Gander Mountain Careers- Full History


Gander Mountain, also known as Gander Outdoors Inc., is an American-based sports retail chain store headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, United States. The company founded by Wilmot, Wisconsin, United States, 61 years ago in 1960, has now opened across the USA with more than 160 stores. Today’s topic- Gander Mountain Careers.

It manufactures and sells the products like Apparel equipment and accessories like hunting, tracking, fishing, camping, outdoor sports, and many more. The current CEO of the company is Marcus Lemonis, with 5,606 employees (2,325 full-time employees). {2009} 

According to a 2016 report, Gander Mountain made revenue of US$ 1.32 billion. 

The net income of the company was recorded at US$15.5 million (2008). 

The total assets of Gander Mountain were recorded at US$ 613.1 million (2008).

 The equity of Gander Mountain was recorded at US$ 178.9 million (2008). 

History timeline

In 1960: Wilmot, Wisconsin of United States, founded Gander Mountain around 61 years ago.

Bob Sturgis was the person who founded Gander Mountain as a supplier of shooting equipment.

In 1968: The sale of firearms got prohibited through mail-order or catalog businesses by congress. 

In 1970: Gander Mountain meet with Burger Brothers.

In 1984: Gander Mountain went public after Ralph Freitag bought it. 

In 1987: Gander Mountain started to open retail stores. 

In 1995: All the five stores of Burger brothers were bought by Holiday Companies. Gander Mountain sold some of its catalog assets to Cabela’s, Inc.

In 1996: Holiday Companies bought chapter 11 and chapter 12 files of 17 stores of the company. 

In 1997: The three retail chain companies, Gander Mountain, Inc., Holiday Sports, and Burger Brother’s, created Gander Mountain. 

In 2004: The Company goes public.

In 2007: Gander Mountain got the right to use trademarks in catalogs and online.

Gander Mountain Mission

The company provides outdoor enthusiasts with regional products at relevant prices.  

Gander Mountain Vision 

Their vision is simple.  We will be your hometown outfitter – offering the best gear for all your outdoor needs at the best value.

  • Gander Mountain Rankings
  • Gander Mountain ranked #16 in Minnesota for the Best Retail Companies to Work For
  • Gander Mountain ranked #12 in Saint Paul, MN, for the Best Companies to Work For 
  • Gander Mountain ranked #1 in Saint Paul, MN, for the  Best Retail Companies to Work For 
  • The company ranked #68 for the  Biggest Companies in Minnesota
  • Gander Mountain ranked #7 for the Biggest Companies in Saint Paul, MN.

A career at Gander Mountain

 Let us see some facts about Gander Mountain, like Jobs requirements and career information. 

Gander Mountain is an American-based retail chain for outdoor recreation stores.

 An outdoor recreation chain store operates in the United States with over 100 stores, so it wants enthusiastic, multi-talented, and customer-oriented employees.  It provides both full-time and part-time job opportunities.  A part-time job at Gander Mountain could be the best option for job seekers to earn and start careers. The retail company frequently hires new associates for better functioning. 

The minimum age limit to get a job at Gander Mountain

If you want to work at Gander Mountain, the minimum age should be 16 years.

A working hour at Gander Mountain

Gander Mountain associates almost have to work for 12 hours apart from weekends.

Mon-Sat: 9:00am to 9:00pm

 Sun: 10:00pm to 6:00pm

How much time does it take to get hired at Gander Mountain?

It takes around one to two weeks at maximum to select a candidate as their employee.

Drug Test at Gander Mountain

Yes, the applicants of Gander Mountain go through the drug test during the hiring process.  Job positions at Gander Mountain like archery tech, managerial, and other legally ramified jobs require drug screening. 

Requirement (Gander Mountain employees should have)

  • They must be optimistic and self-motivated. 
  • Good communicator
  • Multi-talented and Teamwork spirit 
  • Knowledge about outdoor sports
  • Must have interest in areas including gaming, campaign, hiking, etc.
  • Flexible and Passionate about their work.
  • Must have integrity and friendly nature. 
  • Must have physical stamina 

Available Positions at Gander Mountain

There is various job position where you can apply according to your desire. Let us see the job positions available at Gander Mountain.

They are: 

Customer Services Associate, Store Manager, Assistant Manager, Operations Specialist, Merchandise Assistant, Receiving Supervisor, Inventory Analyst, POS Associate,

 Sales Associate-Apparel/Footwear/Field wear

Sales Associate-Hunting/Firearms

Sales Associate-Fishing

Sales Associate-Archery

Sales Associate-Tech Centre

Zone Supervisor

Zone Manager-Hardliners

Zone Manager-Softlines

Gander Academy Range Master

Gander Academy Instructor

How to get a job at Garden Mountain 

The candidates should be good at sports activities like hiking, camping, fishing, tracking, running, and hunting. The product manager should know about products while being customer-oriented.

Garden Mountain popular positions 

The company has some popular positions in which candidates apply. The company provides both part-time and full-time. 

1- Sales Associate: Their responsibility is to find customers for their company’s product. The sales consultant job duty is similar to the sales associate and the store manager who provide information description of the product and services to the customers. The sales consultant is hired based on education level, certificates, experience, and skills. The average salary of a sales associate is $9.00 per hour paid training. 

There is a different sales associate at Garden Mountain for various products. They are specialized for those products. The products, for which sales associates are: 

  • Apparel/Footwear/Field wear 
  • Hunting/Firearms
  • Fishing
  • Archery
  • Tech Centre

2- Leadership: This person can guide and coordinate with other members of the organization/ company. These job positions require a minimum of qualification of bachelor’s degree and years of experience. 

  At Garden Mountain, the leadership position includes 

  • Zone Supervisor 
  • Zone Manager -Hardlines
  • Zone Manager-Softlines

They must have the ability: 

  • To manage teams effectively
  • Supervises daily tasks
  • Hires new associates
  • Trains new workers   
  • Drive sales benefit candidates
  • Supervises manager’s work and guides them.

The Zone supervisor gets an hourly salary of $12.00 per hour. The company offers both full-time and part-time working schedules for this particular position.

The headline and Softline zone manager earns an annual salary between $40,000 to $80,000. Garden Mountain offers only full-time working hours for this particular job position. 

3- Warranty clerk: This person oversees the warranty claim of the company. Their responsibility is to 

  • Cultivate customer’s affiliations
  • Answering professionals call
  • Guiding service advisory
  • Arranging appointments with bank officers

Tips before applying for the job at Gander Mountain

  • Apply personally or online by vising the career page at Gander Mountain’s official site.
  • Candidates who apply personally could receive an on-sport interview. 
  • Make a simple, catchy but professional Resume/CV.
  • Include all the working experience in the resume. 
  • Be confident during your interview. 

Gander Mountain Job Application

Search for the official website and fill the form by going to the company’s career page. The steps below will instruct you about the online application to get a job at Gander Mountain. There are different departments like retail, distribution, corporate, management, finance, and others.  Apply to any of the departments of your choice.


  1. Step 1: Go to the Gander Mountain official website and click on the main career page or enter the link given below into your URL bar.

  1. Step 2: Press the APPLY button on the left-hand side (Outlined in red) to go to the job search page. 
Gander Mountain Careers
  1. Step3:  As the page gets open. Enter the keyword/Job title in the ‘first input field in the search box. 

Enter the location/ city in the second input field of the search box. 

Now, click on the SEARCH button to load the result. 

  1. Step 4: Scroll down and go through the list of the jobs. After selecting the option that you want, click on the chosen job title for further process. 
  1. Step 5: The description page gets open. (The description page tells you about the particular job, responsibilities, requirements, etc.). 

 Review the job description of the particular selected job. Press on the APPLY TO JOB ONLINE button (shown in the screenshot in red line). 

Gander Mountain Careers
  1. Step 6: Select the option through which you want to create the profile/account. They give you two options to proceed with the process. 

 A: Login by your social media accounts via LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. 


B: If needed, register a new account/profile by clicking on the Sign in/Register link. (Via online form) 

  1. Step 7:  If creating a profile/account through an online form, submit some information.
  • First name (Legal)
  • Middle name (Legal)
  • Last name (Legal)
  • Email address (valid) 
  • User name
  • Password (desired)

Press the SUBMIT PROFILE button to proceed to the next step.

  1. Step 8: Now, complete all the rest of the sections, which asks to  submit the following information:
  • Candidate’s profile
  • Candidate’s forms
  • Employment opportunity
  • Job-specific questions
Gander Mountain Careers
  1. Step 9: click on the SUBMIT button. 

You will get contacted within 4 to 10 days regarding the application process through phone calls or email. 

Application status 

Applicants can check their hiring status by phone call, email, or by vising the nearest Gander Mountain location. 

The hiring process takes days around two weeks. If not selected within one month, you may get hired later. 

They may call you for an interview via phone call or email. 

Employees Benefits at Gander Mountain

The company offers a wide range of benefits and perks to its employees and their families.  These benefits start from the day they join the company. The list given below is the benefits that Gander Mountain employees receive. Let us have a look at them. 

1- Health and wellness benefits

    Medical and prescription plan

    Dental insurance

    Version insurance

    Wellness program

 2- Leave benefits

     Paid time off (PTO)

     Paid volunteer time off

     Maternity and paternity leave

     Travel assist program

3- Financial benefits

    401 K retirement plan

    Disability insurance


    Life insurance

4- Career benefits

      Career planning

      Recognition programs

      Tuition reimbursement

How much do employees of Gander Mountain get paid? 

The average salary of Gander Mountain employees is $124,842 per year, which means $60an hour. 

The highest-paid income of employees in the company is $228,842 for the director of sales. 

The lowest-paid in the company is $42,000 per year for the Accounting manager. Employees with different job roles earn different salaries. The location also influences the income of the employees. 

Let us see the average yearly salary of various departments

Product department- $174,080

Engineering department- $143,247

Marketing department- $127,805

Design department- $115,980

Operational department- $121,109

Admin department- $58,414

Business development department- $126,304

Customer support department- $62,834

Finance department- $82,893

HR department- $115,998

IT department- $105,841

Legal department- $152,239

Sales department- $148,146

Gander Mountains demographic outlook

The demographic score of Gander Mountains is 8.9/10

The demographic score of the company is measured based on various factors, including ethnic background, languages, and gender identity.

Let us see the diversity of the company based on different factors. 


Male: 53.6%

Female: 42.4%

Unknown: 4.0%


White: 69.7%

Black or African American: 11.2%

Hispanic or Latino: 10.3%


Spanish: 57.8%

German: 8.9%

French: 8.9%

Arabic: 6.7% 

Thai: 4.4% 

Gander Mountains financial performance

The financial performance score of Gander Mountains is 9.8/10.

The financial performance score of the company is measured based on various factors, including longevity, stock market performance, and revenue. 

Gander Mountains competitors

Let us see the competitors of the company with their employee’s average salary. 

1- City Sports

Average salary- $38,598

2- Stein Mart

Average salary- $35,051

3-Marvin’s Building Supply

Average salary- $34,419

4-Sports Authority

Average salary- $33,311

5- Adidas North America

Average salary-$32,586

6- Shopko Optical

Average salary-$31,570

7- Menards

Average salary-$31,485

8- Factory Card & Party Outlet

Average salary-$30,826

9-A.C. Moore

Average salary-$30,227

10- Variety Wholesalers

Average salary-$30,166

Key people of Gander Mountains 

1- Chairman& Chief executive:  Marcus Anthony Lemonis

2- Director: Dillon Schickli 

3- Vice President-Learning & Development: Annamarie Balch Olson

4- Senior vice President-Sales & Customer Experience: Brenda Wintrow 

5- President & Director: Brent L. Moody 

6- Vice President-Ecommerce: Elizabeth Garry

7- Chief Financial & Accounting Officer: Karin L. Bell

Frequently asked questions about Gander Mountains. 

1- Who founded Gander Mountains? 

A- Bob Sturgis founded Gander Mountain.  

2- What is the strength of workers at Gander Mountain? 

A- Gander Mountain has almost 5,606 employees working currently for it. 

3- What kind of industry is Gander Mountain?

A- Gander Mountain is an American-based retail industry.

4- Where is the headquarter of Gander Mountain? 

A- The headquarter of Gander Mountain is in Saint Paul, MN. 

5- What type of company is Gander Mountain? 

A- Gander Mountain is a Private company. 


Gander Mountain Careers- Full History

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