How to Become a Surveyor?


Surveyors play a key part in the development, construction, and definition of properties and environmental sites. They receive specialized education from reputable higher institutions to be able to work in their field, and they typically rely on a range of skills to do so. Let us know more about How to Become a Surveyor in this article!

How to Become a Surveyor?

How to Become a Surveyor?

To become a surveyor, one needs to have a bachelor’s degree, and professional experience, participate in the FS and PS exams and receive a license. Also, to become a notable surveyor there is a need to have skills in written communication, analytical thinking, and problem-solving abilities to operate the equipment.

The Role of a Surveyor

Surveyors play an important role in many companies, including measuring distances and angles between points above, below, and on the ground, traveling to various destinations, identifying prominent land features, researching land and survey records, land titles, and property and boundary lines, preparing reports, maps, and diagrams, and presenting them to government agencies and other customers.

Surveyors are employed to play a variety of crucial roles for their employers, including:

  • Calculating the distance and angles between points on the land’s surface, above, and below the surface
  • Using known reference points to pinpoint the precise location of important land features across a range of sites and locations
  • They search through land and survey records and land titles to find out where property and land boundary lines are.
  • They then prepare reports, maps, and plots, and present them to government agencies, construction companies, and other clients.
  • They establish official boundaries for land and water for legal documents such as leases and deeds.

Types of Survey Work

Survey work comes in varieties and such varieties make it unique. The type of survey work available is Land Surveying, Engineering, and construction surveying, Forensic surveying, Mine surveying, Marine and hydrographic surveying, and Geodetic surveying.

The Requirement to become a Blacksmith

Becoming a surveyor has a lot of requirements to meet to be eligible. Below are the steps to take to become a surveyor;

Attain a Bachelor’s degree 

Bachelor’s degree is typically the route to becoming a surveyor, provided that one has the appropriate technical equipment and mathematics expertise. After graduating from college, one is needed to obtain an ABET-accredited program to be eligible for licensing. 

Many ABET-accredited institutions worldwide offer bachelor’s degree programs in surveying, and most of the classes usually cover subjects such as physics, geography, geology, cartography, and surveying methods.

Participate in the FS Test

Surveying is a profession that requires knowledge, problem-solving, and practical experience. A bachelor’s degree can give one a head start, but to become a land surveyor, one must first pass the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) exam. It is the first of the three license exams and is designed to ensure that one has the required knowledge and experience to become a surveyor-in-training. While one gains experience on the job, a licensed surveyor can help to supervise and guide.

Obtain Professional Expertise

Before seeking to get a surveyor license, one must gain practical experience working under the supervision of a surveyor and build up his or her work history. The number of years of professional experience required may vary from state to state. In addition, one may not be qualified to sign off on surveying documents until he or she has obtained his or her surveyor license, as is the case in many states.

Complete the PS Exam and Pass it.

To be fully licensed, one must obtain his or her state licensure through the NCEES, and the PS exam is the second licensing requirement. In addition, one must have at least four years of experience working with a licensed surveyor before he or she can sit for the exam.

Get a Surveyor’s License

Surveyors must be nationally licensed before taking their state’s exam. To be a professional surveyor, one must first earn both FS and PS certifications. It may be necessary to work under a licensed surveyor for some time before taking the state exam, depending on one state’s requirements.

Skills Surveyor Develop

Throughout the educational training, every eligible surveyor develops excellent technical skills and abilities since they do their job with highly specialized equipment including robotic measurement instruments, theodolites, GPS, ground-penetrating radar equipment, and other technical equipment.

Also, having good technical skills, surveyors usually use written communication, analytical thinking, and problem-solving abilities to operate their equipment, choose measurement sites, and present information and results.

It is recognized that strong teamwork and collaboration skills are essential for success in the position of a surveyor because of the collaboration with engineers, site managers, and other professionals.

The Work Environment of a Surveyor

The majority of Surveyors often work both in the office and in the field. It depends on their job requirements that determine the placement of their operation. The typical office tasks of a surveyor are about documenting survey data, gathering data, and creating reports and other documentation. In the field session, surveyors usually spend a lot of time outside taking measurements, establishing boundaries, and performing other chores.

Surveyors also spend most of their time traveling from one site to another. It is also on record that some professions of surveying require long-distance travel (stays away from home). While the majority of surveyors work full-time hours, some of the surveyors who are specialized work longer or unconventional hours to finish their tasks.


As a licensed surveyor, you may advance to leadership roles with the firm or organization you work for. Having a bachelor’s degree in surveying or a related field can help with getting a master’s degree. Becoming a surveyor requires one to attain a degree, take the FS and PS exams, obtain a surveyor license and gaining experience.

  • What is the first thing to obtain before a surveyor?

A Bachelor’s degree

  • What are the exams to take and pass to become a surveyor?

FS and PS Exams

  • What is the essential equipment of a surveyor?

Robotic measurement instruments, theodolites, GPS, and ground-penetrating radar equipment

  • What are the skills needed as a surveyor?

Written communication, analytical thinking, and problem-solving abilities

How to Become a Surveyor?

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