How to get a job at National Grid?

How to get a job at National Grid?

National Grid is an electricity and gas multinational company that operates mainly in the United Kingdom and the Northeastern parts of the United States. The company was founded in 1990 and the headquarters was located in London, England, and the UK. With a net worth of £1, 265 million, National Grid is the leading gas and electricity company in England. The biggest reason behind the success of the company is its employees and their belief in standing beyond profit. Let’s know How to get a job at National Grid?

Many people aim to work at National Grid and be a part of the system where people work keeping in mind the future energy needs of the customers. To get a job at National Grid, you need to go through several stages of hiring. In this article, you will need to find out how to get a job at National Grid. 

What does the hiring process at National Grid looks like?

National Grid prefers to hire the best candidate who can work as per the mission of the company. So, the recruiting process is constructed in a way that selects the best of all the applicants. To get a job at National Grid, you have to clear the following steps given: 

Step 1: Application Process: The first step towards getting hired at National Grid is to apply for the job online. You need to follow the basic steps to apply for the job: 

1. Once you open the online career portal of National Grid, you will find the option of whether you want to work in the US or UK. 

2. After selecting the country you want to work in, you will find an option where you can customize your job preference according to location and the work you are looking for.

3. Once you are done selecting the job for you. The last step is to apply for the post, but before that, your need to create an account where you will be entering your email- id, username, and password. Through this account, the recruiters will contact you for further steps. 

Step 2: Recruiting Test ( if needed ): Sometimes, National Grid does conduct a test to check whether the candidate has sound knowledge of different aspects like verbal skills, cognitive ability, or whether they are perfect for the role they are applying for or not. Usually, the duration of the test is around 45 to 60 minutes. It would be preferred to practice the major sections beforehand. Since the test would be time-based so, keep a timer in front of you to check how many questions you can attempt in the period. Once you clear the test, you have to appear for an interview. 

Step 3: Virtual Interviews: Interviews become an essential step when it comes to hiring. These interviews are taken virtually by the recruiters, it can be either a telephonic interview or a zoom meeting conducted by the recruiters. But, the interview is similar to the real ones, you will be asked questions even your dressing sense will matter. Remember to practice for the interview before, so that you don’t get confused while answering the questions. 

But what are the questions asked at the interview?

To clear an interview, you should prepare for the questions which are below: 

Q 1: Tell us about yourself?

Q 2: Explain the things listed on your resume.

Q 3: What are your strengths and weakness?

Q 4: Throw light on your prior experience.

Q 5: What do you know about National Grid?

Q 5: Tell us about a time when you came across an unhappy customer and how you handled the situation?

Step 4: Job Offer: If you clear all of the above steps, then National Grid will offer you a job. You need to sign the offer letter as a procedural step. Then, you are eligible for pre-recruitment testing. 

Step 5: Post Offer or Pre- recruitment testing: Post-offer testing include drug testing, medical testing, and background screening. Once you get a clean chit in this step, then you are eligible to join the company from the next day onwards. 

From applying for the job to getting hired, the whole process takes few weeks wherein you have to complete all these steps. 

Getting a job at National Grid is hard?

National Grid is the largest growing gas and electricity company in the UK. Many people want to join the company because of their functioning, benefits and a good amount of salary. The number of applications National Grid receives every month is huge, so you estimate the amount of competition a candidate has to face. The steps in the hiring process are just to show how complex the whole procedure is going to be. 

But, if you will acquire certain skills, then your chances of getting hired can increase. Such skills are listed below: 

  • Communication Skills
  • Bachelor’s degree or any such equivalent degree
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Problem-Solving skills
  • Must be above 18 years
  • Can adapt to a fast-paced environment


National Grid is an energy company that provides electricity in the US and UK. The company has earned a good reputation through these many years. Many people want to work at National Grid because of the benefits provided by the company. Also, people consider it reputable to work for a company that works with a vision of providing “clean, fair and affordable energy to the future generation.”

It is not very easy to get a job at National Grid, the whole process is long and requires a lot of preparation. The entire process can take few weeks to get completed. So, you must be well prepared and apply for the position that fits your profile. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. 1: Is National Grid a good company to work with?

Ans. 1: One of the leading and famous gas and electricity companies, National Grid is rated 3.9 on the scale of 5 by employees on CareerBliss. So, it is obvious that the company is extremely good and takes care of its employees. All the employees enjoy great benefits along with handsome salaries. 

Ques. 2: What is the minimum qualification you need to get a job at National Grid?

Ans. 2: You should have a bachelor’s degree or above. According to the field for which you are applying, the job requirement might change but the minimum qualification remains the same.

Ques. 3: What does the ability or recruiting test at National Grid look like?

Ans. 3: National Grid conduct an ability test to check the verbal and reasoning of the candidate. The test mainly examines your cognitive skills, verbal ability, and reasoning skills. Sometimes, through a game, your situational strengths and personality tests are conducted. 

How to get a job at National Grid?

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