Careers At Zoom, Requirements, And Benefits

Zoom is the most popular video conferencing and online meeting platform. The company took off during the Covid 19 pandemic when people got confined and had to work remotely from their homes. It is based in California, United States, and was founded in 2011. Let us know about the ‘Careers At Zoom’.

Careers At Zoom

Careers At Zoom

Due to the high demand for remote work, online learning and conferencing recently, Zoom has become one of the most used platforms and has reached $2 billion in revenues.

And therefore working at zoom could be challenging and rewarding. So if you are interested in working at Zoom, you might be wondering what the requirements are and what benefits the company offers to its employees. This article is going to give an overview of what you can expect working at Zoom.


It is obvious to work in a company like Zoom you have to be passionate about your work, a problem-solver and a team player, and in terms of degree, you have to have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as computer science, engineering or business. 

You may also require a master’s degree and other advanced certifications depending on the position you want to apply for. You will also need to be proficient in your core skills and have some relevant work experience and a good track record in your previous role.

Zoom accepts applications from all backgrounds and promotes diversity. The company is committed to inclusion and provides equal opportunity to all employees. 


Working at Zoom comes with a lot of benefits intended to support the well-being and professional growth of employees. But Zoom offers different benefits for their employees in different countries. Some of the common benefits offered by zoom include:

Health Insurance

Zoom provides a variety of health insurance offers to its employees, such as medical, dental and vision coverage. The company also provides wellness programs and resources to keep their employees healthy and in turn productive.

Retirement Benefits 

Zoom offers retirement plans to its employees to help employees save for the future. It varies based on location and country: 10.5% base annual salary for Austrian employees, Canada pension plan for Canadian employees, 3% annual base salary for German employees, and provided fund and employees scheme in India.    

Vacation Benefits

Zoom gives vacation benefits to its employees. And it varies based on factors such as employees’ length of service, job title and location.

For Argentinian employees, Zoom offers 20 days in five years, 25 days in 10 years and 30 days in 20 years. And for its Austrian employees 30 days per year. 25 days per year in Belgium. 30 days for Brazilians per year etc.

Employee Perks

Zoom offers a range of perks and amenities to its employees, including free meals, gym memberships, and transportation subsidies. The company also has a strong culture of collaboration and teamwork, with regular team-building activities and social events.


Zoom offers flexible work arrangements, including the ability to work remotely, which can be a great benefit for many people.  

Development Training

Zoom promotes constant improvement and provides numerous training to its employees in their respective skills, namely, mentorship opportunities and access to online learning resources.

Sick Leave 

Employees are also given sick leaves when necessary, and on top, they are paid for almost 15 days without working. It varies depending on countries.

Maternity Leave 

Every female employee is entitled to get maternity leave At Zoom, and it varies based on different conditions, namely, a female employee is given paid leave for 8 weeks in many countries and an additional one month if there is a case of illness in the mother and child.

Monthly contribution 

For some countries’ employees, Zoom provides monthly contributions, such as Canadian employees are paid 80% of the cost of their and their families by Zoom. And in Germany, Zoom pays 100% of its employee cost.

Positive Impact 

Zoom has a strong emphasis on teamwork and collaboration, which can create a positive work environment.


Zoom has experienced rapid growth in recent years and has become a household name. Working at a company that is expanding quickly can be exciting and provide opportunities for career advancement.

Eligibility to Avail Benefits at Zoom

Being an employee at Zoom does mean you are automatically eligible for every benefit at the company. There are some criteria for careers on zoom you have to meet and it varies in different countries. In India, you must be a full-time employee, sessional employee and contingent worker to get time off and leave benefits.

And In Japan, you are required to be a full-time worker to get time off and sick policies, and contingent workers are not eligible for a lot of perks. And it varies in every country.


All in all careers opportunities at Zoom could be challenging and highly rewarding because careers of Zoom is an innovative, fast-growing company that values diversity, inclusion, and professional development. So if you have the skills and experience required at Zoom, then Zoom could be the best fit for you. 

Careers At Zoom, Requirements, And Benefits

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