Dillions Careers- Job Opportunities

Dillions Careers

Dillions is an American grocery supermarket chain based in Hutchinson, Kansas. Dillions operates in 94 cities of the United States and the division of Kroger, with more than 45,000 employees. Today, let’s discuss the Dillions Careers.

The company sells products like Bakery pharmacy, meat, liquor, and many others. 

The company was founded in 1913 but started operating in 1921 and is in Hutchinson, Kansas. Dillions recorded annual revenue of US$1.18 billion. 

  • Incorporated: J. S. Dillion and Son’s store’s company, Inc. in 1921.
  • Sales: $5.8 billion
  • Sic’s: 5411 Grocery store 
  • Industry: Supermarket 
  • Organization Type: Private 

Products sold at Dillion

  • Pharmacy
  • Bakery
  • Dairy
  • Deli
  • Frozen Foods
  • Salad Bars
  • Seafood
  • General Grocery
  • Meat
  • Snacks 
  • Liquors

Dillions ranking 

  • The company ranked twenty-fourth in the Best Companies to Work For in Kansas. 
  • The company ranked second in the Best Retail Companies to Work For in Kansas.
  • The company ranked first in Best Companies to Work For In Hutchinson, KS
  • The company ranked fourth for the Biggest Companies in Kansas
  • The company ranked first in the Biggest Companies in Hutchinson, KS

A career at Dillion’s 

Let us see some facts about Dillion’s, like Jobs requirements and career information.

Dillions is an American retail supermarket company based in Hutchinson, Kansas, operating in 94 locations in the United States. This company offers employment opportunities to dedicated candidates. A part-time job at Dillion’s could be the best option for job seekers to earn and build careers in the retail sector. 

The minimum age limit to get a job at Dillions. 

If you want to work at Dillion’s, the minimum age should be 18 years.

A working hour at Dillions 

Associates of Dillion’s work for more than 12 hours. The company operates for a full seven days a week. 

Monday to Sunday: 7:00 am – 10:00 am

Time taken to get hired at Dillions?

It takes around one to two weeks at maximum to select a candidate as their employee. 

How to apply at Dillions

Applicants can apply for a position at Dillions by submitting both online and offline job applications. 

Drug Test at Dillions

No, the applicant’s Dillions does not go through the drug test during the hiring process. 

Dress code at Dillions

No, there is no specific dress code to work at Dillions. 

Requirement (Employees should have)

  • Good verbal communicator
  • Frequent in English
  • Flexible and fast at work
  • Must have integrity and a friendly nature. 
  • Must be Customer-oriented 
  • Ability to stand all day long
  • Multi-talented and Teamwork spirit 

Available Positions at Dillions

There are some job positions where the candidates can apply according to their desire. Let us see the job positions available at Dillions. 

They are Manager, Assistant Manager, Store Associate, Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician, Cake Decorator, Deli Chef, Sushi Chef, Meat Cutter, and Night Crew Clerk. 

Job opportunities at Dillions

A supermarket regional chain company offers open positions for the candidates to apply. 

There are more than 80 retail locations, which are operated all over the United States. Most of the job positions at Dillions allow part-time working roles. 

If you want to work as an entry-level employee in the company, you do not require any high-level qualifications, but you need specific skills and be 18 years or above. The company offers a part-time role to the Entry-level associates. Positions like store manager, merchandise, Sales associate, and others need special training, experience, and certification for getting hired. The company offers full-time employment roles for job positions like managerial. 

Dillions popular positions 

Let us see some of the popular positions at Dillions.

  1. Cashier: Their responsibility is to process monetary transactions. The cashier at Dillions earns $9.00 per hour. 

They perform several duties like:  

  • Responsible for processing cash.
  • Checking of transactions before night deport.
  • Handles customer’s checkouts
  • Applies sales codes to the discounted items
  1. Clerk: Their responsibility is to assist customers with purchasing and shipping. The Clerk of Dillions earns between $9.00 per hour. 

They perform several duties like: 

  • Building product displays
  • Greeting customers
  • Bagging products
  • Stocking shelves
  • Helping customers in the purchasing

There are over various positions for clerk roles. 

1- Pharmacy clerk

2- Deli clerk

3- General Merchandise clerk

4- Produce clerk

5- Meat clerk

6- Baker clerk

7- Liquor clerk

5- Bakery clerk

  1. Management: They are responsible for strategizing, coordinating, and organizing the store. This job position in the company requires a high qualification with experience and should stand 18 years or older. They must have leadership skills to manage the store, employees, and customers. Dillion’s pays for a management associate at Dillions nearly ranges between $30,000 to $50,000 a year. 

Dillions Job Application

Search for the official website and fill the form by going to the company’s career page. The steps below will instruct you about the online application to get a job at Dillion’s career. There are different departments like retail, management department, bakery, pharmacy department, and others. Apply to any of the departments of your choice. Dillions offers both online and offline options to fill the form.


Step 1: Go to Safeway’s official website or click on the career option or enter the link given below into your URL bar. 

  • https://jobs.kroger.com/dillon-stores/go/Dillon-Stores/587500/

Step 2: Enter the keywords in the first input and location in the second input of the search bar. Then press the SEARCH JOB button to get the result. 

Step 3: The result page pops up. Select the desired job title and click on the job link to begin the application process. 

Step 4: Clicking on the job title will open the job description page, review it. (The description page tells you about the particular job, essential functions, responsibilities, requirements, etc.).

 Step 5: Hit on the APPLY NOW button available at the bottom of the page. Then fill in your email address. (As outlined in red).

Step 6: Create the account by submitting the information

  • Email address
  • Create password
  • Re-enter the created password
  • Legal First name
  • Legal Last name
  • Zip Code

Once you are done with the sections, press the NEXT button. 

Step 7: The data privacy page opens. Select your country of residence, read it and accept the data privacy statement. 

Step 8: Upload your resume/ CV and other documents on my document page. 

Step 9: Submit the remaining information in the subsections. 

  • Profile information
  • Required- work history, experience, etc. 
  • Educational experience
  • Certificates or licenses
  • Specific job information at Dillions

Step10: Once you filled in all the required information, click on the SUBMIT button. 

Tips for applying at Dillions

  • Dillions offers a straightforward step for the applicants to process the application form. 
  • The company offers jobs to friendly, team-oriented, and multitasking candidates. 
  • Make a simple, catchy but professional Resume/CV.
  • Mention all the previous working experience. 
  • Showcase your ability to work with the customers
  • Upload a clear picture in the application form. 

Application status 

  • The company takes almost two weeks to hire a candidate. 
  • At least wait for a week for their response before you contact them. 
  • They may contact you either by direct phone call or email. 
  • You may call them via phone call Or email for the application status check. 
  • If candidates do not receive any notification from the company, there may be a chance to get it within one month. 
  • Candidates should wisely choose the scheduling time to visit the management, the day with less distraction.
  • Dress accordingly before going for the onsite visit may increase your chance of getting hired. 

Benefits and perks 

Dillions provides various benefits and perks to its employees. These benefits start from the day they join the company. The list given below is the benefits that Dillion’s employees receive. Let us have a look at them. 

 1- Health and wellness 

     Dental insurance

     Health insurance

      Maternity support program

      Vision insurance

      Onsight health care check-up

2- Financial benefits

     401K plan

     Competitive pay scale

     Disability financial help

     Retirement Plans

     Paid training 

3- Leave benefits

     Paid time off (PTO)

     Paid volunteer time off

     Maternity and paternity leave

How much does Dillions pay its employees? 

The national average salary of Dillion’s employees is $30,299 per year, which is $14.57 an hour. 

The highest-paid income of the employees in the company is $42,113 for a Driver. 

The lowest-paid income of the employee in the company is $28,642 for a customer service representative.

Employees at Dillions with different job roles earn different salaries, such as sales and retail, gets $35,091, $29,665, respectively.

The salary of Dillion’s employees also depends upon the different locations. The employees of Los Angeles, CA, earned the highest pay. The employees of Savannah, GA, earned the lowest salary in comparison to other place employees. 

Dillion’s salary by job titles

Let us see some of the popular job titles at Dillions, showing some of the highest and the lowest salary range. 

Driver- $42,113

Assistant Store Manager- $40,240

Assistant Manager- $37,746

Sales Associate- $35,489

Pharmacist Technician- $35,066

Deli Clerk- $33,392

Floral Designer- $33,234

Bagger- $32,386

Dispatcher- $32,259

Warehouse Worker- $31,817

Warehouseman- $31,557

Checker in- $31,506

Front End Supervisor- $31,389

Barista- $31,334

Customer Service Associate- $31,243

Cake Decorator- $31,142

Order Selector- $30,502

Baker- $30,196

Cook- $30,175

Customer Service Representative- $28,642

Dillions by location

The salary of Dillion’s employees also depends upon the different locations. The employees of Los Angeles, CA, earned the highest pay. The employees of Savannah, GA, earned the lowest salary in comparison to other place employees. 

Let us see the salary of Dillion’s employees by location.

 Los Angeles, CA-$31,510

Grand Junction, CO- $31,158

Paulsboro, NJ-$29,482

Lake Havasu City, AZ- $29,432

Canton, OH- $28,991

La Grange, IL- $28,788

Houston, TX- $28,024

Garden City, KS- $27,781

Hudson, FL- $27,122

Knoxville, TN- $27,097

Greenwood, IN- $26,780

Dillon, SC- $26,726

Wilmington, NC- $26,669

Mobile, AL- $26,352

Savannah, GA- $25,863

Dillion’s salary by department

Employees with particular job titles at different departments earn different salaries, such as Healthcare department employees earn the highest salary, whereas warehouse employees get paid less. 

Healthcare- $36,527

Sales- $35,091

Plant/Manufacturing- $34,171

Customer Service- $32,155

Administrative- $32,126

Supply Chain- $31,975

Hospitality/Service- $31,956

Retail- $29,665

Warehouse- $29,196

Let us see the salaries of some of the Dillions employees based on different departments.  


Scan Coordinator- $41,519

Assistant Store Manager- $40,240

Assistant Manager- $37,746

Floral Designer- $33,234

Bagger- $32,386

Front End Associate- $31,602

Checker In- $31,506

Front End Supervisor- $31,389

Cake Decorator- $31,142

Baker- $30,196

Floor Supervisor- $29,563

Store Associate- $29,059

Fuel Clerk- $27,909

Cashier- $27,552

Courtesy Clerk- $27,422

Fuel Attendant- $17,986


 Deli Associate- $45,568

Assistant General Manager- $39,968

Deli Clerk- $33,392

Kitchen Manager- $32,626

Kitchen Lead- $32,286

Bakery Clerk- $31,420

Barista- $31,334

Bakery Associate- $30,704

Sous Chef- $30,674

Meat Wrapper- $30,618

Meat Cutter- $30,212

Cook- $30,175

Food Service Worker- $28,516

Nanny- $27,578

Server- $25,541

Hostess- $24,410

Waitress- $23,158

Lot Attendant- $21,479


Driver- $42,113

Warehouse Associate- $36,387

Warehouse Worker- $31,817

Warehouseman- $31,557

Forklift Operator- $30,629

Order Selector- $30,502

Receiving Clerk- $29,149

Shift Leader- $28,880

Produce Clerk- $28,577

Overnight Stocker- $28,240

Production Worker- $28,001

Stower- $27,566

Night Stocker- $27,291

Packer- $26,213

Dillions competitor’s salary

Dillions is one of the best small-town supermarkets, so it’s normal if it has rivalries. Some of the rival companies of Dillions are Smith’s Food & Drug store, the fresh market, and many more. 

Let us see some of the competitor companies with their employees’ average salaries.

1- Smith’s Food & Drug store

Stars: 3.5

Average salary: $55,019

2- The Fresh Market

Stars: 4.6

Average salary: $32,217

3- Safeway

Stars: 4.8

Average salary: $31,526

4- Vons

Stars: 4.6

Average salary: $31,526

5- Sprouts Farmers Market

Stars: 4.5

Average salary: $31,055

6- Star Bros. Market

Stars: 4.7 

Average salary: $30,933

7- Food City

Stars: 4.1

Average salary: $30,559

8- Fry’s Food Stores

Stars: 4.5

Average salary: $30,492

Key People

Chief executive officer- Sean Hanlon 

Head of Retail Banking & Chief Customer Officer- Karen L. Larrimer

CFO, Executive Vice President, and chief financial officer – Rick T. Dillion 

Chief Operating Officer- Kevin Dillion

The demographic background of Dillions

The diversity ratio of the company is measured based on various factors, including ethnic background, language, and nature. The company has Great retention staff members which are usually 3.7 years.                                                                                                                                        

Female associates: 51.3%

Ethnic minorities: 28.3% 

Dillions Careers- Job Opportunities

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