Child-Time Learning Center Career- Job Opportunities

Child-Time Learning Center Career


This company wants to help kids develop their brains, a desire to learn, their distinct personalities, and a great career. As a consequence, the teacher-student relationship is emphasized since it aids in the formation of young brains. At the several locations where the company is located, a wide range of products is available. Clients can enroll in the babies and kids session, the two-and-early-two kindergarten training course, the preschoolers’ training course, the kindergarten prep training course, the junior kindergarten training course, and the private kindergarten training course. There are also pre and post-school programs, summer programs, and an education program available. Here, we’ll discuss the Child-Time Learning Center Career.

The care home center has a specialized team that educates and encourages kids to maintain adequate functioning. On a routine basis, compassionate people are eligible for part-time and full-time employment. The Child-time Education Center professions have a significant positive influence on students. This correlates to a terrific, economic expansion environment where you will feel like you are a part of an amazing team that is working toward one of the greatest aims you can think of. You will have numerous opportunities to advance your career and commute. For more than 40 years, this organization has been taking care of and teaching kids, earning a reputation as a local expert. Child-time Learning was founded in 1967 and now has almost 200 schools across the country that donate to organizations like The Salvation Army, Make-A-Wish, ASPCA, Kids, Movers for Moms, and Against The Hunger.

Career Goals

  • Child-time Learning education programs are built on long-term connections between both learners and lecturers.
  • Get Fit and Healthy is a program that emphasizes adequate nutrition, regular exercise, and healthy eating habits.
  • Better Spanish, aerobics, and other possibilities for learning
  • Summertime fun and pleasure at Campus, with interesting camping trips and unique activities.

Job Opportunities

The Child-time Learning institute is a network of children coaching facilities with locations all around the United States. The company offers both educational and daycare facilities, prompting the ongoing recruiting of new personnel. Job seekers must have basic math and art skills. The national organization is also on the hunt for persons that can interact with youngsters and are loyal and reliable. Applicants also must maintain a clean and organized appearance. Candidates who are eloquent and understand basic logic, as well as other intellectual concepts, have a quite better opportunity of being treated equally throughout the recruitment process.

Child-time employs highly educated professors to help the students from 6 weeks to 12 years grow normally. Staff members develop environments that are comparable to those found at the residence, making youngsters feel comfortable and safe. And over 200 education facilities are advantageously positioned near employment locations around the country. The holding company, Learning Care Center, is one of the nation’s largest profit community early child care organizations. Education, cooking foods, transportation, and administration are just a few of the fields where there are vacancies available.

Staff members are aware of the student-teacher relationship approach to daycare, which emphasizes the development of strong connections with loving adults that enable students to create bonds and trustworthiness. The method, which aims to assist students to develop both inside and outside of the classroom, encourages youngsters to be comfortable and satisfied while participating in open discussion. Professionals are at ease dealing with them both children and adults, and they should maintain parents updated all along the way. Treasured teachers maintain their trust and effectively react appropriately when dealing with a large team of students.

Positions at Child-time Learning:

  • Vehicle Driver
  • Food Specialist
  • Teacher
  • Senior Teacher
  • Part-Time Teacher
  • Assistant Teacher
  • Management Assistant
  • Assistant Director
  • Technician
  • Facilities Manager
  • Campus Director
  • Training Director
  • Preschool Child Care Director
  • Executive Assistant
  • Finance Analyst

Job Description and Salary

Owing to the sensitivity of the work, individuals should conduct screening before employment and fingerprinting. To get work, you’ll need credentials and referrals. Some vocations, like vehicle driving, require applicants to be at least 21 years old. And for the bulk of entry-level employment, high school diplomas or equivalents are necessary. For roles, only people with a loving, sympathetic nature are recruited. Many of the most popular entry-level job descriptions are as follows:

  • Teachers – Guarantee that all students are looked after regularly, connect with families, provide a fun and engaging learning atmosphere, and adhere to business regulations. The kids in your care will almost certainly adore you. A diploma in developmental psychology and previous daycare background is necessary. This employment’s hourly compensation will be around $9.39.
  • Assistant Teacher – You can make around $8.00 to $9.00 per hour if you have the necessary knowledge and skills. Early education or child psychology development certificates give you a leg up on the competition, but one to two years of daycare experience may be enough. Instructors must genuinely care about their pupils’ families and children’s achievements. A child’s growth relies on their relationship with their parents. Assistant instructors should also meet licensing standards and regulatory regulations as needed to guarantee the full-time care of infants, babies, preschoolers, and school-going children. Classrooms should be kept clean and orderly throughout the day.
  • Senior Teacher – This work requires leadership experience in a classroom and designing instructional teaching strategies, as well as professional experience in a daycare center, impeccable referrals, daily accessibility, a drive for growth and prosperity, and professional development. The total compensation for this employment should be around $10,64.
  • Campus Director – Being accountable for both the institute’s activities, producing a compassionate learning environment, hiring, helping with sustainable practices, and experiencing significant variation daily are examples of such kinds of positions that communicate directly. The yearly salary for this position is roughly $38500.
  • Food Specialist and Chefs – Food experts construct household, balanced diet plans that take into account the institute’s budget but also provincial and national standards, guaranteeing that children and staff have access to tasty and healthy meals. The meal expert should keep a close eye on the food and supply inventories and restock items as needed. An individual’s annual salary can climb to $10.00 per hour if they work at a childcare center or a cafe. People who have no experience can expect to achieve around $8.00 per hour. Candidates must be comfortable with such a wide range of food equipment and also have a basic knowledge of cuisine. Since their employment requires constant interaction with younger, impressionable minds, pleasant, joyful job seekers have a difficult time getting jobs.
  • Vehicle Driver – Vehicle Drivers transport children from one institution to the other while ensuring student protection. Employees utilize the corporation’s buses or vehicles for safe transport. Staff should also examine the vehicle’s functioning frequently. By gathering united school administrators and vehicle drivers, security measures are also promoted. Prospective employees should have a valid driver’s license without any traffic infractions. In concept, people with previous daycare experience will perform considerably better than the competition. Wage levels for occupations begin at around $9.00 an hour and can go up to $12.00 based on location.


  • To join, visitors must be 18 years old. An enthusiasm for kids and a willingness to help them grow and develop, as well as training in this sector, organizational skills, a devotion to the training of children’s minds, and a cheerful attitude, are all required.
  • Applicants may be entitled to a reasonable wage, compensated skills training, medical, and retirement investments, bonus pay, and free childcare subsidies, to mention a few benefits, if you work for this firm.
  • It is beneficial to be familiar with the following working hours to assist in the quest for appropriate Child-time Education Center positions. from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday; Saturdays and Sundays are closed.

How to Apply

  • To register for opportunities at the Child-time Education Center, use the link given at the bottom of the Child-time learning portal. Applicants will not be able to access the request form since it is not downloadable. Alternatively, you may check with the corporation’s local office to see whether the positions are available. Do not forget to bring your CV and dress professionally.
  • Ensure to talk openly and simply, exhibit your passion for helping students in their growth, and be professional and quite well-mannered while submitting your practical relevance. Constantly convey your appreciation, as a Child-time Education Center registration could have been the beginning of a fantastic career.
  • Because the Child-time Education Center doesn’t offer a printed request form, you must carefully read and understand all of the necessary information on the online portal. Read everything one more time to ensure it’s completed correctly and pronounced correctly. Also, check that the documents you submit along with your request form are correct and match your sensitive belongings.
  • Operating at a Child-time Learning Center is a pursuit of better that necessitates your whole commitment. Keep this in mind and determine what you would need to hire somebody for the position you are looking for.
  •  You will stand out if you know how to respond, how or when to act, and have to show some knowledge of the job prerequisites.
  • The Learning Care Group manages the Employment Portal, which is used by part-time job seekers. Applicants can make a comprehensive focus on identifying the sort of work, educational facilities, phrases, and areas to find career possibilities that match their qualifications. To register for a job, applicants must first create an account using information and email addresses. CV and job descriptions, but also Linked-In accounts, can be uploaded and imported.

Application Status

The recruitment process usually takes somewhere between one week to four weeks, depending on the area and the desire for the position. By visiting personally or by contacting the location of concern, candidates can inquire about the progress of the request forms. Depending on their interests and previous employment, candidates can look for different places and career trajectories. Applicants can register for email notifications to be alerted of job vacancies if any are available. Potential employers contact qualified applicants by phone to schedule interview sessions.

Interview Process

Educators and caregivers are typically exposed to a thorough, comprehensive interview process. One-on-one interviews are part of the interview process. For 10 to 15 minutes, applicants interact with facilities administrators to review typical working days and additional skills. Even though some potential coworkers may obtain job opportunities well over the telephone at a later stage, most interviews finish with a job lined up. Most professions demand criminal record checks and random drug testing before beginning new employment. The first interview will be administered by the Child-time Education Center to cover topics that are common today, such as appropriate work clothes, norms of morals, innovation in order, and classroom setting operations.

Perks at Child-time Learning Centers

  • Based on the individual employee employment position, job incentives for part-time and full-time personnel fluctuate greatly.
  • Just full-time professionals have access to healthcare. Both, although, have access to dentistry and eye insurance.
  • Members of the group may be eligible for health insurance, workforce development, 401 (k) pension funds, and lower care for children. Extra advantages for full-time professionals include long-term illness, assistance programs, and paid holidays.
  • Qualified candidates will be capable of building their jobs around their kids’ schedules while still receiving extra education.

Child-time Environment

To assist youngsters to realize their greatest opportunity, Child-time developed the Get Fit and Healthy idea, a diet and exercise strategy. The publications in the program highlight particular subjects as well as provide informed and perceptive responses. For easy accessibility, the information is divided into sections like health & welfare, directing attitude, parental artwork, development of children, and learning path. In one essay, families learn to deal with difficult behavior, while the other focuses on toilet training. Scientists in the field of parenting share their experience and knowledge obtained from dealing with infants and toddlers.

Interview Questions for Child-time Learning Center

The below are some often requested structured interviews. Throughout job interviews, recruiting managers usually emphasize the company’s ideals and long-term strategic objectives.

  • “Have you ever had to deal with erratic behavior in the workplace?”
  • “Could you explain a challenging situation you have previously experienced and also how you dealt with it?”
Child-Time Learning Center Career- Job Opportunities

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