Carquest Careers – Job Opportunities, Salary, Requirements

What are Carquest careers?

Basically, Carquest is a known distributer of spare parts and accessories for all types of vehicles; it can be truck, cars or an auto. It is well renowned company to be known for these of its specialities that it also provides accessories for agricultural equipments or vehicles that are used for harvesting .This gives a special advantage to Carquest company as only some of others  software developer companies will able to do same as Carquest does. Let us see about careers of Carquest.

Carquest Careers - Job Opportunities, Salary, Requirements

Job description

  • They provides equal opportunities to every person to join their company whenever any position gets to be replaces or is vacant and most importantly, any employee is not discriminates against any caste, gender, sexual orientation creed or colour
  • This IT organisation aims at basically developing and enhancing technology and architecture. This always tries to build more innovation and creativity that will effect directly on Advance Auto Part’s mission of having a profitable view for their customers.
  • The software developer will help in designing tools according to modern and scientific techniques and aims to replace all traditional on premise that is modern and cloud based 
  • To accomplish our goals , there is an immense need of an hardworking and talented candidates who will do their best to achieve our goals and will follow principles of best and continuous practices in the cloud and will contribute their best 


  • Researching, designing, implementing and managing software programs that can be used in vehicles to make it more efficient.
  • Educational experience of IT sector and to be well versed with information technology
  • Testing and evaluating new programs to generate in more innovation in software development 
  • Identifying areas for modification in existing auto’s design  and subsequently developing these modifications
  • Writing and implementing efficient codes 
  • Participate in decision making process to make it effective and to avoid troubleshooting or conflicts 
  • Helps in coaching and mentoring developing teams and their superiors and subordinates 
  • Coordination with various teams including product management , Architecture , Software Engineering and Infrastructure


  • Bachelor’s  degree in computer science or any other related degree 
  • Analytical thinking skills and complex problem solving skills 
  • Innovation that is to come up with new and different ideas 
  • Proven work experience as a Software developer
  • Have a prior experience of 2+ years in recognised software development company 
  • Experience designing interactive applications 
  • Ability to develop software in Java ,Ruby on Rails ,C++ or other programming languages
  • Excellent knowledge of rational databases , SQL and QRM technologies (JPA2,Hibernate)
  • Excellent verbal communication skills for sharing ideas , persistence and determination

Carquest careers opportunities

Customer Service Representative 

This position focuses on meeting customers demand and their expectations in prompt manner. The duties of this department are to fulfil customer’s needs and to satisfy them at full extent. Their duty is to answers calls of a customer and overcome them up with their complaints and finds all possible ways to solve their grievances. Applicants should have at least some previous customer service experience for at least 6 to 8 months. Stipend provided will be $7 to $9 per hour.

Auto Parts Handler 

Applicants for careers at CARQUEST should be having better mental abilities. They should be able to perform simple maths and have to be comfortable with computers and barcode reading equipments. They have to make invoice and to handle all the inventories and raw material coming in and out. They have to keep track on all day to day activities of an organisation. They should have prior 6 months or more in firm’s warehouse experience and their stipend will be approx $10 per hour 


At this position fresh employees cannot be places, people who are well versed with handling machines and tools can be only placed. A candidate should possess 2-3 years of work in the same field. Placing newcomers at this position will create so many circumstances in the organisation and will ultimately lead to its downfall .This responsibility cannot be given to any person , theirs proper medical tests are conducted before recruiting them at this position . This is one of the full time careers in Carquest which provides stipend of $ 25000 and there is every possibility of increase in pay within short apian of time and also many incentives are provided to them.


Their duty is to manage everything taking place in an organisation .Starting from tracking day to day activities and to keep eye on low level management to making decision with top level managers. Their main duty is to maximize profits of the company to see all kinds of problems generating .Also; they are responsible for providing clean working environment and to arrange monthly meetings for employees. They should have at least 2+ years of experience in field of management and their stipend will be $100000 

Assistant Managers 

They are responsible for maintain budget of a company. They seek customers more closely than managers do. They keep an eye on every activities taking place in a company and to prepare full fledge budget starting from purchasing of inventory to all sales and distribution expenses . In short, they maintain overall prospective of a company and to meet every requirements of the organisation. They should be metre than 21 years of age and have experience of 2 years prior to it .It is a full Wtime and stipend provide will be $20000 to $25000. 


This type of companies plays an essential role in developing of their country and has a lot of contribution towards economic growth of one’s country. This will bring much more new innovation through their creativity and intelligence

  • What is the procedure to apply?

The Candidates can apply according to their capacities, qualifications and experience. You can visit their website and can see vacancies on the site and can apply accordingly .At site there are forms available where you have to have to attach your curricular vitae and selection will be made by HR according to their convenience

  • How to get proper information about company?

A candidate can go through their website and get information through investopedia .Job description can give an overview about company and if it satisfies you than you can apply.

Carquest Careers – Job Opportunities, Salary, Requirements

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