How to get a job at GameStop?

Working at GameStop

Here we will see how to get a job at GameStop?


Gamestop is a company that sells video games, an electronic instrument for playing computerized games, peripheral devices, assorted knickknacks, and merchandise. This company owns stores, shops and some are based in malls. Gamestop usually keeps the first-class score in computer game retailing. Here, let’s know about Working at GameStop.

From Micromania banners to EB games, it retails all used and new games, including entertainment software, hardware, and other accessories. In the US, Canada, and Australia, it owns 6700 stores. Having 4500 novel items with 3000+ used video games, GameStop generates the sale of all new and old games and software. 

Additionally, GameStop holds many e-commerce websites consisting of a computer game magazine with 72 lakh subscribers.

Working at GameStop brings about good earning without any particular Skill. It would help if you had basic alphabetizing and mathematical and organizational skills. Gamestop is designed to work part-time for students, and others.

The atmosphere is enjoyable, like talking music all day in a record store. All you need to do is to hang out, talk about the video games with the customers, and answering their queries, for instance, giving information on the electric gaming industry, pros, and cons of old games, popular titles of electric devices for video games such as consoles and merchandise.

Step by step guide to get a job at GameStop

Is it possible to earn money in the gaming field? People always want to pursue their passion for establishing a business or applying for a job. As many people love to play computer games, so they apply for jobs at GameStop. 

Due to its vast field, GameStop has different job openings with barely different job applications and interview preparation. This step-by-step guide is only for general purposes. 

Before commencing the steps, I’ve mentioned here the magnitude of the task:

  • For every new job opening at GameStop, more than 200 people submit their CVs.
  • Like other firms, there are significant policies while recruiting newbies, and you must follow them to get an opportunity of being hired. 
  • Better job opportunities will make you resign from GameStop, so you should apply to a new store to work for a long time.

Step 1: Get help from your connections

Gamestop is a national enterprise. If you have connections in the company, it will help

 Your connection withinside the employer allows you to get an interview with them. If not, they would skip your CV to the supervisor in a neighborhood store. Check out your friends’ list on social media and give a call to a few people. Maybe someone helps you getting a job at GameStop. 

An employee’s recommendation would help, specifically in this case where there is plenty of job applications for a single job opening. Suggestions are time-saving because it’s challenging to find the difference between applicants with similar resumes and the same experience.

Step 2: Go at once to the shop, create a connection

If you do not have a great reference to a person at Gamestop, it’s time to make one.

Try to go to the shop regularly, communicate with the employees, make friends, purchase something–purchase lots of things and become a regular customer. Anytime you speak to them, attempt to display your verbal exchange skills, appreciate their hard work. 

As quickly as they don’t forget you a regular, don’t hesitate and convey your resume. They may also assist you to come to be a member of the team, particularly if they prefer you.

Step 3: Online application–do it in a first-rate feasible way

Don’t want to follow the strategy of making connections? You’ve got only one opportunity left. Make an online application containing eye-catching and unique content. Your different job application will make it distinctive from all the other resumes. 

Bear in mind, you have to prepare your application to get a call for an interview including training for behavioral questions, training for a function play, studies about Gamestop, their history, goals, retail stores.

Step 4: Preparing for an interview

If the employer considers your application, they will call you for an interview. Prepare yourself for the following questions and think of their appropriate answer. 

  1. What inspires you to work passionately?

 Think of a unique answer to this question that impresses the interviewer.

  1. How do you deal with a busy day?

 Talk in a way that shows them you passionately handle your busy day. Give an impression that you like walking and talking to people actively; you’re not the kind who stands in the hallway waiting for customers to approach them. 

  1. With what strategy will you handle the customers?

 Tell them your understanding of the customers, their needs and desires, their mentality, etc. Talk about your confidence that you can deal with anyone and not get panicked while approaching the customers.

  1. Why did you apply and choose this company? Why not our rivals? 

Focus on their products, their quality, their brand, their service that satisfies customers, and excellent purchasing experience. In other words, you have to make them feel that they are better than their competitors.

  1. Why should we recruit you and not the other applicants?

 Talk about your strengths or talents that make you distinctive from other persons.

  1. Any conflict in your previous workplace? 

To answer these types of questions, you must not reveal your weaknesses; make sure the answer could not impact the interviewers negatively. Therefore, you must be careful while replying.

Benefits of GameStop

  • Employee discount (bonus pay, yearly bonus included)
  • Health insurance
  • Retirement plan
  • Dental insurance
  • Paid time off (parental leave)
  • Vision insurance
  • Flexible schedule (no strict hours)
  • Others (employee mentoring program)

Why join GameStop?

This common question comes to mind while joining GameStop. Choosing this company has several reasons mentioned below:

  • Strategy: Gamestop has polished its profit policy during the recession. It is the largest store to get used video game products. In this way, the income rose from 23% to 28% in 2021. To maintain this approach, Gamestop keeps targeting hardcore gamers along with the customers who purchase games for the holidays. 
  • Geographic Research: Gamestop has spread across the US, Europe, Canada, and Australia to makes piping and applying effortless. 
  • Financial analysis: The regular customers do not give in buying from Gamestop. In 2012, GameStop earned 42% profit from the new video game and their software. The company faced a minor decline in their new computerized game hardware product from 21% in 2009 to 17% in 2012. Fortunately, the sales decline was not harmful to Gamestop. 
  • Sales and Marketing: Gamestop is designed to look like a vacation spot area for game companies; with the help of its PowerUp Rewards loyalty program (commenced in 2010), it develops links with online gamers. This happens because the company allows the customers to exchange the used video games for future purchases by marketing them. 
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: To expand, GameStop is working on the online game space. In 2011, the company purchased game streaming technology from spawn labs. This change gave access to game enthusiasts to play games online with others. In the same year, Gamestop collaborated with the Impulse subsidiary of a software company. Impulse offers 1100 games for gamers to buy and download games to their devices.
  • Operations: As the company has an extensive geographical reach, its operations have expanded in the US and overseas. With its aggressive growth, the stores are increasing daily ( 88 in Europe, 8 in Canada, and 107 in the US, research from 2010). Raising the store count across the US aided Gamestop in maintaining its net store growth policy. 

Gamestop job careers

Some popular jobs at GameStop are:

  • Store Manager                   17.31 dollars per hour
  • Guest Adviser                     10.27 dollars per hour
  • Retail Manager                   11 dollars per hour
  • Shifting  Leader                  12.88 dollars per hour
  • Order Picker.                       1655 dollars per week
  • Assistant Manager              13.74 dollars per hour
  • Assistant Store Manager      13.65 dollars per hour


Working at GameStop is fun; however, it requires an active body and mind. They are getting a job at GameStop demands connections in the company rather than skills. Gamestop jobs are drafted as part-time jobs with flexible schedules and salary packages. 

  1. Does GameStop have any age restrictions?

Of course, you must be 18 years old to work here.

  1. Will previous gaming experience play any role in the beginning pay rate?

Your job will decide your pay rate or the time of working. Your previous experience doesn’t matter at GameStop. 

  1. Do you get free games as an employee in the store?

Any job above GA level has an opportunity to get at least two games for free per year. However, in some cases, only managers can get free games.

  1. If you were to resign from the company, what should be the reason?

Better job opportunities will be the main reason.

How to get a job at GameStop?

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