Ikea Careers: A Complete Guide

Ikea is a well-known furniture designer and retailer. Ikea started its journey in 1943, and Ikea operates in more than 50 countries. Ikea offers its products and services through 445+ Ikea stores and online platforms. Ikea offers its products and services in countries like India, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, East Asia, and a few others. Ikea sells items such as kitchen appliances, decorations, home accessories, food, and other goods. Ikea offers interior design furniture and quality products at affordable prices. Let us know more about ‘Ikea Careers’.

Ikea Careers

Ikea Careers: A Complete Guide

Ikea offers various job opportunities, such as procurement executive, business operations executive, manager, business analyst, and more. Which people can choose according to their interests, educational background, and experience. The minimum age required to work with Ikea is 18 years old, and at some places, Ikea may hire you at sixteen, but you can work only at a few particular posts like team members, store attendants, and a few more. The average hourly pay at Ikea is $16.70 per hour, and Ikea offers an average salary of $79,497 per year. Ikea provides a competitive salary as well as other benefits to its employees.

You can apply for jobs at Ikea through its official website and other job-posting platforms. Ikea looks for employees with excellent communication skills, ability, hard work, well-trained, well-educated, experienced, and more, and you must meet these requirements if you want to work at Ikea. You can grab the job opportunities at Ikea if you have appropriate knowledge about the work you will perform there.

Job Opportunities at Ikea:

Ikea offers various job opportunities in different fields, and it tries to find the most suitable candidate for its opportunities who can work harder with their colleagues for the growth of Ikea. Here is a list of some job opportunities offered by Ikea.

Senior sales executive

Assistant Media Team Manager

Assistant General Manager

Sales Executive

Regional Sales Manager

Channel Account Manager

Associate Director

Senior Analyst

Likewise, many more job opportunities are available at Ikea, and if you want to grab these opportunities, then you should know the eligibility requirements for these job opportunities at Ikea.

Ikea Job Eligibility Requirements:

If you want to work at Ikea, you must meet the following eligibility requirements to be hired or increase your chances of being hired.

  • You must know about the products and services of Ikea, and your communication skills should be excellent.
  • You must have finished your 18. However, in some places, you can get a job at Ikea after completing your sixteenth, but you can only work in limited areas.
  • If you have any prior experience working, it could increase your chance of getting a job at Ikea.
  • Candidates must possess unique traits, abilities, skills, and appropriate behavior with the customers.
  • You should be capable of working within a team, and you must be able to work according to the working hours of Ikea and its locations.

Besides these eligibility requirements, Ikea requires your educational background and academic maximum qualifications according to the job’s post-demand requirements, and if you fulfill the educational eligibility criteria of the job only then will Ikea hire you. The education eligibility varies according to the job postings at Ikea.

Salary Range for Employees at Ikea:

Ikea offers competitive salaries to its employees according to their positions, experience, performance, achievements, working hours, and a few more factors that will determine your average salary at Ikea. The wage varies according to your position and experience at Ikea.

If you work as a retail forklift at Ikea, you can earn an average of $360,057, while loss prevention and safety associates will receive an average payment of $68,827. Ikea offers an average salary of $60,894 to its warehouse workers, and article administrators’ stipend at Ikea is $47,388; associate general counsel workers’ wages at Ikea are $319,963; the business operations manager’s salary at Ikea is $87,163, and Ikea pays an average of $105,241 to its carpenter co-worker employees.

Employees working on an hourly contract basis at Ikea can earn an average of $16.70. The average hourly pay range at Ikea is from $12.47 per hour to $22.92 per hour. Some employees get more than this hourly pay range at Ikea because it varies according to their positions and working hours.

Job Application Process at Ikea

If you want to fill out the job application form for Ikea, then you should open the official website of Ikea and then open its career tab or particularly search for Ikea’s careers website. The applicant should filter and search the jobs according to their eligibility and area of interest. After you’ve found your ideal job, click “Apply” and create an account on the portal, then fill out the form’s details and upload your updated CV with your application form before submitting the form.

One expert team at Ikea will review your resume, and if it passes, they will call you for a phone screening. Initially, they will ask you about your experience, your academic background, and other details in brief, and if you clear phone screening, they will call you or send you an email regarding the interview. You must pass the interview to get a job at Ikea, and you can take help from the assessments regarding the interview process at Ikea. If you pass the interview, you will get a job offer letter from Ikea.

Other Benefits for the Employees of Ikea

Apart from a competitive salary, Ikea offers various benefits to its employees because it knows that if it helps employees live comfortable and happy life, they will also work harder to increase Ikea’s business and revenue.

Ikea cares for its employees and protects them. It offers health and life insurance, including medical, dental, vision, accidental, and disability indemnity coverage. Ikea offers healthy eating options through which employees get free fruit, a free salad bar, and meal choices according to their preferences.

You can get advantages from Ikea’s well-being hub to make yourself strong. You can access meditation sessions, exercise classes, and recipes. Employees can get a discount of 15% on the Ikea products available online and in-store.

Ikea provides paid time off, fertility leave, marriage or civil partnership day off, and maternity and paternity leave to its employees. Some other benefits Ikea offers to its employees include retirement plans, an Ikea bonus, educational assistance, and more advantages you can get as an employee of Ikea.


Ikea is a famous company that offers various furniture and food products. Ikea offers a competitive salary to its employees, along with some attractive benefits. The wages at Ikea vary according to your position, experience, working hours, and a few more factors that will determine how much you will earn at Ikea. Ikea offers different job opportunities in various fields according to the categories of its products and services. The minimum age required to work at Ikea is 18, and you must fulfill all the eligibility requirements to get a job at Ikea.

  • What happens when you miss the pick up time at Ikea?

Ikea will return the product you ordered if you do not report according to the scheduled pickup time, and it will process your refund through the same method you used to pay your order bill at Ikea.

  • How long does standard delivery from Ikea take?

The standard delivery from Ikea may take an average of three business days, and sometimes it may take additional time depending on the product you ordered and your location.

Ikea Careers: A Complete Guide

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