Emirates Careers- Know more

With its headquarters office in Dubai, Emirates Airlines is an established airline that operates more than 200 wide-body aircraft in more than 150 countries and 80 different ethnicities. Because Emirates is recruiting new employees to run its fleets that are stopped due to the epidemic, there are many career chances. Here we will see about Emirates Careers.

Emirates Careers

Emirates Careers

Anyone who wants to know the rate of careers in the Emirates can get the answer in this article. Here is a good amount of career opportunities that one can have. Emirates Airlines is now working at 70% of its capacity; a sizable crew is needed to continue to operate at peak effectiveness.

The hiring process of Emirates Group

The parent company of Emirates Airlines, Emirates Group, had more than 105,000 workers before the Covid19 epidemic, but 30% of them had been let go.

There are four stages to the crew hiring procedure for Emirates Airlines. The quantity of applications received for the specific vacancies determines how long the hiring process will take to complete.

The organization hires new staff within a specific timeframe, which I will outline in this piece, barring unusual circumstances.

The Emirates Careers Development Process

1. Applications And Job Postings:

Although the business publishes positions available primarily on its job board, some positions were posted on LinkedIn, Indeed, and other websites to reach a wider range of job searchers.

The link to the application will take visitors to the group’s main website, wherever the criteria have been published.

In the case of applying online, candidates first must register for an account, submit their credentials, and finish the application form.

The company advises applicants to submit their web applications instead of in reality after COVID-19. Thus it would help if you did it on the official site.

 We can easily comprehend that the application procedure can take between 15 and 30 days as most job postings receive applications one month after they are published.

2. Evaluation Test:

The assessment test is the second stage of Emirates Airlines’ crew recruiting process. It includes a variety of exams, including, among many others, English tests, psychological testing, ratings of physical fitness, and ratings of beauty.

3. Interview:

In an in-person or online interview, you may be asked various questions about your experience, training, skills, knowledge, and behaviours.

Each individual should suggest a method before attending interviews because preparedness is the key to success.

You should practice your responses to the questions and how you will talk before the interviews at home.

By rehearsing potential questions in interviews, you can gain trust and enhance the genuineness of your answers.

4. Moving:

The final phase of the interview process is relocation, in which the employer will give you a visa, work permit, work card, etc. Except for ground staff, the crew must relocate to the UAE.

Because the company will pay all expenses associated with recruiting the staff, the new hire is free.

It takes at least one to three months to finish the hiring process for Emirates airline station staff.

The length of the continuous hiring process can be influenced by a variety of other factors, including corporate business, aviation industry performance internationally, and company earnings.

Requirements For Jobs In The Dubai Emirates

  • You have more than a year of hospitality or customer service experience.
  • When working in a part environment and conversing with people from various cultures, you have a good mindset and a natural ability to provide excellent service.
  • It would help if you had at least a high school diploma (Grade 12)
  • English must be spoken and communicated with fluency (the ability to speak another language is an advantage)
  • If you are at least 160 cm tall and therefore can attain 212 cm on tiptoes, you can access emergency supplies on all aircraft.
  • While donning the Emirates cabin crew uniform, no conspicuous tattoos (without covering them with bandages or cosmetics)
  • You will be stationed in Dubai as an Emirates cabin crew member and must obtain a work visa for the UAE.

Hiring Procedure

  • Fill out a brief application form.
  • You’ll record a video interview and an English online test if you pass.
  • If chosen, you’ll complete the form and then sign the necessary declarations.
  • You will be invited to participate in a brief in-person interview if you are chosen for the final round of the selection process.

Work Schedules For Emirates Cabin Crew

You should be committed to winning. Furthermore, you will undoubtedly doubt being able to cope with a very hard work schedule. You should also be aware of the company’s characteristics, which include competent, empirical, progressive, visionary, and urban.

Come prepared to show each of these qualities when you meet with us for an assessment day because these are the qualities we’re looking for. We gear up when you’re in group workouts.

Consult the grooming each well below when taking photos for your application and when you turn up for an assessment day if you wish to make a strong first impression.

Salary In The Emirates

When they first start working for Emirates, flight attendants usually earn between $36,000 to $53,000 annually. The fact that Emirates offers free lodging for all crew, including flight attendants, sets it apart from other carriers.


A great way to launch your profession is to be a flight attendant for Emirates. You can be sure of landing a job with a prestigious airline that offers a fair salary and benefits because Skytrax has named it one of the top airlines in the world. 

Your working life will be the most luxurious if you work as an Emirates flight attendant. Emiratis work out of its headquarters in Dubai and connect the entire globe to Anf. They have a good opportunity and open seats for new companies. Through this article we have learned about Emirates Careers.

Frequently Asked Question
  • How long is the Emirates cabin crew on duty?

You will work an 8-hour shift and fly 90 (typically 80-100) hours per month as an emirates air hostess.

  • What jobs are available for cabin crew at Emirates?

Emirates, which is based in Dubai, provides its Cabin Crew with a global lifestyle, some all, appealing tax-free salary, free, luxurious accommodation, and the chance to work with a multiracial, award-winning workforce.

  • What qualities does Emirates seek in its cabin crew?

Positive attitudes, self-assurance, flexibility, maturity, friendliness, and, most importantly, a genuine willingness to serve others and do it with excellence are just what we look for.

  • What factors determine promos?

Promotions for the cabin crew are chosen through performance evaluations.

Emirates Careers- Know more

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