How to Become an NFL Scout?

How to Become an NFL Scout?

Football as a game has developed a lot over the past centuries. The way it is played, the rules, several players have changed a lot, to become what we know today as modern football. It is an ancient game and is easy to understand, thus today it is globally acknowledged and played by competing among teams. These matches can occur between two countries or two states within a country. But the game has been able to create a considerable impact on young minds who now wish to become a footballer.

Today playing football can also be considered a career and even you can choose it. Football has a lot of careers under it but the most prominent ones are team players, referees, goalkeepers, trainers, NFL scouts. Today we will be focusing on the NFL scout and what their job means and how you can become an NFL scout. They work for the National Football League to find young talent who have excellent skills in Football. These students are taken to play the National Football League with the actual football team of the country. Let’s start by understanding the basic job of an NFL scout. 

NFL Scout

The full form of NFL scouts is the National Football League. Scout whose main function is to find young budding talents in football that can be improved by practice and training. Every high school has an NFL scout today as the sport has increased a lot. Still, a lot of high school students get constantly recruited to play with the national team.

NFL scouts can be considered the main recruiting agent who observes you at a personal level to understand what you are like and how you deal with things. Playing for the national team is quite hard and it needs a lot of resilience and power. When an NFL scout can locate this in their students or the high school students, then there’s no going back.

NFL scouts decide whether a student is worth it or not. They constantly observe them through their matches and note down points about the players such as where they need improvement or they are playing quite well.

An NFL scout is not part of a school system and doesn’t work as a school coach to find new players. They are hired by the National Football League, to find potential footballers whose hidden talents can be used on the football field. These NFL scouts help the child who is already keen on football to get a job at the National Football League.

An NFL scout also needs to visit a lot of games and search extensively to find that one budding talent that can change the game completely. They need to visit many games during the Spring and Fall season when most football games are played. They also need to write down the positive points and negative points, of every player to understand their skills at a deeper level.

They also try to study various forms of statistics to determine an athlete’s performance. Once they find the right fit for the job, they can take the risk to get this athlete on the field then they need to discuss the various incentives and damages associated with the game. These are some of the prominent duties that an NFL scout performs to hire a potential athlete.

Becoming an NFL scout can be hard sometimes, but you can become one if you have enough motivation to get through the process with ease. In this article, we will try to understand who you can become a successful NFL scout. 

What do you need to become an NFL scout?

Becoming an NFL scout can be quite challenging and hard as it requires a lot of practice and positivity to get through the process of becoming a successful NFL scout. You need to be mentally strong and physically fit with agility to become an NFL scout. These factors determine whether you can become an NFL scout or not. There’s a lot that you need to overcome and accomplish to finally become an NFL scout.

Becoming an NFL scout not only requires a lot of hard skills like playing football, targeting the ball, good physic and speed perception, making a goal, etc. All these are hard skills. But there are another set of soft skills that an NFL scout needs to possess but they are hard to determine and develop.

People are born with different characteristics and talents and if you belong to the field of football and wish to make a career out of it, then you can focus on becoming a coach, an athlete, a footballer, a referee, or an NFL scout. It mostly depends on your talent and the time you give yourself too to develop that talent. Not everyone can be good at everything and thus you must understand your strengths and weaknesses. This exercise will help you understand what type of job you should go for, whether you want to become a footballer, a trainer, or an NFL coach.

After you have decided that you want to become an NFL scout, there are certain soft skills you need to develop to become a successful NFL scout. 

Various skills needed to become an NFL scout

Vast Knowledge

Every profession needs some amount of knowledge related to the job and it’s important to have it as it determines our position in that particular field. When you want to become an NFL scout you need to be prepared enough to excel at this profession. Having vast knowledge is a type of soft skill and you need to have it as it will help you interact with others in your profession, strike a conversation, and engage effectively with others and the athletes.

You need to know the ins and outs of football including its history, current news, famous footballers, coaches, etc. Such knowledge is really important as it keeps you in touch with the profession. You also need to be a good football player who understands the basic rules and regulations of football.

A football player is not expected to have a lot of knowledge, about the different player positions and rules regarding each player. But as a scout, you need to know all the player positions and how they are supposed to play and follow rules. This is an important part of the scout’s knowledge as you are responsible for finding and selecting players, athletes to play for the National Football League.

Eye for Talent

Being an NFL scout, you need to be good at perceiving talent that isn’t quite visible to the natural eye. Many times when a player performs well in a field and makes the most amount of goals without buying or hiring anyone. For the observers, everyone might be the perfect player who needs to be hired, but as an NFL scout, you should know who the correct player is.

Many times we have seen scouts choose players who have no significance in the team performance but are still valuable. Such people do have certain talents which they don’t prefer to boost instead they keep their talents to themselves and showcase them during the matches which only an NFL coach can understand and figure out. This paper lies in your hand and to learn this you need to first start operating your surroundings and start learning things, that are vague but interest you.

Don’t follow the crowd and do what everyone is doing instead create your path. This will help you develop an eye for talent because you know something different than others.

Many times we have seen experts and professionals who praise and work with someone who isn’t quite experienced or appreciated by others. All these experts have an eye for talent that helps them discover the best among the crowd that needs a little bit of polishing and practice to shine bright.


Patience is a power that is gifted to a few individuals only. It’s an important power but only a few have complete access to it. Deciding in haste wouldn’t benefit you as an NFL scout because you need to observe the match to make the correct decision. Selecting an athlete is a different job but observing the field and the way the athlete is playing is a completely different experience.

Observation is a mental process that needs a lot of thinking to derive a conclusion. Taking this tentative decision in haste would be a sign of foolishness. You need to spend long hours on the field observing how people play, how they behave with their team, who leads the team, who is leading the game, etc. To observe all these things you need time and patience which can only be learned if you learn the importance of patience.

As an NFL scout, you might not find the perfect athlete to recommend to the National Football League in a single match. You might need to spend long hours on a match without actually recommending someone from the match to the National Football League. You also need the patience to visit different places and observe matches there. 

Ability to Present Yourself

The ability can be seen, when you have decided on an athlete, and you feel that they are competent enough to recommend to the  National Football League. To do this you need to be good at presenting yourself in front of others and convincing them why you selected them or why they should join the National Football League. When an athlete asks you why they should join the League and, you don’t have any answers for them, then why would they believe you?

Thus you need to be good at presenting as it helps you convince others. Even if you select the most perfect athlete for the league but aren’t able to convince them then, what is the benefit of your eye for talent if you cannot convince them. You need to dress well and seem presentable in front of others. 

Communication Skills

Communication is an important skill that everyone needs to possess whether you want to become an NFL scout or not. The world works by conversing with others and understanding others, which is supported by the very act of communication. Thus having communication skills is important. As an NFL scout, you need to possess this skill as it will help you connect with athletes and coaches better.

When you communicate you learn new things about these and this can help you make a better decision that is made considering all other factors as well. You need to learn ways to communicate with others and keep the conversation going. Another thing they need to work on is their listening skills.

Communication skill is made up of two different skills:

  • Speaking skills
  • Listening skills

Developing both of them is necessary to understand others. Learning listening skills is important because it helps us understand others’ points of view which will help you make a holistic decision.

Administration and Time Management

As an NFL scout, you need to be good at managing time and administration as this will help you carry out tasks in a timely and proper manner. You constantly need to be on the move and wouldn’t normally get time for your activities. As you need to travel again and again you need to make a strict timetable about your day and what you will do throughout the day.

You also need to write down notes regarding the things you have observed and then present a detailed report about the same. Thus you need to manage your time and administration to carry out your task effectively. You also need to be bound to the organization’s time and present your report on time. This time management is an important skill you need to learn.

Administrative management means looking after the operations of the organization and how it is working. As an NFL scout, you need to manage the information of an organization. 

These are the different types of skills you need to develop or are important to become an NFL scout. Developing them is important because they are the reason that can lead to your success. You need to start practicing these skills and developing them day by day to become an NFL scout.

How to become an NFL Scout?

Once you decide that your main goal is to become an NFL scout, then you can carry it out by developing your knowledge in this field by the use of various courses and degrees available for you. These degrees, courses, and practical training sessions are what will boost your confidence and help you learn what the job of an NFL scout is and how you can become one.

There are certain steps you can follow to develop your knowledge and make yourself known in the football world to get the job. These steps are listed in an easy and readable manner on paper but some implementations are hard and subjective and, thus the whole success rate of the work completely depends on your effort. 

Steps you can follow

Get a relevant bachelor’s degree

To get into any study in today’s age, you need a bachelor’s degree in that field to get an edge over others. Thus if you want to become an NFL scout and, are determined towards this vision, then you need to get a relevant bachelor’s degree that is related to the field of football. Many people who have become famous scouts possess a Degree in Business Management, Sports, Sports Management, and Sales and Marketing, etc. These degrees will help you learn a lot about the sport and how you can market it or use it to attract new athletes. You can even pursue a Master’s Degree in the following fields if you don’t have a Bachelor’s Degree in them. Even if you don’t wish to get a degree in these fields it’s completely fine because sometimes your knowledge and experience speak louder than any degree or course.

Take an NFL scouting course

Degrees can sometimes be very time-consuming which can cause apathy towards them. Many people wouldn’t see any benefits in getting a degree as it would lead to filling the college’s pocket and two to three continuous years of struggle. In such a case you can try and take an NFL scouting course. These courses help you gain the knowledge base and experience which you need to become a full-time NFL scout.

These courses are approved and offered by the Sports Management Worldwide and The Scouting Academy who focus on providing a way for people who are interested in pursuing this career. One important advantage of these courses is the interaction and knowledge you get during the course. 

The course offered by The Scouting Academy is a 16-week course for all those who wish to learn and pursue NFL scouting as a career. They have designed the course in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with your everyday tasks.

This is because the course is an online course and here you get taught by 32 different well-known scouts and professionals in the football industry on a one-to-one basis. The cost of the course is $950 and this can be paid in installments as well. They have a total of 4 semesters and you can apply in whichever semester fits you.


Networking is an important skill that you need to develop, to make the best out of the career you have chosen. If you don’t meet new people and learn new things from them, then what’s the point of learning a particular subject if you don’t wish to expand the knowledge within you? It’s a complete waste of energy and time if you don’t feel that networking and gaining more information about the career you chose isn’t important.

The course you chose to learn NFL scout are stepping stones to start your journey and interact with the world around you. You can join events and meetings to increase your network base and this will help you get where you want to go.

Make your resume

When you are just starting, making a resume can help you get a headstart for the journey ahead. A simple way you can show your expertise professionally in this modern world is by using the power of a resume. Start filling your resume with every relevant information about you that you feel is important and will attract the other person.

 In your resume, you can describe your

  • Achievements
  • Courses
  • Plans
  • Networks, etc.

 After you have created a resume or a draft that describes you very well, then you can send it to different potential people all around the world who you feel are important to you and would understand your expertise. After you have created a list of your skills and achievements, you can send them to people who are professionals or to organizations where you wish to work.

One thing you need to keep in mind is, you need to stress out on your resume or portfolio that you want to work as a scout only. Your whole life you have aspired to become a scout and if you are hired for a different position that you don’t like then it will lead to negative effects both on yourself and the organization.

These are certain tactics that can be used to progress your journey of becoming a successful scout. Every time you work towards something that you truly aspire to become then the dream has more chances of changing into reality. Half-hearted efforts will only give you half-hearted results. You need to have a lot of commitment inside you to make it a reality.


Any profession you choose will require you to work hard be it dancing, singing, etc. Every profession requires practice and nothing can be achieved through an easy pathway. Becoming an NFL scout is quite hard and needs a lot of experience and practice but you need to understand that when you practice you increase your knowledge in that field and this knowledge could help you someday. Thus your main focus should be learning new things and becoming who you want to become. 

How to Become an NFL Scout?

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