Cintas Careers- Job Opportunities, and their Salary

Cintas Careers - Job Opportunities, Salary, Application Process, Interview Questions

Cintas Corporation is an America-based corporation having headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. They provide specialized products and services that range mainly from independent auto repair to large hotel chains. The company is one the largest and popular in the industry with reported total revenue of $7.09 billion and approximately 40,000 employees in 2020. The company is involved in services including maintenance, sales, and corporate field and businesses like supplying identity uniforms,  mats, restroom supplies, first aid, safety, and fire extinguishers, and other products. Here, we’ll know about Cintas Careers.

Cintas Job Opportunities

Cintas corporation owns 500 facilities in North America alone, company serves over 900,000 businesses and provides services to over 1 million consumers. With Cintas there is always room for growth, they refer employees as partners and focuses highly on their staff. Entry-level workers too enjoy opportunities to grow along with the company while the corporate advocates the promotion inside the company. The company has a specialized hiring process targeting recent college graduates and veterans. The main components of Cintas business include Maintenance, Sales and services, Fire Technician, and Corporate.

Minimum Age Requirement

Individuals applying for a position at Cintas corporation must be 18 years of age or above. 

Benefits for Employees at Cintas

  • Competitive Pay
  • 401k/Profit Sharing/ ESOP
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • Paid Holidays
  • Career Growth Opportunities


The employees- partners at Cintas Corporation earn an average yearly wage of US $62,073 which meets the national average and the additional US $9,0000 as an average bonus. 

  1. Corporate

In this department position of Sales Representative and market, development representative is usually available. Sales Representative visit clients and recommend them products designed for their well-being. A sales training program is available at Cintas before joining which includes knowledge of the product, mentorship, and business development strategies. 

Key Responsibilities of a Sales Representative 

  • Full-time job
  • Meet sale targets and generate revenues
  • Transporting samples of products for presentations
  • Setting up appointments
  • Gathering intelligence and utilizing it to support product marketing, its presentation, sales calls, and new business.

Skills Required

  • Previous outside sales experience, minimum of 1 year.
  • Successful completion of Cintas Sales training
  • High school diploma or GED; Bachelor’s degree may be preferred.
  • Valid Driver’s License

Preferred Skills; Not Mandatory

  • Proficiency with MS Office( Word, PowerPoint, Outlook) and management system.
  • Business to Business Sales Experience
  • Should be Goal driven and self-motivated.


  • Base competitive salary and high chances of getting Commission  
  • Bonus based on performance.  
  • Mentorship program 
  • Car package (Lease/ Gas/Insurance/ Maintenance allowance)
  • Tablet and Air Card
  • Annual Recognition events
  • 12-weeks Sales training program


Employees working in the Corporation and the position of Sales Representative earn an average wage of $ US 48,916 annually. 

  1. Fire Technician

Job opportunities at Cintas are available for Fire technicians of different expertise. These technicians are specialized experts and serve basically in fire safety work. 

Key Responsibilities 

  • Full-Time Job
  • Servicing, repairing,  and installing portable fire equipment and other fire suppression systems
  • Selling and promoting Additional products and services for the company growth
  •  Maintaining inspection and maintain documentation on all work performed
  • Onsite emergency repairs

Skills Required

  • Valid Driver License
  • HS diploma or GED
  • Strong communication and customer care skills
  • Ability to work independently 
  • Fire licenses may be required as per the regulations of a state.


Employees working in Fire Technician enjoy average hourly wages of $ US 17.00. Fire technicians and managers work in the Cintas fire protection division. 

  1. Maintenance

Cintas maintenance service provides consumers assistance in repairing, maintaining, and put industrial equipment, check its functioning, and assess other problems. Job Opportunities at Cintas are available for Maintenance technicians, assistants, and Manager. 

Key Responsibilities of Maintenance Manager

  • To lead all maintenance activities at Cintas Facilities
  • To improve proper Functioning of the equipment related to all production and ensuring it is reliable and works well.
  • Managing and scheduling work assignments related to all facility and equipment
  • Performing and scheduling assignments related to  preventative maintenance
  • Developing safety processes and procedures and implementing them
  • Managing expenditures of building equipment and labor budgets.
  • Preparing reports concerning maintenance
  • Identifying and evaluating part suppliers
  • Act as an agent negotiating service companies both inside and outside. 
  • Conduct training programs for maintenance staff
  • Provide mentorship and supervise the staff.
  • Maintaining staff level
  • Responding to emergency alarms

Skills Required

  • Minimum 5 years experience in repairing industry-related equipment in an industrial area or military. 
  • Previous experience; minimum of 2 years
  • Experience in management maintenance preferable in repair, maintenance, install and troubleshooting problems related to industrial equipment. 
  • Ability to read English printed in maintenance equipment and literature
  • Should have the ability to read blueprints and prior experience in blueprints.
  • Proficiency with computer and MS Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel) 
  • Equipment Knowledge in wiring, electrical, electric components, pipe systems, and plumbing and machinery.
  • Ability to stand up for the maximum time in an 8-hour shift
  • Must be available on call for 24*7
  • High school/ GED

Other Preferred Skills

  • Boiler Knowledge
  • HVAC experience
  • Previous experience in welding activities
  • Other Reliability certificates as required.


Cintas Maintenance Managers get an average of $ US 69,000 per year or $ 33 per hour.

Key Responsibilities for Maintenance Technician

  • Know ways of working with industrial equipment and assist in their repair, maintenance, install systems and components. 
  • Assistance in performing services involving in performance maintenance
  • Sorting out all safety concerns
  • Perform housekeeping services indoor and outdoor 
  • Monitoring supplies
  • Keeping maintenance records

Skills Required

  • Prior experience minimum of 2 or more years in repairing industrial processing equipment in an industry.
  • Ability to read English written in maintenance literature and labels of equipment
  • Experience with blueprints; can read blueprints
  • General knowledge of computer and MS Office. 
  • HS diploma or GED
  • Ability to stand up for up to maximum time in a particular shift.

Other Preferred Skills

  • Boiler working knowledge
  • Other certified experience as required
  • Able to perform welding activities and must have previous experiences before. 


The average pays for a maintenance technician starts from $ US 26.22 per hour. 

  1. Production and Manufacturing Jobs

Employees at the production and manufacturing department of Cintas work in field activities like loading and unloading of items, Folding and operating. Job opportunities at Cintas in the Production and Manufacturing Department include Operator, Loader, and unloader, Folder In Garments, Machine operator, Production Supervisor.

Key Responsibilities of an Operator

General positions of an operator include Utility Operator, Wastewater Operator, Heat Seal Operator, Pack operator. The responsibilities of an operator vary according to needs. 

  • Ensuring all the items are up to date and are good to operate. 
  1. Wastewater operator responsibility includes the overall maintenance of the facility’s wastewater system including its operation and reliability based on applicable local pollution guidelines. 
  2. Stock Operator duties include performing various operations in the stockroom department, including the break, vacation, and absence coverage for all other stockroom positions. 
  3. Washroom operator duties include ensuring that all the soiled products that are washed are according to soil separation requirements at Cintas production facilities. 
  • Daily Accuracy and productivity are required for inventory control and accountability.
  • Additional duties include housekeeping and adherence to health and safety.  

Skills Required

  • Ability to stand for the maximum period in a particular daily shift.
  • Able to bend, stretch, stoop, stand for long hours, twist, and lift heavy items during the shift.  

Other Preferred Skills

  • Appropriate certification or state licensing if applicable
  • Knowledge of regulation related to local and national policies and ordinances preferred in Wastewater operator position.


An operator gets an average of $ US 15.04 per hour depending upon the position in which an operator specializes. 

Daily Responsibility of a Production Supervisor

  • Hiring, training, and directing individuals on entry-level production positions.
  • Meeting daily goals of productivity and other quality standards.
  • Inventory Control and maintain the plant
  • Should ensure safety in the plant
  • Train and supervise other partners about the company’s extensive safety policies.  
  • Ensuring adherence to rules with required standards and regulations. 
  • Maintaining a sense of safe environment at the location
  • Accountability for production flow and results

Skills Required

  • HS diploma or GED
  • Valid driver license

Other Preferred Skills

  • Ability to handle all physical requirements of the position which includes stretching, bending, twisting, and others as required. 
  • College degree and previous work experience. 


The average pay for a production supervisor is $ US 54,021 per year which ranges from $US 42,000 to $ US 69,000. 

How much does Cintas Pay? 

Salaries at Cintas Corporation ranges from an average of US $40,141 to the US $87,120 per year according to the Payscale. Cintas Corporation workers in the position of Maintenance Supervisor get the most pay of US $73,899 while workers doing the job of Route Sales Representative make the least pay of US $ 44, 323 per year.  

Application Status

Individuals seeking a job at Cintas must apply through the main website of Cintas Corporation. Applicants must create profiles to apply for positions. They need to create their profiles by setting up a username and password, once they get approved, the application process begins. Applicants do have an option for filling up the application form by themselves or by uploading resumes and letting the AI fill up in appropriate fields based on information provided in the resume. 

Be careful while filling up the details in the application form and always double-check. Due to the high number of applications received, the hiring personnel at Cintas Corporation are unable to contact every job applicant. The hiring overall takes about 3-6 weeks to get process and complete. However, you can always call and email hiring staff to get information about the status of your application process. 

Interview Questions at Cintas Corporation

  • Describe your greatest strength? 

Tips for Answer

  • Be formal and respond positively, do not fake it. 
  • Try to relate your strength to the position 
  • Be honest. 
  • Few good examples include the ability to solve problems, cooperate in the team, prioritize work, organize things properly. 
  • If you are the HR interviewing someone for this position, what skills and qualities do you go for? 

Answer confidently and states specific qualities which you think you have and apply to that position. For example, A manager job would likely look for someone who can manage a team, someone with leadership qualities. 

  • What do you think you will be doing in five years at Cintas Corporation? 

This is a question where you need to be future-oriented. Some answers you can say are: You would like to get retirement or you would see yourself gets promoted or whether you want to make difference in the company. Or any particular position or area in Cintas Corporation. 

  • Are you capable of handling a tight deadline in Cintas and what will you do in such cases? 

Think about every deadline you have met. Answer in such a manner that shows you are telling how important each project was and how you prioritize them. 

Behavioral questions at interviews are now more popular and at a big corporation like Cintas, it is a must that you will get asked these questions at least Once.  Some of the examples of Behavioral questions are as follows. For more questions, check this link. 

  • Tell me about a time when you successfully handled a situation?

The interviewer Is expecting what you would do in a situation that you have not expected, an unforeseen challenge. Think about all other difficult situations you have handled.

  • Give an example of a time you have failed. How did you handle that? 

Share your experience to describe a situation. Tell them how you have reacted at that time and the lessons you have learned at that time. 

  • If you have multiple projects on your table, how will you prioritize them and complete them on time? 

Tell them how you will prioritize the projects according to importance like business importance. Set clear schedules for each project so that you know which one you need to complete first. Ask for help if necessary. 

  • Tell me about a time when you had worked with your colleague who has a different personality than yours.

Ans Be honest about the situation. Do not try to get into the influence of your emotions and try to sabotage your previous co-worker. Not a good impression on interviewers if you try to complain. Answer how you have handled the work and tried to keep a formal relationship with that co-worker.    

Tips for Interview

  • Practice answering questions using the STAR format.
  • Always research the company, check their website, and the information related to the position before you go. 
  • Practice popular interview questions 
  • Be yourself
  • Answer honestly
  • Dress in business casual 
Cintas Careers- Job Opportunities, and their Salary

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