How To Get A Job At QVC?

How To Get A Job At QVC

With more than 17000 employees worldwide, QVC stands as one of the leaders in the space of digital commerce business. The company hires for a variety of roles, including call center representative, retail outlets associate, and manager who oversees the activities of the stores. Perhaps you have dreamt of working at QVC, and you are confused about how you can land a job at this organization, then you are on the right page. Landing an appointment at any organization requires thorough research and a proper understanding of the candidates’ requirements. Without this information, you cannot successfully secure a job at any organization. Let’s know How To Get A Job At QVC?

The same goes for QVC; securing a job at the company would require you to intimate yourself with the necessary job requirement to win over the recruiter’s mind to consider you as the better candidate. Interested job seekers who are hoping to work at QVC can head to the online job portal and apply for the vacant roles that fit their background. Also, here are some facts about working at QVC. Firstly, you must be at least 18 years of age before gaining employment at the QVC Company.

What Is The Available Position At Qvc?

There are various roles available for you to pick up at the QVC retail organization, although not all the functions are available for entry-level candidates. The retail store associate, Accountant, Human Resources Associate, Information Technology Associate, Administrator, Copywriter, Customer Service Representative, Inventory Controller, Engineer, Food Services Associate, Distribution Center Associate, and Call Center Associate are the list of job roles available at QVC.

Job Opportunity At Qvc

The QVC business is known for Quality, Value, and Convenience, where the brand name originated. The company has been in operation since 1986 and hopes to continue providing excellent retail service to the citizens of the United States. Besides, the business serves more than 98 million homes in the US. It is widely known to offer customers access to make purchases via on-air programming through various websites and retail outlets. They also provide the customers with the opportunity to make a preview of goods and services they are interested in buying without leaving the comfort of their home. In addition, with access to major league sports, the company enjoys good brand recognition.

Candidates seeking a job opportunity at QVC or looking for an additional stream of income or summer jobs are welcome to apply at QVC. You are expected to exhibit a high passion for retail sales, cheerful demeanors, keen relational behaviors, and welcoming customer service as a job candidate. Possessing previous experience in any retail organization before applying for a job role at QVC would be a position you at a better advantage over other clients. However, you do not have to prove that you have previous working experience if you apply to an entry-level role at the organization.

Positions Available And The Salary Inform At Qvc

As an applicant who hopes to work at QVC, you must be at least 18 years old before qualifying for any position. More so, you earn wages as per the industry standard, and you would often have a balanced work life. Meanwhile, you have the opportunity to qualify for the exceptional on job benefit. The entry-level roles available at QVC are 

Retail Associate: The individual assists the customers with answers to questions they might have regarding and their request. Aside from that, you are in charge of greeting the entire shopper and assisting them with any of their purchases. There are some other responsibilities you are supposed to perform. They include maintaining a clean store, displays for merchandise, conducting recovery, and restocking any product that has been sold. You are expected to possess some interpersonal relationship skills, excellent communication skills, and a positive attitude toward the clients. As retail associates, you can earn as high as $8 per hour. The only essential requirement you are expected to have is a high school diploma.

Call center Associate: As a call center associate, you receive calls from customers and solve their issues. If you are unsure about any issue, you are expected to direct the call to an experienced supervisor. As a customer call associate, you are also responsible for some clerical duties and essential data entry duties. Therefore, you should at all times display an energetic and enthusiastic attitude to communicate with the customers. Your wages are pegged at $14 per hour maximum. 

Management role: the retail store requires many activities to be supervised, and as the manager, you are in charge of the smooth running of the business under your care. You are also responsible for training, motivating, hiring, and managing the store work schedule. You are required to have previous experience before you can apply for these roles. Aside from your prior job experience, you must have a higher education qualification. As a manager of any QVC store, you can earn as much as $50,000 per annum.

Tips For Applying 

As a job seeker, you can easily apply for employment on the QVC company online job portal. You can start by building your applicant profile and upload your resume. Also, you are expected to answer the entire general employment question on the application page. Also, note that the entire process of filling the online application form is a bit lengthy and can take up to 40 minutes. To make your application as swift as possible, you must gather all your required information before starting the application properly.

Your Application Status

After creating your job applicant profile and you have submitted the necessary information, you should receive a confirmation email stating the role you have applied to. After one or two weeks, successful applicants are scheduled for an interview. If you do not receive any contact from the hiring manager after one or two weeks, you can follow up with the person through an email. If you applied to the position physically at the store, you might want to go and visit the store to learn about your application status.


There are many benefits associated with working at QVC, including competitive wages, savings options, and retirement planning, such as 401(k) plans. Understanding the hiring process at QVC would also help you become closer to getting hired by the organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does QVC do background checks on the candidates?

They only do a background check on you when you have been offered the position.

DO QVC employees get discounts?

There are also free samples for vendors given to the employees, and there is an opportunity for staff discounts on the store items.

How To Get A Job At QVC?

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