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Nowadays, many companies are known for their cheap and affordable products. These companies are selling products for a considerably low rate and they are also common online. But many of these companies and websites are also known for fraud and selling counterfeit products. They usually show different products online but deliver other products. Many websites are also known for stealing the data and money of consumers online. There are also some sites and apps that are genuine and not fraudulent. Due to a large number of such online stores, there is always confusion about finding better and legitimate sites or online stores. In this article, you will be reading about one of these types of online stores which is known as ROMVE. You will get to know about the legitimism of the online store ROMVE. Let us know ‘Is ROMVE Legit?’.

Is ROMVE Legit?

Is ROMVE Legit?

Yes, ROMVE is a legit online store, and they are not a fraud, and they are a genuine online store. For the people who are not aware of the online store named ROMVE, it started in 2010, and it is an online store for men and women apparel, accessories, gadgets. It also started selling products related to home décor. ROMVE is known for its fashionable products at a very affordable price. They are delivering their products worldwide. Many of you have probably seen their advertisements for budget products and wondered if the deal is real or fake. ROMVE has stated that the products they sell are genuine, and they have many quality checks for the products. They also said that the products they are selling are ethically made. Its goal is to provide its customers with products that are ethically made, fashionable, trendy, and are of high quality. They have done many collaborations to make the products more “Fun”. But, a person needs to keep in mind that if the site or app is genuine, it does not mean that there are no problems.

This article includes information about ROMVE’s problems, services, products, and some other details. So, read this article to the finish.  


ROMVE is an online clothing and accessories store that sells products that provide customers with clothing, accessories, trendy gadgets, and some other products. They also started selling products related to home décor. 

ROMVE started its business in 2010 in Nanjing, China, and it did not take time to spread its business to other countries. It is a Chinese e-commerce retailer which was acquired by Shien which is another Chinese retailer. ROMVE has its headquarters in Los Angeles, United States.  

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ROMVE has branch offices in many countries like Dubai, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, and some other places. According to their website, they have many followers on social media like 2.4 million followers on Instagram, 234,000 followers on TikTok, more than 6 million followers on Facebook, and 39,000 plus followers on Twitter. They have a massive fan following. They have collaborated with Powerpuff Girls, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Emoji. They have also collaborated with Garfield and Rugrats. 

They have their slogan of “BE FUN, BE UNIQUE, BE ROMVE”. The main focus of their products is on the young generations. They are constantly collaborating with more themes and growing their business. 

Is ROMVE A Fraud?

No, ROMVE is not a fraud or a scam. ROMVE has not been reported for any frauds and scams till now. ROMVE is a legit company that has a small number of employees. They are a legitimate company with cheap products that just looks a little bit expensive. They are providing their customers with fashionable products at a low and affordable price. 

Problems That Are Degrading ROMVE

ROMVE is famous for its affordable or very cheap prices for good quality products. But people need to keep in mind and understand that it is not possible to get a $2000 looking dress for only $20 and get the same quality. ROMVE is called a fraud or not a legit place to shop by many people just because they are selling the products that look nice but are not matching the same quality as they are displayed online. But the price is justifiable for many products. ROMVE is trying to make fashionable and trending products with a lower budget and provide them to customers. They are explaining the quality of the product with pricing. You could get great deals on ROMVE if you try. 

The main problem with ROMVE is that they charge for returning a product, and it could get expensive depending on the product and your location. 

ROMVE’s Products and Service Analysis

Now, the products and services are needed to be analyzed. Here you will understand ROMVE legit products, pricing, delivery, discounts, and other features of ROMVE.

Quality with Price

The quality of the products on ROMVE is different in every category and section. The prices are also different with the quality. There could be some products that are justifiable with the price and quality. Many reviews are unhappy with ROMVE’s products as they didn’t get the preferred products. These reviews could help you buy better products, and you should also try to find products that look like it fits the price. ROMVE has products that match the price with quality, they are not selling expensive products for a less amount of money but, they are selling expensive-looking products with less amount.

Types of the Products

ROMVE offers products like apparel, accessories, gadgets, and home décor. They are more focused on clothing for the younger generation. They have many types of clothing ranging from crop tops, pants, sweatpants, shirts, hoodies, and many more products. They also have many other products for every style that could fit all types of people. They have bags, caps, shoes, scarves, and gloves. 


The size of the products could be a problem as it could be tough to choose the perfect size online. People usually choose a bigger size for themselves. You should know your size and always compare the size of the products with the size guide provided on the app and website.


The shipping and delivery service is not that bad at ROMVE. They take a considerable amount of time to deliver a product. They sometimes have to travel a long distance to deliver products. 

They charge a $2 fee for shipping, but it would be easier for you to get free deliveries in the United States for buying products for at least $15. You could also get free express shipping for an order of $35. 

The time taken for delivery could be a problem if the product is coming straight from China. You could have to wait for 4 to 5 weeks. But it is possible to avoid it as ROMVE has many distributors now. They are all around the world. They have distributors and warehouses in California, New Jersey, Dubai, Belgium, and China. These many distributors help the company make the deliveries of the products faster. In the United States, customers’ products are delivered in 2 weeks, or the customer could use express shipping and get the product delivered in 6 to 8 days.

Returning the Product

Nowadays, there is no problem in returning the products as the services of ROMVE have increased considerably. You could return many products except intimates and swimwear. ROMVE does charge $6 for returning the products and paying this amount of money for returning products could be a problem for many individuals. 

Sales and Discounts

Many types of sales are available on ROMVE. The sales and discounts are not the only good things, but the correct use of these sales and discounts could save you a lot of money. There are options to stack certain sales and discounts on one another. 

The seasonal deals which offer products with at least a discount of $5 to $20 could be used with the email discount of 10 percent. Also, there is a student discount of 15 percent which could add with other sales and discounts. There are also sections on their website and apps having discounted products like Clearance Section and Lightning Deals.

Difference between ROMVE and Shien

There is always confusion between ROMVE and Shien. Both of these companies are from China, and both have similar products and pricing. ROMVE was acquired by Shien in their initial years. Shien was incorporated in 2008, and ROMVE started in 2010. They both have become famous because of TikTok and Instagram in recent years. 

Both of the companies said different things about their business but sell the same types of products and at similar prices. 

Shien has said that they are an international fast-fashion e-commerce business with the B2C method. The brand Shien was founded in 2008, and they have maintained the philosophy that “Everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion”.

On the other hand, ROMVE has pledged that they are “Deeply dedicated to the ethical and humane production of every one of [their] pieces. We will tolerate nothing less. Every supplier signs a binding letter of agreement to heed the highest production standards. We make no compromises in ethical production and will correct any issues the moment we hear of them. ROMWE’s goal is to provide our customers with items that are ethically produced, fashionable, fun, and well-priced.”

The problem between these two companies is that Shien is admitting that they are a fast fashion type business, and ROMVE, on the other hand, is talking about ethical production and reliability. 

The main problem with these two companies is that they could fabricate the policies of their companies and it would directly affect the environment. The admitting of Shien being a fast fashion business makes the situation worse because the idea of fast fashion is affecting the environment, as the products of fast fashion are non-renewable. The products are cheap and fashionable but other problems will affect ourselves and the environment indirectly. People need to know and understand that branded clothes are expensive because of the time and quality put into them. Many of the branded products are bio-degradable and are more ethical, and they are proven to be long-running and cost-effective.

What are the Advantages OF ROMVE?

There are many advantages of using ROMVE. Some of the advantages are listed below:-

1. Using ROMVE could benefit you if you find a great deal as many deals are good. 

2. On ROMVE, there are many offers and discounts, and you can easily add them with one another and use them for your benefit.

3. More products are produced ethically. 

4. The products offered are environmentally friendly. 

5. They have many offers for free and faster deliveries.

What Are The Disadvantages Of ROMVE?

As there are advantages, there are also some disadvantages of ROMVE. They are listed below:-

1. The quality of the product does match its description online. 

2. The shipping of the products is also a problem as the delivery gets late.

3. The products are sometimes entirely different. The product delivered could not have the main attraction like fur jackets do not have proper fur or the product is of a different color.

4. The company has been accused of manipulating the reviews to the positive side, and it makes the customer believe the wrong information. 

5. ROMVE is known for copying the best, trendy, and fashionable legit products and selling those in their name. 


ROMVE has come through a lot of difficulties and hustle. Acknowledging all the mentioned details, a person should know that ROMVE is a legit site, and not a scam or fraud. They are providing the customers with expensive-looking, fashionable, and trendy products at an affordable price. The customers should know that an expensive-looking product cannot satisfy their desire with less amount of money.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is ROMVE a scam?

No, ROMVE is not a scam.

2. What are the type of products that ROMVE has?

They has apparel, accessories, gadgets, and home décor.

3. Is there any fees for fast delivery?

Yes, you could pay for faster delivery or buy more than $35 to get the express delivery.

4. Is Shien and ROMVE same?

They has some similarities, but they are different companies. 

5. Can I return a product? 

Yes you can, but it will cost you around $6.

Is ROMVE Legit? – Know More

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