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Home-Goods Careers


Home-goods is a home-decorating supermarket store based in Framing ham, Massachusetts. The store began as a modest business in 1992 and has since expanded to several outlets across the United States. TJX industry owns Home-goods, which is a sister company of T.J. Maxx. Home-goods sells furnishings, bedding, culinary supplies, artwork, as well as other housewares. Maxx, Sierra Trading Post, and Marshalls are three of the most popular stores in the area. The capacity of each retailer depends on the area. Here, we’ll discuss Home-Goods Careers.

In the United States, some stores contain either Home-goods or T.J. Maxx. In one location, you can find Maxx or Marshalls branded products. They have a large inventory of furnishings, including full-title furnishings, carpets, picture frames, as well as other interior design items. Everything at Home-goods is reasonably priced, including bedding. Home-Goods’ prices are 20 to 60 percent cheaper than some other stores since their shoppers are continually on the lookout for better things. Their customers reap the benefits of reservations at retail or specialized stores, supplier surpluses, or vendors looking to clear off inventory. Seller of low-cost household goods Home-goods is a member of one of the largest department store systems, with over 450 locations and plenty of job possibilities. The enormous shop designs necessitate hundreds of employees at every site, who constantly hire new employees.


Over the year, Home-Goods’ group of professional seekers explore the world with the most intriguing, stylish items from famous companies, architects, and craftspeople – all while providing outstanding benefits to clients. This is more than a responsibility to build at Home-goods. It’s more of a voyage. Hardly anything compares to the thrill of receiving an outstanding experience.  Be a member of the Home-goods team and make human lives wonderful. Participate in the Home-goods team by hiring an employee immediately.

Interior design, wall hangings, dinnerware, formal dining room, furniture, bathroom, children, annual, outdoor, veterinary, and storeroom items are among the things purchased at home-goods retail. Such items are offered at shops with an aggregate floor space of 26,000 sq ft. Home-goods also provides several benefits and perks for its employees. Worker perks at Home-goods largely depend upon the job description and organizational tenure, but they all seek to enhance colleagues’ well-being and employee productivity. Worker incentives are indeed available at Home Goods locations for several workers. Choose between a career in retail, transportation management, or corporations. Workers need to apply for an available position and begin their home-goods career.

Home-Goods Job Opportunities

Home-goods, a part of TJX Enterprises, provides a diverse selection of products at low prices. The majority of retailers have over 20,000 square feet of floor, with broader, composite buildings containing additional TJX retailers that operate alongside the brand, typically in the very same shopping centers. The company has urgent development projects and aims to almost double growth within the next ten years. Applicants should have no trouble finding a job with a company that offers reasonable wages, the potential for career advancement, and comprehensive compensation packages.

Home goods, as with most retail stores, require entry-level positions such as receptionists, sales representatives, and warehouse associates regularly. Having a college education or GED equivalence, the positions usually have no official prerequisites. Candidates with armed forces or higher education credentials frequently take advantage of a company’s participation in specialized training programs that focus on people with certain expertise or qualifications. Applicants with an upbeat and optimistic mindset, a championship, leadership skills, and outstanding communication skills are desired. Positions available are:

  • Cashier
  • Sales Associate
  • Merchandise Associate
  • Department Supervisor
  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Store Manager 

Jobs and Salary

Full-time and part-time people are employed. The majority of the recruitment that takes place daily is only for entry-level, part-time roles. Candidates for managerial positions must have prior knowledge of business or even work as a manager in merchant service. A regular potential employee will come across the aforementioned openings:

  1. Associate in Sales – Sales representative employment, which is accessible full-time or part-time, typically places new employees in part-time positions, to begin with, and includes regular merchandise customer support duties. At home-goods stores, selling employees can perform financial, selling, and marketing duties. People who work promptly, love working in a professional atmosphere, and have a positive mindset are ideal candidates for this position. Substantial hard work, such as crouching, kneeling, raising, dragging, and forcing, is required for the role to perform retailing activities. Workers are frequently required to work overnight, on Saturdays and Sundays, and on holidays.
  2. Administration – Qualified and determined professionals may be interested in management positions that are accessible. To meet greater responsibility and attract and retain customers, the company needs to employ workers with prior expertise. Supervisors are also in charge of training, recruiting, and marketing. The retail shop management team is responsible for purchasing merchandise and providing pricing information to the organization’s corporate headquarters. Regional sales supervisor and branch manager jobs are available. Regional sales management is mainly concerned with full-time or part-time, with working hours ranging from 20 to 35 hours per week. Store employees are frequently capable of filling 40-hour working hours. Supervisors can expect to earn approximately $40,000 per year on average, while store employees can expect to earn nearly $60,000.
  3. Service Desk Associate – They are responsible for providing a positive user experience by engaging and communicating with all clients, emulating customer experience ideas and mindsets, and keeping the workplace neat and clear.
  4. Products Associate – Includes all the physical regulations and policies. You will handle and organize merchandise for the cash register. Over the day, you will start and engage in retail restoration as requested. You are responsible for keeping the selling place clean.
  5. Engagement Coordinator – As a front-line supervisor, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that retail activities are carried out by your team. You will guarantee that all individual and collective users appreciate quick, professional, and skilled support throughout all moments and that any customer support conflicts are discussed promptly and professionally.

Home-Goods Facts

  • Almost every day, we offer great benefits on the ever shortlisting of interesting market leaders and residential styles from all over the global economy, at price levels that are typically 20 percent-60 percent lower than comprehensive stores’ standard rates on roughly equivalent products.

  • Home-goods is a discount store. Trademarks, style, cost, and reliability are all factors that we consider when determining worth. We wouldn’t offer coupons, specials, freebies, or even other theatrics as retail companies offer – simply great stuff at great prices each day.

  • Across the year, our purchasers are on the lookout for the coolest branded products and beautifully designed home furniture collections for each and every part of the room, which includes a dining room and kitchen utensils, accent appliances, illumination, cushions, soft furnishings, and pillowcases, wallpaper, bed sheets and shower, babies’ ambiance and gadgets, power generation, animals, and different seasons of interior design.

  • We purchase from a wide range of merchants, comprising major designers and brands as well as international craftsmen. We also have a few items made specifically for everyone in order to provide you with excellent design and bedroom furniture at a reasonable price. Our purchasers select a wide range of colors, patterns, textures, and substances, ensuring that you have plenty of options.

  • Our customers are shrewd and enterprising. As a result, whenever a manufacturer launches a new design or other retailers buy something unnecessary, we rush in, secure the best price, and pass the cost on to you.

  • Our company offers new national brand household furnishings shipping many days per week, with every shipment including hundreds of pieces, unlike the other sorts of stores who purchase occasionally. Our continuously shifting collections provide our consumers with a “golden hunting” purchasing experience


  • Age: Working at Home-goods needs a minimum age of 16 years.
  • Hours of Operation: Home-goods is open Monday through Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., and Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • Qualifications: Candidates holding high school diplomas or GED equivalents.

How to Apply

Candidates have the option of filling out employment applications by hand or online. Applicants can check for different positions at particular locations using either technique. Employees can also apply for many opportunities at the same time. Candidates with a broad range of skills in retail chains may be given special consideration during the recruitment process. Expertise in the retail market may give you an edge in the job market, but Home-goods frequently recruits unskilled applicants to fill entry-level positions. Applicants of all professions benefit from displaying likability and driven personalities.

  1. Visit TJX’s career portal, which is Home-goods’ parent business.
  2. At the top of the website, choose Corporations, Retail, or Transportation & Operations.
  3. A squeeze window will appear. Proceed by clicking “Enter.”
  4. Go down to see all the job opportunities and the search button.
  5. Using the search button, you can personalize your hiring process. To search for job postings that aren’t at any home-goods shops, type “Home-goods” into the search field and click “Filtration system.”
  6. Click on any job position in the job list to view the job requirements. If you wish to apply for a position, go to the job title button and select “Join now.”

Application Form

TJX’s employment registration form is four pages in length. To begin, submit your surname as well as your contact details. Then, by ticking the appropriate boxes, you will have to answer a set of questions about your time at TJX. Then, identify the job title you’re applying for, as well as the hours and days you’ll be eligible to work. The next page is dedicated to your professional experience. Make a list of four of your most current workplaces and submit the necessary information for each one of them. Then respond to the security code. On the third page, you’ll find areas concerning your educational background, as well as your talents and certifications.

Just provide the names and addresses of various professional references when you’ve completed the data. Read the response attentively on the very last page, then enter the date and sign the paper. You can now hand it over to the administration of your local Home Goods shop. If you are certain that you want to operate a house-goods store, you should apply for a job at the store by visiting a home-goods shop near your place. You should seek out a supervisor at the shop and respectfully request a brief discussion regarding available jobs. Then you might explain that you’re here to search for a position. You will be informed and guided by the supervisor.

Hiring Process

  • The training procedure will begin once you have been recruited. There are videos to help you get started. 
  • The videos take about 4 hours to view all the way through. The movies include topics such as security, Home-Goods rules, and also how to carry large objects without injuring your spine. 
  • Then you’ll spend three hours shadowing a previously hired Home Goods worker in a position similar to yours. In altogether, the training will take 5-7 hours.
  • You’ll be pleased to find that Home-goods provides paid training, so you’ll get compensated for each of these hours. You’d also like to know that there are a bunch of refreshments in a Home Goods shop’s cafeteria.

Benefits of Working at Home-goods

  • Paid training, career growth potential, and access to raises and competitive salary options make Home-goods an ideal place for employment. 
  • Associates also enjoy access to work benefits packages consisting of paid time off, medical, dental, and vision plans, life insurance options, 401(k) retirement plans, adoption assistance, store discounts, and leaves of absence. Careers as part of the TJX corporate team offer even further job benefits, like commuter reimbursement, onsite fitness centers, and tuition assistance. Employee benefits packages vary by store and position.

Home-Goods Charity

Home-goods, which is owned by TJX and operates in the US, Canada, and Europe, gives grants to NGOs that help “defenseless families and communities obtain access to the information and possibilities they will need to create a better society.” The company accomplishes this by donating to four significant social geographical regions: meeting crucial basic needs for parents and children who are trying to maintain them, supplying development and skills for at-risk young people to achieve their desired possibilities, funding research, and treatment for life-threatening diseases, trying to prevent domestic abuse and delivering survivors with safe places and the tools to report it.

Home-Goods Careers- Job Opportunities

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