How to Get a Job at Yelp?

How To Get A Job At Yelp

Finding the best has never been easier. Started in 2004, Yelp specializes in picking out the best of everything in your vicinity and putting it out there for you to enjoy. Best restaurants? Best doctors? Best salons? Best shopping outlets? The answer to all of these questions is Yelp. Here we will see How to Get a Job at Yelp?

It is the efficiency and the user-friendly concept that has made Yelp one of the most popular and most visited websites across the country. And if you are looking for a job, Yelp still has the solution. The company hires people from all sorts of academic and technical backgrounds, to form its community of skillful employees. 

Working at Yelp is not just a tedious and dull job. The offices of Yelp are as active and interesting as a gaming zone. In fact, employees get a community game center to relax during breaks. Still, it is a regular job and has those perks too. All employees get to build on their sales and communication skills with each and everyone working with several businesses and retailers for a long time. 

And if you’re not much of a face-to-face communicator, well you can help with the interactive website of the company. In short, Yelp has a place for everyone who is qualified and enthusiastic for the job. 

How To Get a Job at Yelp?

Now that you’re all pumped up and ready to get a job at Yelp, the main question is how do you get the job? Which application to submit? What questions to prepare for the interview? What other tests to pass? What kind of training to expect? The endless questions can take up the whole article. But what we need are answers. The answer, that will be the guide for you to secure a job at Yelp. 

Know Your Speciality 

  • The first step before applying for a job at Yelp is to know your field of expertise. All the qualifications you need would depend on the type of job you choose. This is why knowing your expertise is important.
  • Once you have decided the kind of job you want, you need to check the availability of that job. For that, you need to visit the career section of the website, enter the details about your city and your type of job. The current openings in the field will appear and you can then choose. 
  • The qualifications you need to have, and any other supplementary skills you need will be mentioned in the job description of the opening on the website. If you meet all the criteria set, you are eligible to apply for the job.

The Application Process

  • Now that you know your job type, and you are eligible for it, you can apply. The link to the online application can be found below the job description for the job. You need to submit the application for the specific job you want to apply to through the link provided on the website. 
  • The application includes your resume or your cv and any other details that the particular job role might require. For instance, any position under the Sales department will need the applicants to go through an assessment. The assessment measures the skills of the applicants and also tests them on their understanding of the role. However, this assessment does not take place for all the jobs. 
  • If there is no assessment, the candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of their resumes. For the positions requiring an assessment, the performance on the assessment decides the selection of the candidates. The shortlisted candidates are then called for a 30-minute phone interview. 
  • After the phone interview is the face-to-face interview. The interviews not only judge the candidates on the skills of their job role but also about their knowledge about the company. Applicants who are familiar with the products and working of Yelp, as well as align with the company values, have a greater chance of getting selected. 

Tests and Training

  • Unlike a lot of jobs, Yelp does not require its candidates to pass a drug test as a mandatory condition to get hired. There is a similar case with any DWI-related felony. Candidates who have any DWI cases can still get hired if they are eligible and meet the standards of the company. Drug tests and driving experiences are not the deal breakers for a job at Yelp.
  • Once the candidates have been finalized, they are trained for a couple of months. Most job positions at Yelp require a training period, where the employees are familiarized with the company values, their job roles, the best way to perform their duties, and any other related training they might need. The training by the company is paid and lasts as long as 2 months. 

Special Skills to Have 

  • Apart from the academic and technical qualifications you need, it is beneficial to have a few extra skills and attitudes to guarantee a job at Yelp. The first one by default is to be thorough with your job position and its roles. All employees need to be knowledgeable but also enthusiastic about their job. All employees need to be passionate about their jobs to give their best.
  •  Yes, globalization is the current need, but all employees working at Yelp need to think locally. To give their best and be able to promote the businesses in their city, the employees need to have a positive attitude towards local support. They need to be supportive and enthusiastic about the local retailers and shops to be able to promote them. 
  • Be realistic and dedicated towards your goals. All employees need to set short-term goals and also fulfill them. Meeting their goals is not only necessary to get promoted, but also for the reflection of their commitment and passion towards the company and their work. A positive attitude towards their work gives some candidates an edge over others. 

Acing the Application 

  • Even if you have all the qualifications and the best attitude towards your job, your resume and interview can still make or break your chances. You need to be careful and meticulous in both these areas to make your mark. To make an impactful resume ensure a few things. First, check your resume for any spelling or grammatical errors. Fix any other mistakes that you might find after a careful read. 
  • Second, highlight your skills and experiences that are related to the job you are applying for. You will have a higher chance of securing the job if the employer knows that you have the skills needed for the job, not just generally useful skills.  Third, it is important to mention the tenure of each of the previous work experiences to let the recruiter know that you are committed to your job.
  • For interviews, it is important for the candidates to be confident and prepared. Employers look for those candidates who have done their research and know about the company and its role. This small preparation shows their eagerness and focuses on getting the job. 


Getting a job at Yelp is not very difficult. The company hires people from diverse backgrounds and most people have a chance to apply. The application process is also fairly simple. The company only requires the resume and the cover letter of the candidates and shortlists them for the interview. Applicants who have a positive attitude towards their work and know about the company can get the job easily. Work hard and prepare well to apply for the job but don’t forget to be yourself too. 

How to Get a Job at Yelp?

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