.
  • If you have learned simpler languages like python already, C++ may feel like an overdoing of simpler things. Python is an easy language compared to C++, learning a hard language after your hold on to an easier one may make it hard to grasp. 
  • Interest plays a vital role while you learn something. If you aren’t interested in learning you may face difficulties.
  • C++ has a class concept; some may find it hard. C doesn’t have class features, even C learners can have difficulties.


  • In how many days can I learn C++?

If you already know C or Java, it wouldn’t take more than a week to go through its basics and staff. But if you are new to programming, it may take 3-4 weeks to learn it.

  • What is harder C++ or Java?

It is debatable, C++ is considered harder because of its complexity. It’s hard to find bugs in C++ as compared to Java. C++ is hard to learn and understand if compared to Java.

  • Where I’d find the effective learning material?

Anyone or any organization doesn’t own C++; therefore, there are no official or effective learning materials. But you can find books and data by some really talented authors. You can find them online, don’t forget to read the contents of it before diving into them. Sometimes it’s hard to understand a particular author. Therefore, you must find your perfect match. 

  • Which software is preferred for C++? 

There are many software’s that allows C++. Some of them being Dev-C, Turbo C++, and several others. All of them are good and easy to use.

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Is C++ hard to learn? – C++ vs C Example

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