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Amazon Employee Benefits

Amazon is one of the most sought-after and reputed organizations in today’s time. From freshers to experienced adults, everyone is aiming to become a part of the Amazon Employee Group. While the application process and the various steps to finally become a part of the company are not easy and can sometimes get extremely tricky, everything is worth the effort once you get selected. Collaborating with known people and making new connections through intensive networking is just the beginning of employee benefits. The advantages of being an employee at Amazon, no matter which department, go way beyond just meeting new people and getting a chance to network. So. today’s topic- Amazon Employee Benefits.

Like other carefully designed departments of Amazon, there is a separate team that deals with employment and the staff’s benefits. The employees at Amazon are considered to be their biggest asset. Hence, the board believes that they should be rewarded for their work in terms of advantages and incentives. Even though getting knowledge about benefits is an aspect of the job that comes later on post-selection, we feel it is essential for each individual to know what kind of company they are getting themselves into. 

To help you understand better and get a fair idea of how the employee benefits work at Amazon

Here is an outline of the same,

  • Health of Employees

To begin with, Amazon offers a medical emergency number and counseling services that are available around the clock. They also have a provision where nurses and doctors can visit employees at home. The amazon Virtual Clinic is open any time of any day with a live chat feature. Apart from medical accommodation and paid leave for practical situations, employees have the liberty to take breaks and some time away from work. Ample options are available for not just physical health but also the mental wellness of the personnel.

  • Leave of Absence 

These leaves have different durations and sometimes may need some proof from your side. These leaves are primarily open to medically ill people or the need to take care of a family member undergoing a medical illness. While most leaves are unpaid, pregnancy and parental leaves are paid. Birth, adoption, pregnancy, personal reasons, emergency, death in the immediate family, and military bases are some of the situations that come under leave of absence.

  • Financial Liberties 

Apart from wages, employees also enjoy compensation and bonuses from time to time. Amazon treats all its employees equally, and there are no criteria where one is treated inferior or the other superior. Be it part-time, full-time. Contractors or seasonal employees – ensure fair pay for all. Investing in paid life/accident insurance, 401(k) plans, and owning Amazon Stock are added advantages. Finally, we also offer financial counseling to individuals struggling with saving or utilizing their funds.

  • Pregnancy Leave

These have been decided according to the frameworks provided by the State and the Federal authorities. Amazon provides both prepartum and postpartum leaves to its employees. For prepartum, the paid leave is for four weeks, and for postpartum, paid leave of 10 weeks is provided. Suppose any bonus payments or incentives were being provided to the employee. In that case, they continue to be received as per the original commitment and contract. On the other hand, suppose there have been any difficulties during the pregnancy, or the employee requires extending their leave. In that case, the human resource department is open to considering it and giving it the attention it needs.

  • Disability Insurance

Both short and long-term disability coverage is available. This is applicable for employees that work for more than 30 hours. If an individual becomes physically disabled, you will be provided with a partial 60% income. For short-term disability coverage, the waiting period is seven days, and you enjoy paid benefits for 26 weeks. For long-term disability coverage, there is a waiting period of 180 days. Then other factors are taken into consideration to decide what and for how long you will be paid. 

  • Infertility Program 

This program is run while ensuring that Amazon helps its employees but does not cross the line that creates a balance between the personal and the professional aspect of employees. For example, Amazon is a partner with Progyny, a provider of infertility benefits. Suppose the employee wishes to seek medical assistance. In that case, Amazon provides them an opportunity to interact with the world’s leading infertility specialists and seek advice on any issue they may be facing. This employee benefit is not offered at many companies. It hence is a massive added advantage for the people that choose to work here.

  • Parental Leave

Amazon understands what family means to the employees and offers them a variety of benefits to enjoy their personal life to the fullest. For example, they have a Leave Share program that gives the employee the right to offer 6-8 weeks of paid leave to their partner, who may not be eligible for this by their employer. They also have a Ramp Back program that assists parents in adjusting to their new life and work schedules. This initiative offers flexibility for eight weeks and significantly lessens working hours while being paid in full.

  • Life and Accidental Death Insurance 

Amazon provides two times more of your annual base salary at the moment for basic life insurance at absolutely no cost. In addition, you have the liberty to buy supplemental life insurance, which will eventually be paid to the beneficiaries you have mentioned in case you die. There is also a death benefit available in a limited number of situations like a terminal illness. For your children, you can buy life insurance for up to $20,000 and your spouse for up to $25,000. 

What kind of job roles are available at Amazon? 

Amazon offers a wide variety of job roles and positions. It is more or less strict about its work culture. It ensures that the values, motto, and morals of the company are aligned with the mindsets of its employees. All job roles are treated equally by the authorities, and each enjoys its own set of benefits and features. Amazon believes that it is solely the people and their efforts that make things operate and function. It increases the sales of the company. The job categories given below are broad. There are a variety of job roles that are offered within these departments. For your reference, their salaries are stated too – 

  • Associate Manager: $15.69 per hour 
  • Warehouse Worker: $31,008 per year
  • Business Intelligence Manager: $140,000 per year
  • Retail Sales Associate: $45,354 per year
  • Product Manager: $129,129 per year
  • Courier: $17.82 per hour
  • Executive Assistant: $74,614
  • IT Engineer: $92,093 per year
  • Logistics Manager: $72,263 per year
  • Overnight Associate: $47,576 per year
  • Driver: $66,736 per year
  • Senior Web Developer: $129,796 per year

What are the different ways of getting interviewed at Amazon?

The selection process differs from job role to job role. After a lot of contemplation and detailed research, the amazon employment team has concluded which selection process is suitable for different kinds of job posts. Most important for Amazon is to interact initially with the selected candidates and get to know them better. Their selection process is restricted to the candidates’ professional life. It consists of activities and questions that help understand the individual’s personality and way of living. Here are a few ways that Amazon uses as a medium to interact with applicants – 

  • Assessments – It is essential to understand where the candidate stands in terms of general knowledge and whether they are qualified enough to take up the role they have applied for. Assessments are primarily written and required for the candidate to do a hands-on project or complete a written test within the given hours.
  • Telephonic Interview – These are very common these days. The telephonic interviews are tricky since it is your tone that creates a significant impression on the board. Apart from your skillset and questions about your experience, you are judged by how you speak and how confident you are.
  • About Amazon – The board expects you to be well researched about the company and its principles. They want to know whether your values align with the importance of the company and how well you know about how it functions. You are often asked company-related questions and what you would do to increase sales and profits if you get hired.
  • Interview – Most job roles at Amazon require you to give an interview face to face. It is either with one member of the board or a group of individuals. From your professional to personal life, they like to know everything about you. You should dress nicely for the interview, be well researched, and go through a list of common questions asked at Amazon interviews. 
  • Online Application – This is the first step and probably your first interaction with the Amazon recruiters. This requires you to send in your resume, which determines whether you will be called in for the next step of the process. It may take a few weeks for them to reach out to you. If they have not reached out in a while, feel free to enquire and get an update.

It is worth mentioning that employees also receive a massive annual discount on any products sold and shipped by the company. While all companies offer incentives to their employees, amazon can be considered to be on top when it comes to taking care, nurturing, and satisfying the people who work for the company. In addition, the resources they offer are top-notch and motivate the staff to increase their work efficiency significantly. As a result, Amazon is rated one of the most productive firms in employee effort and quality. Finally, it can be said that Amazon is the perfect place to work and utilize your time since it gives you the freedom to use your skills to your fullest potential and allows you to enjoy and make the most of your profession. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are people hired to write Amazon Reviews? 

No. We do not hire people to write Amazon interviews since studies and surveys show that original reviews written by the customers themselves are more trustworthy and generate more traffic.

  • I have an Amazon. Jobs account, are there any benefits or features that I can enjoy with the same? 

Yes, this account makes your work easier and more efficient. Viewing and keeping a check on your applicant profile, checking your application status from time to time, and viewing job-related information are some features it offers. Amazon. Jobs are constantly changing and getting new upgrades. Employees are kept updated on these new features coming up.

  • Does Amazon or any of its recruiting partners charge any fee for employment? 

No, neither Amazon nor any other recruiting partners are allowed to charge any fee for employment. Our selection processes are 100% based on the merit of the candidates, and we provide equal opportunity to all. Make sure that you are aware of this fact and do not indulge in any deposits in the name of Amazon employment. In case you have made a payment or received a transaction, you can file a complaint with the local police and figure out the legal action that will take place. 

  • I have been getting a lot of emails and updates about having to reset my password. Why is this happening if I already have an Amazon? Jobs account? 

Whenever any new changes are made to amazon, jobs account, you are required to sign in again and reset your password. This will help you get the best employee experience and open you to various new features.

  • Is there any additional information I need to know if I am a government employee?

Rules differ slightly for government employees. There are a few prohibitions in terms of discussions and the selection process adopted when a government employee seeks to get a job in a non-government organization. Suppose you are in conversations with the recruiting team of Amazon. In that case, it signals that you have already got the required permissions from the government-concerned authorities. Moreover, there will be inquiries taking place to make sure your claims and licenses are legit. You can also go through all the government industry-related FAQs mentioned on the Amazon website.

Amazon Employee Benefits- Careers at Amazon

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