How To Get A Job At Nvidia?

How To Get A Job At Nvidia

Getting recruited in a world-class company like Nvidia is not necessarily hard. But the employees should be amongst the best ones. It makes the recruitment process challenging. Let’s know How To Get A Job At Nvidia?

Getting Introduced To Nvidia

Nvidia Corporation, founded in 1993, is located in Santa Clara, California. Its founders are Curtis Priem, Jensen Huang, and Chris Malachowsky. Nvidia mainly focuses on making computer hardware. This multinational technology company designs:

  • System On a Chip Units (SoCs).
  • General Processing Units (GPUs).

The GPUs (invented in 1999) are built to:

  • Lift the gaming experiences.
  • Enhance modern computer graphics.
  • Enhance professionalism.
  • Introduce new parallel programming.

The SOCs are meant for:

  • Automation.
  • Mobile computing.

Getting A Job At Nvidia

The company must be receiving many applications every time. Here’s a typical process.

  • Search And Apply
  • Exploring The Roles

The candidates have to hunt for the roles in line with their interests and skills.

  • Getting Noticed

The candidates have to apply directly through Nvidia’s website or its Linkedin profile. The candidates need to confirm that their resumes align with the roles they are interested in. They can also apply for the top 5 roles matching their backgrounds.

  • Hearing Back

The company will let the candidates know if there’s a match after receiving their information.

  • Time To Meet
  1. Connecting

The candidates will be meeting the hiring manager and the employees from the same group as well as other groups either in person or on phone. The number of interviews will be decided according to the role. However, if there’s a new opportunity or a candidate’s skills and background match with a different role, the candidate may be invited for an interview for that role as well. 

  1. Preparation

Interviews can be conducted in a panel, a small group, or even one-on-one and each interview may last for 30 to 60 minutes. Candidates may have to complete a coding exercise on a whiteboard or a laptop provided by the company.

  1. Tapping The Recruiter

The candidates can now ask for suggestions and clear their doubts. Business casual wear is preferred in Nvidia, but the candidate can wear something comfortable too.

  • Joining
  1. A Wait For The Decision

The recruiting team will get back to the candidate with further steps within a few short weeks.

  1. Reviewing The Offer

On getting selected, the candidate will obtain an offer letter from the recruiter. If a candidate accepts the offer by sending back a signed offer letter, the recruiters will start with the onboarding of the new employee.

  • Finally, the Candidate Is Now A Nvidian

The candidate has to wait for an email regarding the details of the upcoming orientation.

Structure Of The Interviews

In the case of full-time jobs, the candidates will be asked to participate in phone interviews and then an onsite interview. This process may differ a bit amongst the teams according to their requirements.

There will be typically only phone interviews for the interns.

Length Of The Interview Process

Many candidates will come across the decision within some weeks from their first interview. However, the duration depends on various factors. The candidates are advised to share their deadlines or timing concerns freely. It will help the recruiters to expedite it if needed.

Internships At Nvidia

This program is mainly for the students ready to work on real projects with skillful employees in the industry. The internships are available throughout the year and last for at least 12 weeks. The interns will join the Nvidians in events, company meetings, and almost all the aspects of the company’s business. The interns will also be able to attend the intern-only activities and build relationships with the other interns from the company.

New College Graduates In Nvidia

Graduates of all levels are hired. These graduates will have an opportunity to grow professionally, work with various skillful co-workers, and develop leadership roles. They will also work across different disciplines such as chip design, marketing, machine learning, sales, software, deep learning, and architecture.

Procedure For The Referral Candidates

The candidate will have to reach to an employee of Nvidia whom the candidate knows. The candidate will have to ask the employee to refer him/her through the internal job board. Then the candidate will have to wait for an email from the HR of Nvidia inviting him/her to complete the application. HR will contact the candidate if a match is found.

Careers At Nvidia

Various action teams in Nvidia are:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software
  • Companies of any size have to be supported to hold the data science technologies to analyze large amounts of data. These technologies range from TensorFlow to RAPIDS.
  • The employees will have to develop various machine learning systems such as statistical models and recommendation engines.
  • The employees will also have to enhance the data science applications present in various system architectures and operating systems. This enhancement has to be done for building, testing, packaging, and distributing the libraries as well as the SDKs.
  1. AUTO
  • Transportation has to be transformed here.
  • Data collection, testing in the environment of simulation, model training, and deploying self-driving and safe vehicles are required here.
  • It includes the vehicles with Al such as trucks, robotaxis, cars, and shuttles.
  1. Research
  • The skilled researchers have to research for enhancing the use of GPUs in:
  • Robotics.
  • Self-driving cars.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Computer vision.
  • For that, new architectures, circuits, and design methods will have to be developed.
  • The employee will have to collaborate with other teams, present the work at the events and conferences, boost parallel computing, and deep learning solutions.
  1. Ray Tracing
  • Real-time ray tracing has to be combined with traditional graphics techniques.
  • The employee will have to work on hardware, driver software, application-level code, or even an engine to enhance the processing speed and creativity. Thus, the employee has to give his/her best at all levels of the stack.
  1. Gaming
  • The gaming experiences have to be transformed for the television, mobile, and desktop.
  • New opportunities for product marketing, experience testing, User Interface(UI) and User Experience (UX) design, and product design have to be explored. 
  1. Robotics
  • New ways to make the robots work and interact with the human environment have to be developed.
  • For that, the AI systems will have to be designed, prototyped, fabricated, tested, and assembled.
  • The strong abilities of deep learning, Machine Learning, and computer vision should be well utilized.
  1. Graphics
  • This includes the work on core technologies that optimize the graphics. This will be fruitful in changing the lives of filmmakers, game developers, artists, and engineers.
  • On one hand, the employees will help others while on the other hand, they will get helped by the company colleagues to do the same.
  1. Data Center
  • The teams in Nvidia will be working on the DGX technology that provides about 10X better improvements in the Al workload.
  • GPU-defined data centers are too important for supercomputers and AI. They have to be designed, developed, and deployed.
  1. Artificial Intelligence
  • Some projects that can be built using AI are:
  • Building smart cities.
  • Preventing diseases.
  • For that, the important problems of the customers have to be understood. 
  • Then, in-depth analysis and optimization have to be done to solve the customer’s problems, to develop various techniques in deep learning, data analytics, and machine learning.


Nvidia is popular for its integrated circuits. It is amongst the leading companies in the US. So, the responsibility of the recruiters to recruit the deserving candidates also increases. Nvidia hunts for the people who are innovative, collaborative, passionate, and achievement-oriented as they have to handle the world’s most difficult matters related to visual computing. A candidate seeking a job in this company should have an ambition of helping the world more to enjoy the technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where Can People Learn More About Nvidia?


Here is the official website for the US:

Here is the link for news updates:

Here is the blog:

Here is the Applicant Privacy Policy:

  1. Is There A Limit To The Number Of Roles A Candidate Can Apply To?


Officially, there isn’t any limit. But Nvidia recommends the candidates apply for the top 3 to 5 roles that match their experience and interests. Thus, the candidates will get considered for the roles relevant to them.

  1. Do Candidates Need A Degree To Work For Nvidia?


  • Some jobs in Nvidia require a Doctoral or a Master’s degree.
  • Some require a BCS degree or a degree in an associated field.
  • Many types of internships don’t need a degree.
  • Some accept equivalent work experience instead of a degree.
  1. If A Candidate Is Contacted To Interview With Multiple Teams, Will This Affect The Candidate’s Chances OF Getting Hired?


Candidates are allowed to explore various opportunities but the feedback may be shared across the teams in such an event. Thus, Nvidia recommends the candidates focus on the roles they are best suited for.

  1. When Will A Candidate Hear After Getting Selected For An Interview?


In an ideal case, the candidates selected for the next step will hear from their recruiting team within two weeks of their application.

How To Get A Job At Nvidia?

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