Blockbuster video careers-A completer guide

Blockbuster video Careers Job Opportunities

Overview of Blockbuster Video

Blockbuster known by many names including Blockbuster Entertainment, Blockbuster video is an American origin company based on home movie and video game rental services. The services they offer also vary for instance the home movie and games could be rented through a video rental shop, the DVDs are sent through the mail, the videos are sent on-demand, and lastly including cinema theater.  Blockbuster video is a huge international chain that owns video retail stores franchises. The renowned retailers offer various employment opportunities to job seekers. They offer part-time and full-time job positions that come with a flexible hour schedule and even a paid training. The employee team at Blockbuster has varying origins and a lot of diversity could be seen. There are nearly around 43.9% of female employees and 39.3% from ethnic minorities. The company also has a special liking towards employees who is also members of the democratic party since 68% of employees come from a democratic political background. The retention period of employees averages 3.2 years. 

It is an industry with more than 20,000 employees and a billion-dollar revenue-generating company. Blockbuster’s headquarters is located in Dallas, TX. The organization was founded in 1985 with the objective of providing outstanding service, selection, convenience, and value. 

Available Positions at Blockbuster Video

The blockbuster video provides job opportunities to many people and offers various positions including part-time and full-time jobs. The various positions available include Customer Service Representative, Seasonal Sales Associate, Shift Leader, Assistant store manager, Store Manager, District Manager, Regional Director. 

Job Hours: Monday to Thursday: 11:00am-9:00pm, Friday to Saturday: 10:00am-12:00pm and on Sunday: 11:00am-11:00pm

Job Opportunities at Blockbuster Video

Blockbuster is an international completely franchised business that has 50 locations worldwide. The American-originated company’s main target is the highly populated metropolitan cities throughout the US. The customer enjoys the services provided by the company including the thousands of video games and movies that could be used on almost all types of gaming consoles, DVDs, VHS, and Blu-Ray for both rental and sale. The company requires people who are able to communicate and are personable, attentive, and outgoing to work as their store employees. The entry-level jobs include customer service and sales duties that is a most soughed option to begin working with the company. The managerial roles come with organizational and administrative responsibilities. 

Employment seekers with a history and experience in technical trades can also find job opportunities at the video retail company. The company runs under DISH Network and provides on-demand-in-home services needing a team of highly professional and experienced employees to write software, troubleshoot technical glitches, and offer general assistance to the subscribers. The on-demand in-home services require more work and involve technical aspects to the job, hence a degree or training in the specific fields are necessary for employment consideration.


The applicants must have some basic knowledge of movies, video games, and films and a general interest in this field to be able to work as an employee at Blockbuster. In addition to it, some job profiles require technical advancements so a background in software engineering or training in a related field will be essential as well. The additional application requirements changes with the job position you intend to apply for. 

Minimum age requirement

The applicant must be 18 years or older. However, there is no maximum age applicant, encouraging applicants of any age to apply.

Application Process

The applications need to be submitted individually to the interesting location. The applicant may receive the review and response within a week of submission of his/her application. The applicants applying for the on-demand divisions may face a longer wait in receiving the response for their application because of the competitive nature of this job profile. On average most candidates complete the hiring process within 2 weeks, although in some cases it may take a month for the manager to go through necessary procedures and documenting for on-boarding. 

Job Positions at Blockbuster and salary

Once the hiring is completed, blockbuster retail associates have to begin with customer-centric duty. The daily tasks include the generation of sales and providing subscribers and potential customers with movie title recommendations based on their personal tastes. The physical work involves stocking shelves, unloading the shipment and packages, and basic cleaning and building upkeep. These physical works are done on a daily basis and are included mostly done by part-time workers with entry-level job positions. The minimum age for job helpers is at 18 years who wish to work as a part-timer or full-timer with the video retail company. 

The most popular positions for hiring at Blockbuster includes:

Customer Service Representative

The job is available for both part-time and full-time applicants. It is one of the most sought job positions at Blockbuster that offers flexible job hours and competitive entry-level pay. The new hires earn a minimum wage rate of $9.00/hour. This wage can vary with the experience of the applicant. The experienced individuals receive $13/hour. Most part-time workers have a working schedule of 15-20/hours per week. For the full-time workers, the work hours differ according to the store location.

The job duties comprise of sales and stock duties as the primary task. Other tasks may include follow-ups on purchases, taking inventory, restocking DVDs and Blu-Ray, and also organizational work. The working hours may differ with the location of the store, as some locations emphasize late hours. Associates mostly do routine work nights, weekends and even holidays due to the sales rush at these times.  

Training Period

The customer service representative at Blockbuster was given both verbal and visual training for a few days. The duration of training may vary according to the location of the store, for some stores the training can take up a full week. 

Available Benefits for Customer Service Representative: They are qualified to receive employment benefits like discounts on movies, healthcare coverage, retirement plans, and other insurance options.  


The management includes various manager positions available at Blockbuster, which can be applied according to the previous experience and background of the applicant. The employees having an interest in movies and are also good in customer services are often given promotions for managerial careers. The minimum educational requirements for a managerial position are a high school diploma and entry-level shift lead roles. 

The job responsibilities focus on customer services, sales and maintaining the daily routines of other employees under him, and also delegating the work as required. Managers are also given the responsibility to hire new employees and training them. The managerial position begins from shift lead associate who could either work part-time or full time while the assistant managers and store managers are required to follow a full-time strict schedule. 

The minimum wage for a managerial position is $10.00/hour which rises with experience and promotion. The annual salary for store management can be expected with a beginning from $25,000 to $50,000. 

Training Period

The managerial positions at blockbuster videos receives normally a few days of training or even a week. The training period may vary according to the location of the store. 

Benefits of Working for Blockbuster

Blockbuster video offers attractive offers and benefits to their employees. They allow the current employees to rent movie titles and video games without any charge. The franchises keep a separate set of rentals for their associates that they make take out weekly without any cost. Workers are also given a flexible working schedule and offer both part-time and full-time positions to help in their career growth as well. The reports show regular pay increases and bonuses. The employees in managerial positions enjoy more benefits from Blockbuster including healthcare coverage, paid time-off, and 401 (k) retirement plans.

Some common interview Questions

The reviews of many interviews held by blockbuster tell that interviews are generally easy and people have a favorable experience. For most job positions the process of the interview may take a day or two. 3% of the applicants may experience a one-month interview process for technical jobs and documentation. The required steps for the selection include an on-site interview, a background check of the applicant, a drug test, a phone call for screening purposes, and in a few cases problem-solving exercises. 

Dress Code for interview: The most common dress code includes a business casual for interviews at blockbuster. However, other options like casual (t-shirt and jeans), formal (business suit) may be fine. 

Some of the commonly asked questions include:

  1. How fluent are you in English?
  2. Why do you think you are an ideal candidate for this job profile?
  3. Do you have an interest in movies and video games?
  4. What was the last movie that you saw?
  5. What do you know about video games?
  6. How well do you know Blockbuster? How often do you rent or buy from a blockbuster?

Advice for Interview

  • It is necessary to keep an open mind at the interview and you should stay calm. Try to show your willingness to work with them.
  • Try to show skills that match the job profile.
  • Since it is a company that deals in movies and video games, it will be useful to have a interest in this field and prepare a list of movies that you like your genres of movies and video games. 
  • Try to be honest and present yourself as you are. Do no try to copy someone else or speak google learned answers, as the interviewers are able to see through them easily.

Tips for Applying

  • Blockbuster is an international company with various locations of its stores and the hiring procedure and habits vary from location to location. 
  • In general, the managers are always looking for individuals who are dependable and reliable employees and possess the necessary skills needed for the job. 
  • Applicants should be aware and comfortable in working on weekdays and holidays and should be able to accommodate late-night shits as well.
  • Workers who are interested in cinema and gaming might receive preferential benefits from the hiring personnel.
  • The questions at interviews are kept basic and friendly. 
Frequently asked questions
  1. How is the working environment at Blockbuster Video?

According to the reviews of 1.1k people on indeed, the working culture has received a five-star rating. The reviews highly appreciate the friendly and warm atmosphere at work. The reviews mostly stressed easy job works, and friendly environment, and a great management team. The pros included paid lunchtime, movies, video games, 

Fun co-workers, easy to perform, great entry-level job, free rentals, parties, and gifts while the cons included short breaks, standing work instead of sitting, mandatory holidays, difficult to have broken as a manager. 

  1. How is Blockbuster handling COVID-19?

The company has although reduced the hiring and is now working with a work from home policy. Most of the workers are working online while a few people with higher responsibilities have to work physically on some days of a week. 20% of the survey reports suggest the people have approved of the leadership response during the COVID times. 

  1. How much did blockbuster employees make?

The salary of every employee varies based on their job position and also their experience. On average a cashier receives nearly $27k annually, the manager is paid $38k/yr and the customer service representative earns $13/hour. 

  1. How is the employee experience working with Blockbuster?

The employees have plenty of perks and especially if you are a movie lover. The company offers five free rentals per week and even allows employees to watch new releases a week before they became available for rental and sale. The movie lovers had the opportunity to watch any missed or new movie they have never heard of and the same was for game lovers. 

  1. Who owns the Blockbuster store?

The owner of the Blockbuster store at Bend, Oregon is Ken Tisher. The website could be accessed at 

Blockbuster video careers-A completer guide

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