How To Get A Job At the CIA?- A Clear Guide

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What is the CIA?

CIA stands for Central Intelligence Agency. It is a foreign intelligence service carried out by trained U.S. citizens for the United States federal government. Their main concern is the nation’s security. They do so by collecting data, analyzing any threats, and reporting to the Director of National Intelligence. The CIA also provides information to other higher positions such as the Cabinet and President of the United States. Today, we’ll know how to get a job at the CIA?

Established about 73 years ago, in 1947, the CIA headquarters is located in Langley, Virginia, called the George Bush Center of intelligence. It is estimated that 21,575 employees are working in the organization have an annual budget of $15 billion. It is considered the world’s best intelligence agency in the world.

Mission and Vision

The CIA has a versatile plan; they make frequent changes to adapt to the changing world. However, with the frequent changes in planning and plan, the agency’s main goal has always remained the same. The CIA takes all precautions and makes required changes to ensure the security of the nation. Their core principles and values are the reason they undertake and succeed in their demanding duties.

How To Get A Job At CIA?

To get a job at the CIA, you must first understand the hierarchy and the different departments. After understanding the organization’s basic structure, you may go through the different positions available in different departments and apply for the one that suits you the most. For certain positions, training and strong sets of skills are required, and candidates are strictly tested to meet the criteria for the position.

Hiring Process

Note:  The hiring process may take almost one year and, in some cases, even longer. Applications are only accepted via CIA Application Portal.

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Basic Requirements

The CIA has set a few requirements that need to be fulfilled to apply for a job. Having the following requirements does not mean you would get selected for the job; it only means you are eligible to apply at the CIA. The requirements are:

· Must be physically present in any of the 50 states.

· Must be a U.S. national; the candidate with dual nationalities is also eligible.

· The candidate must be 18 years or older.

· Candidates are required to shift to Washington DC and, in some cases, may have to travel overseas. To work for the CIA, you must be willing to travel.

· Candidates are required to go through a security check for background information.

· Candidates are also required to undergo medical checkups to test drug usage or any inabilities.    

You won’t be accepted if

· You have a history of drug abuse or fail the drug test.

· You have some sort of criminal record.

· You have some severe medical condition or are physically unfit for the job.

· You are struggling with your mental health.

Since the CIA performs such a crucial role, Each employee is selected for careful vetting and several background checks to ensure they are a good fit for the organization.

Application Process

Apart from the basic requirements, each position has its specific requirements relevant to the job. First, let’s take a look at the application process.

1. Filling the Application form (45 days – 2 months)

Application for any position you have to provide information on two aspects. Firstly, you have to provide information about your professional background, and secondly, you have to provide personal information.

For professional background, you need to provide

· Educational background

· Majors

· Work experiences

· Certificates or licenses

· Knowledge about foreign services or any foreign aspects

· The language you know and your proficiency in them

· Preferences

· Resume, cover letter, supporting documents, publications, transcript. 

The personnel information form requires

· Background security check

· Polygraph (lie detector test) examination

· Investigation on your background (report)

· Military services and its proceedings

· Copy of your selective service enrollment

· Issues regarding employment

· Record of any drug usage

· Criminal record

· Bank records for delinquency evaluation.

· Evidence of past employment or any association with Peace Corps.

2. Application screening, evaluation, online tests, conducting interviews (2-3 months) 

After you submit your application, It will be selected if you meet the job criteria. It will then be tested to verify the data and documents you provided. After the verification, in some cases, you may be asked to take an online aptitude test, or you may be invited to either an online interview or an in-person interview. The testing process usually involves aptitude tests and other types of tests to assess the personality. 

3. Conditional employment phase

After passing the aptitude test, interview, or any other form of personality assessment, you would be given a conditional employment letter which means that you will be hired if you succeed in the further hiring assessments. At this point, you are provided the SF-86 form (127 pages questionnaire)

4. Background security & Medical fitness test (6 months to over a year )

This part of the hiring process is to assess and evaluate your personality and fitness for the job. First, your background will be investigated. Then, you would go through a lie detector test (polygraph interview) and a test to evaluate your physical and psychological fitness for the position.

5. Induction/ onboarding

After completing all the above steps, you would be given a call to discuss the onboarding process and your starting date.     

The application for most of the positions is the same. However, some high positions, such as the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, which is the highest position in the CIA, require additional steps to apply and achieve the position.  

Departments In CIA

Apart from the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, the highest rank in the CIA, there are five different departments. The Director of the Central Intelligence Agency is also referred to as the executive office. The four major departments of the CIA are

Directorate of Operations

CIA agents who carry out the Clandestine national services are a part of the Directorate of Operations. This department focus on gathering, analyzing, coordinating, evaluating, and then preparing a report of the intelligence gathered and sending them to the concerned authority, and communicating the significance of this information to the U.S. policymakers. They mostly gather intelligence on areas such as foreign countries’ economic and political development, the proliferation of weapons, and military issues.   

Directorate of Analysis

Also known as the Directorate of intelligence. This department carries out analytical roles such as communicating with the President and the U.S. policymakers the significance of gathered intelligent information and any other sensitive information that may be crucial or helpful in making decisions concerning national security. In addition, they provide the President and the U.S. policymakers with critical foreign issues.

Directorate of Science and Technology

This department can be described as the research and development department of the CIA. It is concerned with the usage of modern technology and concept for the development of new equipment. Apart from collecting intelligent information, they develop the existing systems and upgrade them to improve the intelligence-gathering process.

Directorate of Support

The Directorate of support is concerned with administrative tasks such as housekeeping, security, smooth communications, and transactions. In addition, they ensure the maintenance of confidentiality. All this department undertakes the support function; it is further divided into offices such as the Security Office, which is concerned with the physical security of the personnel. The office of communication is concerned with maintaining a smooth flow of communication and maintaining confidentiality. And the Office of Information Technology has I.T. personnel who solve complex I.T. problems.

How to become the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency? 

$18,000 – $504,000 annually

This is the highest rank in the CIA agent. Most managers make around $90,000 – $268,000 annually, and some make as much as $504,000 annually.


The D/CIA is responsible for overlooking and managing all the intelligent data presented to him/her, analyzing, evaluating the covert actions, and serving as a connection for developing foreign services. In addition, they provide valuable advice regarding national foreign intelligence matters to both the National Security Council and the presidents.


  • To become a director, the candidate must be an American citizen.
  • Must have been nominated as a Flag officer in the U.S. armed forces or a general.
  • Recommendations from the Directors of National Intelligence DNI.
  • Have a lead in votes, confirmed by the United States Senate.

CIA Agents

The CIA agents are the most commonly known amongst all other jobs at the CIA. They are portrayed in movies as highly secretive and extraordinary fellows who undertake some serious action. In reality, CIA agents are just data collectors and evaluators of intelligent information regarding a nation’s security. Most of the agents live within the States. However, some also work overseas collecting, analyzing, and evaluating foreign intelligent information.

There are different types of CIA agents, and their job descriptions vary according to their designated fields. However, certain roles are carried by all the CIA agents. These are

  • Collecting, analyzing, evaluating, and reporting information that might be important for national security.
  • Going through different sources of information such as magazines, social media, and newspapers to stay updated about the most advanced intelligence 
  • Tracking activities via satellite imagery to monitor any threatening situation.
  • Unfolding coded messages from other countries to reveal meaning and look for any transfer of sensitive information.
  • Verifying information from foreign sources.
  • Making a report on the data collected and passing it to the relevant authority.
  • Researching and finding a better alternative to collect information.
  • Collaborating with other agencies to work investigating crimes across the world.

How To Become A CIA Agent

The CIA agent performs complex and sensitive tasks. Therefore, according to the department, you apply to, you need specific educational and other relevant requirements. So let’s take a look at them.

Educational Requirement

The minimum requirement to be a CIA agent is a Bachelor’s degree in the relevant field. Your degree must be relevant to the job you apply for to be considered. In addition, you must have graduated with a minimum 3.0 GPA from an accredited institute. A degree in Criminal psychology, the law would be a good option if you are unsure what to choose. Though the minimum requirement to apply is a Bachelor’s degree, If you have a higher degree, you would have a better chance of being considered. Since you are compensated according to your expertise, you would be paid more. 

The areas of interest of the applicants must be

  • Accounting & finance (one or both)
  • Economics
  • Politics
  • Linguistics
  • International Business
  • International relations
  • STEM subjects

Skills Requirement

Apart from having skills required for the job and other skills relevant to the job, Most CIA agents must be fluent in 1 or more foreign languages. This is important as it helps in the data collection process. As the CIA agents are also required to decode messages and verify documents and information from foreign sources. They are often gathering information from other sources of information such as social media; they must understand the language to prepare accurate reports. Especially for candidates applying for positions in foreign services. Languages such as Arabic, Persian, Japanese, Korean and Russian are good to have.

Physical and Personality Assessment

Just like applying for any other position at the CIA, when you are applying for the position of a CIA agent, you are required to pass the medical fitness test, the background security test, the lie detector (polygraph interview), psychological assessment, drug test. As the CIA agent performs sensitive operations, they must pass all the tests to prove their credibility.

Complete the CIA training  

The successful candidate then enrolls in the CIA training programs. All CIA agents take the procedures and basic policy training, which is a mandatory requirement for the position. All the training is held in Washington. Therefore, the candidates are required to move to Washington for further processing. Candidates then enroll in training relevant to their positions. Let’s look at the training program in each department.

Agent in the Operations Directorate

Anyone who is interested in or wants to pursue a career in the following fields may apply to the clandestine services, or The positions in this department is:

  • Core collectors

The focus is on collecting human resource data for the government and the U.S. national security council of any system or institution of interest. 

  • Operations officers

They analyze the public and spot non- U.S. citizens and then establish connections with them even recruit them in some cases who have access to foreign intelligence that may have significant value for the U.S. National Security in deciding on the nation’s security.

  • Collection management officers

They are responsible for gathering, analyzing, assessing, categorizing, and serving as a liaison of the foreign intelligence they collect during their covert operations overseas.

  • Staff operations officer

They are responsible analyze, assess, evaluate and critique the current potential operations. They serve as a connection between the Director Officer and the CIA headquarters in Virginia

  • Specialized skills (targeting officer)

The specialized skills or target officer is responsible for pinpointing people or any entity who has access to foreign intelligence information that may be critical for the U.S. security to address sensitive foreign matters such as attacks, Illegal transactions, and drug smuggling. 

To become an agent in this department, Apart from fulfilling all the application process requirements, you must have a Bachelor’s degree and professional work inexperience in business, security, or military services. They need to complete the two training programs that are a mandatory requirement for the position. The two programs are

  • The professional Trainee Program (P.T.)

This program mainly targets officers. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree (minimum GPA 3.0) and less work experience are eligible for this training program. According to the data available, most of the candidates who take this training are fresh graduates and are anywhere from21 to 25 years old.

  • The Clandestine Service Program (CST)

Suppose you are applying for the position of core collector, operations officer, or collection management officers. In that case, you are required to complete the Clandestine Service program. To enroll in this training program, you must be a bachelor’s degree holder with multiple years of experience in any of these fields military, security, business, or any other relevant field. . According to the data available most of the candidates who take this training are anywhere from 26 to 35 years old.

Agent in Analysis Directorate

Must pass the application and personality assessment process and complete the” The Professional Trainee Program (P.T.).”

Agent in Science and Technology Directorate

Must pass the application and personality assessment process and relevant field experience and complete the” The Professional Trainee Program (P.T.).”

Agent in Investigation Directorate

The CIA’s investigation agent is also known as the inspector general. They make inquiries and seek any possible law violations, mistreatment or poor management, misuse of authority, or any other threatening situation that could cause harm or be dangerous for the general public on anyone within the CIA.  

Apart from the Bachelor’s degree, prior work experience candidate, and the basic requirements needed to apply at the CIA, the candidate must have the following skills.

  • At least have three years of work experience investigating criminals focused on intricate issues.
  • A team player but can work independently as well.
  • Astute and analytical thinker
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Have a versatile personality.

There are no specific major requirements for the position; however, most of the CIA investigation agents have degrees in one or more of the following subjects

  • Psychology of criminal psychology
  • Criminology or criminal justice or criminal justice administration
  • Subject focused on security such as Homeland security
  • Anthropology
  • Police science
  • Social sciences such as sociology
  • Emergency management


There is a 56-day training program conducted via Federal Law Enforcement Training Program

that needs to be completed to start working as.


The CIA is an intelligent information collecting organization that takes all needed measures for the nation’s safety. The hiring process for the CIA is very comprehensive and can take over a year. To apply to any position, you need to provide all the relevant personal and professional data in your application. After your application has been approved, you would go through a testing phase. This testing may be conducted either by an online aptitude test or an in-person interview. You would have to visit Washington.

After clearing this test, there is a background and medical test. After successfully passing these, the next step is you receive a job offer call and are asked to fill the SF-86 form (127 pages questionnaire) at the end if you qualify. You may start your work as an employee at the CIA. Different positions have different requirements; for instance, some positions require training to start working, such as the CIA agent.   

How To Get A Job At the CIA?- A Clear Guide

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