Childtime Learning Careers: Job Opportunities, Salary And Complete Guide


Childtime Learning Centers, Inc. offers pre-school and child-care services via its network of 300 centers in 22 states. It is included in the Learning Care Group of early childhood education centers which involves Pathways Learning Academy, U-GRO, Everbrook Academy, La Petite Academy, The Children’s Courtyard, Pathways Learning Academy, Creative Kids Learning Center, Young School, Montessori Unlimited, Tutor Time, etc. In this article, we will see about ‘Childtime Learning Careers’.

Childtime Learning Careers

Childtime Learning Careers: Job Opportunities, Salary And Complete Guide

Let’s read Childtime Learning Careers and it’s Job opportunities, salary, requirements, age, application process, benefits complete guide.

The application process at the Childtime Learning center: –

Childtime Learning centers have no printable application for any job position. One must find the job location of this learning center and carry the resume in hand for the interview for a particular job position.

Major job positions available at Childtime Learning Center:

The job positions available at Childtime Learning Center include Treasury Analyst, Administrative Assistant, Facilities Coordinator, Preschool Child Care Director, Director in Training, Executive Assistant, Teacher, Food Specialist, Child Care Director, Driver, Lead Teacher, Part-Time Teacher, Assistant Director, Technology Specialist, etc.

Job opportunities at Childtime Learning center: –

Some of the employment role descriptions of various positions at Childtime Learning center is as follows: –

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1. Assistant Teacher

The educational background required is a degree in early childhood education or child development services. 1-2 years of experience in working with children’s care is compulsory. The job responsibilities usually include communicating with children, and their parents, ensuring regular care, and teaching infants, preschoolers, and school children. The duties also involve cleaning the classrooms, maintaining discipline, inculcating good habits and values among children, etc. The job position level may be part-time or full-time employment.

2. Vehicle Driver

The job role involves providing transportation services from one educational center to another. The employees (staff drivers) are provided with the vehicles like a van/bus to carry out safe delivery. The vehicle drivers must maintain regular vehicle functionality, implement safety procedures, etc. The starting pay scale involves $10.00 per hour and may increase up to $13.00 upon experience.

3. Food Specialist

The job responsibilities include preparing home-style, nutritional and healthy meals. Applicants must have basic cooking knowledge. Food Specialists must be familiar with various kitchen appliances and must be able to cook food based on children’s appetite. He/she is responsible for the health and safety of children. Must be adaptable to food menu changes. 1-2 years or more experience in the cooking field is highly preferred. The average pay scale involves $11.00 per hour and $8.00 if no prior experience.

4. Team Lead

Team Lead serves as a mentor to the teachers and supports the directors in school operations. The job responsibilities involve ensuring the daily care of children by following the required licensing guidelines and maintaining company standards. The other job duties involve communicating with the parents and resolving their complaints. Maintaining a fun and interactive learning environment while assisting fellow teachers in teaching the children.

5. Housekeeping Aide

The job role involves keeping the classrooms, buildings, playground clean and tidy. Ensuring proper sanitization in toilets, bathrooms, etc. Assisting in cleaning furniture, fixtures, school types of equipment, walls, floors, etc. Assisting in putting and removing seasonal decorations. He/ she must also perform tasks such as mopping, cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, etc. Experience in housekeeping and janitorial activities is more preferred for this job position.

6. Two’s Closer

The job duties involve supervising the classroom, as per the guidelines of the Lead Teacher when the Lead is away from the classroom. Attending the staff training meetings, sessions, and different programs as required. The duties also involve performing other subordinate tasks as requested by a Center Director or Lead Teacher.

7. PT Administrative Assistant

The main job duties involve coding and processing enrollments for billing purposes. Balancing deposits and posting payment bills to child care accounts. Inputting credits for billing and data for additional charges. Maintaining attention to every detail while meeting challenging deadlines. Exercising individual judgment within the stated guidelines and prioritizing the given tasks.

8. After School Teacher

The daily duties involve helping with snack and meal preparation, feeding the children, inculcating food values among children, and modeling table manners. This is part-time employment.

9. Greeter

The job responsibilities involve assisting with the daily temperature and health screening of the children. Assisting in welcoming the children during morning entry in the center and escorting them to their respective classrooms. Ensuring that the children maintain good hygiene and follow good sanitation practices like washing hands, mouth, etc. This employment consists of flexible working hours as per the schedule.

Educational qualification required to get hired: –

  • A high school diploma or other related courses.
  • Minimum of 12 ECE units enrolled in the courses.
  • 1-2 years of working experience in a licensed childcare institute is strongly preferred.
  • Certifications related to early childhood education are more preferred.
  • Even a certificate in Child Development Associate (CDA) is preferred for working at Childtime Learning Center.
  •  CPR Certification is required for employment.

Skills and interests required to get hired: –

  • Child-caring ability.
  • Maintaining fun and interactive classroom sessions.
  • Excellent communication skills with children and their parents.
  • Ability to build countless advancement opportunities.
  • Inculcating good values, ethics, table manners, effective education, proper food habits, etc. among children.
  • Must be talented and updated to the latest childcare management.
  • Polite and courteous in behavior.
  • Caring and compassionate.
  • Knowledge of Computer applications.
  • Must possess good driving skills.
  • Good at cooking healthy and nutritious food menu.
  • Secured and protective about the children.
  • Ability to solve parents’ complaints, if required.

Major Job responsibilities involved while working in it:

  • Looking towards the physical, social, and intellectual growth and wellbeing of the children.
  • Keeping the parents informed about the overall growth of the children.
  • Keeping the classrooms and offices clean and tidy.
  • Attending all the meetings and programs organized by the Childtime Learning Center.
  • Managing and monitoring the financial development of different centers of Childtime Learning.
  • Conducting tours and meetings for parents and enrolling new admissions.
  • Assessing the pertinent information of the child’s progress and informing that to the parents. 

Salary offered to the employees: –

Lead Teacher$13.50 per hour
Preschool Teacher$ 13.25 per hour
Childcare provider$ 12.80 per hour
Daycare Teacher$12.60 per hour
Assistant Teacher$ 12.75 per hour
Teacher$ 12.70 per hour
Team Leader14.50 per hour
Director$ 52,925 per hour
Toddler Teacher$8.00- $14.00 per hour
Early Childhood Educator (ECE)$10.00- $16.00 per hour
Child Care Director$48,315 per year
Entry Level Manager$10.45 per hour
Van Driver$12.45 per hour
Bus Driver$12.00 per hour
Food Service Associate$10.45 per hour
Food Preparation Worker$ 12.45 per hour
Food Specialist$ 15.45 per hour
Child Care Cook$13.40 per hour
Housekeeping Aide$ 15.35 per hour
Kitchen Equipment Service Technician$42,689 per year

What is the minimum age criterion to work at Childtime Learning center?

18 (eighteen) is the minimum age criterion required to work at Childtime Learning Center. But for the job positions such as van/bus driver, the applicant’s minimum age should be 21 years.

Mention the working hours of operation at Childtime Learning center?

The working hours for employees at Childtime Learning are Monday-Friday: 6.30 am- 6.30 pm; Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Employee reviews at Childtime Learning center-:

  • Management                                    3 STARS
  • Working Environment                    2.5 STARS
  • Pay and Benefits                             2.8 STARS
  • Job Security and Promotions           3 STARS
  • Training offered to the employees    4 STARS

Benefits offered to the employees working at Childtime Learning Centers: –

The benefits offered to the employees at the Childtime Learning center includes medical insurance facilities, vision, and dental insurance to both part-time and full-time employees, accident and critical illness insurance to the staff, pet insurance, identity theft coverage, Employee Assistance Program, discounted childcare, educational assistance (including CDA prep program), life insurance plans, 401(k) retirement plans, tuition reimbursement, regular staff training, an opportunity for qualified and experienced employees to move towards advanced careers, vacation, and time off, paid holidays, perks and discounts, paternity and maternity leaves, professional support to the employees,  etc.

Questions asked during an interview at Childtime Learning center:

1] Explain about yourself in short?

– The applicant can describe his/ her educational qualifications, interests, certification courses if any, childcare management, hobbies, and previous job experiences. 

2] How do you feel about handling the children?

– The Childtime Learning center wants to check the applicant’s feelings and care towards the children. The applicant must truthfully answer this question.  He/ she must show concern and care towards children while answering this question. 

3] Explain your previous job experiences?

– The interviewer already has the C.V/ resume in hand but wants to hear it from the applying candidate regarding the job experiences.

4] How many hours do you prefer to work daily?

– The interviewers want to see your working potential by asking this tricky question. So be honest in your reply.

5] Describe the challenging situations you have experienced in the previous job and how you were able to tackle them and reach a good conclusion?

– This is a situational type of question. The interviewing candidate should state the actions, mindfulness, decisions made, and results of the challenging situation faced in the past job experience in detail.

6] Why did you prefer to become a preschool teacher?

     One can respond in this way:

  • A preschool teacher is a demanding job that requires determination and inspiration. It requires good childcare abilities along with interactive teaching. It is a passionate job being surrounded by a group of children and working towards the path of their overall development and success

7] How would you encourage children to participate in group activities?

One answer to this question is:

  • Teamwork is important for collaboration and effective learning. Group discussions, sports in teams, hands-on art activities, etc. can be organized to involve more children and enhance their cooperation and team spirit.

8] Tell me the situation where you dealt with the angry or concerned parent?

– The involvement of parents in the overall child’s progress is important, but it can be sometimes positive or negative. The applicant can state about the previous experiences about how he/ she handled the parents and their complaints. The reply can be as: listening carefully to the parents’ questions. Speaking privately to the parents away from the children. Be polite and calm while discussing the child’s progress.  Finding out the flaws in the child development strategy and formulating solutions to correct to increase the overall development of children.

9] Describe your passion for teaching?

– Teachers genuinely have the power to mold the child’s life towards success. The applicant can share the teaching experiences, virtues about teaching, enjoyment of being with children, etc.

10] Why our team should hire you for this job position in the Childtime Learning center?

– The applicant can speak about the requirements related to the described job description. The candidate can express a genuine interest in the job role by mentioning his/her importance by stating the talent, skills, and previous children handling experiences. 

11] Can you work in different job locations, if needed?

– The interviewer wants to check your interest. So the interviewing candidate can answer it in a truthful way depending upon the willingness.

12] What salary scale do you expect from this job role in the Childtime Learning center?

– One can answer this question by stating, the salary mentioned in the job description or the salary which suits my qualification, experience, etc.

Conclusion: –

Now we have learnt ‘Childtime Learning Careers’, Childtime Learning offers education to the children for their overall development through different programs. It hires the employees as per the necessity to teach, nurture and develop the children. It offers part-time, full-time, remote job employment offers to the employees. There are various employee offers which benefit the working staff. If the employee maintains the consistency in the work, there are options for the advancement in the career for the higher positions. Overall, Childtime Learning is a good institute for both men and women in terms of job employment and career.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) at the Childtime Learning Center: –

1] Is there a pre-employment drug screening test at the Childtime Learning centers?

– No, there is no pre-employment drug screening test for the selected candidates at the Childtime Learning centers.

2] How often do promotions/ salary increment occur at the Childtime Learning Center?

– The promotions/ salary increments occurs once a year at the Childtime Learning Center.

3] How many sick days leave are given to the employees at the Childtime Learning center?

– Usually, 3-6 days of sick leave is given to the employees at the Childtime Learning Center.

4] State the brands of health insurance facilities offered by Childtime Learning to the employees?

– The brands of health insurance offered by Childtime Learning include United health care, Athena Health, and Pacific.

Childtime Learning Careers: Job Opportunities, Salary And Complete Guide

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