How to Get a Job at Edd?

How to Get a Job at Edd

The employment development department (EDD) is a US-based workforce services organization in California. Their primary aim is to connect job seekers to employers via AJCC (America’s Job Center of California). If you are looking to acquire a job at EDD, here are essential tips to get you started. To obtain a job with the employment development department (EDD), you need to create a CalJOBS account. And as well, ensure that you have a comprehensive resume ready for the job applications. Then, How to Get a Job at Edd?

CalJOBS is a program developed by EDD for finding jobs online. The program or system contains a database of employers’ job listings. Individuals seeking employment can search for jobs and submit their applications for the employers to view. You can also find the employment development department listings in the national job central system – alongside job openings from other states. 

The Essential Steps to Getting Started With EDD

To get a job online, you need to go through some vital steps. With these steps, you can secure a job in EDD. As a job seeker, you should extensively consider these steps: 

  • Step 1: Attend training programs to acquire additional knowledge.

Do not underestimate the power of training programs even if you are informed. Your credentials shouldn’t be a yardstick. So, committing to workshops will make you extraordinary in your area of specification or focus. It’s not everything we learned from college. We acquire them from other places and become great in them through the power of workshops. Information is power, and it’s the road map to success. 

  • Step 2: Create a CalJOBS account. 

To start getting access to job listings, you need to create this account. As an online resource platform for job seekers, you can search for jobs and submit resumes to qualify for a job. CalJOBS helps you to do the following: 

  • Create resumes that are viewable to employers. 
  • Search the employment center for job openings. 
  • Find training or educational programs and a lot more. 
  • Step 3: Customize your account and search for jobs. 

Personalizing your CalJOBS account will grant you access to job listings that suit your profile. There is no limitation regarding job searches. And all that you have to do is to continue searching for jobs through the program. You are eligible to search as much as you can.

  • Step 4: Create different resumes including cover letters.

Creating different resumes will help you succeed in landing a job. Every resume should be created based on specific jobs. Don’t forget to include some vital information such as work history, work experience, and contact details. Besides, you should not skip the contact information – because it’s the fastest means to get in touch with you. Let your resume be up to standard. This way, you can confidently send your application to the employer. Additionally, the resume you’re submitting should be within your area of focus. 

  • Step 5: Your resumes should be viewable.

After preparing your resumes, you should ensure that the resumes are viewable to potential or specific employers. With that, you have the chance of getting employed.

  • Step 6: Find out more about the employer and the market of the Job. 

Those applying for jobs randomly are likely not to get employed. To become successful in landing a job, you should know more about the employer and the job market.

  • Step 7: Set up an alarm to get you updated with job openings. 

Setting up an alert will help you know about new job openings asap. 

  • Step 8: Enquire to know more about unemployment insurance.

As a job seeker, it’s necessary to know more about unemployment insurance. In case of necessity, you may as well benefit from this sort of insurance. Moreover, you need to more about EDD’s other values.

The EDD Primary Aim And Objectives

The primary aim and objective of EDD are to offer a wide variety of extensive services at no cost. Their program or services are designed to benefit those seeking jobs. These individuals include laid-off workers, youth, veterans, workers looking for good opportunities, and people with disabilities. 

The EDD makes provision of the following to individuals seeking to obtain a job: 

  • Job search and resumes. 
  • Workshop or training programs. 
  • Job fair and referral programs and many more. 

Essential Job Finding Tools For Job Seekers 

There are toolboxes made available for job seekers which aim at providing tools and resources for California’s job seekers. The tools help in job search, career research, and training demands.

  1. AJCC (America’s Job Center of California)

America’s Job Center of California makes provision of no-cost services, tools, and resources for those seeking to get employed. Majority of the AJCC locations offers: 

  • An assigned staff member whose duty is to help individuals to get a job. They do this by assessing their skills, developing each person’s employment plan, as well as career planning, and so on. 
  • Workshop for finding jobs, developing resumes and cover, finding and applying for job openings, alongside mock interviews. 
  • Labor market employment and workforce at the local, state, and regional level for identifying the occupations that are in .demands. 
  • Access to work experience opportunities, education, and training. 
  1. CalJOBS SM

This is a virtual program that offers job seekers access to tens of thousands of job listings and tools to help you manage your career. CalJOBS comes with a whole lot of benefits. They include: 

  • Can create and submit different versions of your resume sent to a particular job or career path. 
  • Can receive an automated alert on the job openings through a feature called “Virtual Recruiter”. 
  • Can receive new job openings notification via email or text messages. 
  • Can also view recent activities such as workshops, and location-based job fairs. 
  • Can use a template to chat with employers in the Message Center. 
  • Can obtain access to all computers, tablets, and smartphones. 
  • Can download and use the mobile app. 

5 Valuable Tools For Career Exploration

If you are interested in exploring your career path, these five tools are made available to help you explore your pursuit. 

  1. California Occupational Guides – This tool is a guide containing organized resources that aim at helping people make their career decisions. Each guide comprises both local and statewide information. The information included in the guide is about training, current wages, job client, skills requirements, and everyday undertakings. 

  2. mySkills myFuturemySkills myFuture is a tool that assists laid-off workers, and other people seeking employment to explore new jobs, discovering jobs with skills and experience relating to their previous or current jobs. The tool also helps in job matches, learning about local training programs, and as well as applying for jobs. 

  3. Military Occupation Code – The Military Occupation Code works alongside Standard Occupational Classification Crosswalk. This tool assists returning servicemen and women to discover a civilian job that contains similar skills requirements. 

  4. My Next Move – Wondering what My Next Move Does? This tool is an interactive tool for those seeking jobs. It’s also made available for students. The aim is to help both parties to learn and know more about their career choices. On their webpage, you can find skills, tasks, information on salary, and more information for over 900 varied jobs. 

  5. California Career Resource Network – The CCRN (California Career Resource Network) is a tool that helps those who are interested in improving and exploring career self-management skills. They provide the needs to succeed in today’s world of labor.

Additionally, you can consider the California Department of Industrial Relations. This one is a tool that gives job seekers the privilege to search for apprenticeship programs by individual job and country. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take a job listing to remain on the platform?
    The time a job listing remaining on the platform is defined/determined by the job poster or employer. The listing can no longer become available if the position has expired, been filled, or even removed from the program. 

  • Does edd secure my information?
    Yes, the employment development department does ensure that every potentially sensitive information is secured. They have installed a strong encryption program and firewall technology into CalJOBS as well as other necessary security measures. 

  • Can I report a CalJOBS system problem?
    Yes, indeed. You have the right to report any problem you find in the CalJOBS system. So, if you experience any problem with the system, call the CalJOBS Customer Support Desk at 1-800-758-0398. There are available from Monday through Friday between 8 am – 5 pm. 


This article will guide you through obtaining a job with the employment development department (EDD). All you need is to ensure that you follow the guides. However, you know how tough it may be to get a job online, but maintaining consistency and self-improvement will help you succeed. 

How to Get a Job at Edd?

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