How long is an orientation at home goods?

How long is an orientation at home goods?

Home Goods is an American chain of home furnishing stores based in Massachusetts, Framingham. It was established as a small chain in 1992 and thrived to incorporate thousands of locations all over the U.S.A. Here, let’s know How long is an orientation at home goods?

Home Goods is acquired by TJX Companies. The magnitude of each store differs by location. Home Goods has a related application named “The Goods” which enables buyers to see accessible products at store locations.

How long is an orientation at home goods?

Orientation at Home goods lasts for 2 hours. At the orientation the employees are introduced to their workplace, exposed to Home goods policies and procedures, and answers to their questions are provided before they take on their Job positions fully. 

  • 5 tips on how to prepare for Home goods orientation:

1. Be punctual: In order to create a good first impression as being punctual, make plans for everything such as the venue, traffic, parking lot, and short routes to the venue; even before the day of the orientation.

2. Bring essential writing tools: You will be flooded with a bunch of information, herewith, you should bring essential writing tools such as a Jotter, pen, documents that provide your identity or information inquired from you.

3. Research more on Home goods: Knowing a thing or more about Home goods through research or the employees’ handbook is paramount.

4. Do not deny yourself good sleep: The orientation day could turn hectic and you are going to need all the energy you can muster, henceforth it is not wise to deny yourself good sleep.

5. Don’t shy away from asking questions:

At the orientation, you are going to be provided a lot of information, and don’t shy away from asking questions. Asking questions might impress the manager.

What to wear for orientation at Home goods?

You have to dress to impress your employer at Home goods, you could dress professionally unless when given a specific dress code.

Below are some clothing choices to assist you to decide what to wear:

  • Suit: 

With the suit, you never seem to go wrong professionally. Suits can be worn with a blouse/ shirt and tie which should be either black, blue, or gray.

  • Slacks: 

Slacks are gotten from knitted wool or interwoven fabrics, they can be worn with a collared shirt. Slacks are comfy and fit well for carrying out your Job activities.

  • Preferable Knee-length skirts: 

The Skirts should be at least knee-length worn with stockings or hosiery underneath In a professional environment. 

  • Dresses: 

Dresses should be worn underneath hosiery to cover your closed-toed prints and must be avoided when going for Home goods orientation.

  • Closed-toe footwear: You should put on closed-toe footwear such as heels, oxfords, boots which are less than three inches tall.
  • 9 Tips on how to dress for Home goods orientation?

Below are tips to keep in mind as you select your complete orientation outfit:

  1. Check Home goods dress code:  Home goods do not have a specific formal dress code, and you could wear a more business casual outfit. 
  1. Make sure your outfits are cleaned and Ironed: The condition of your outfits can make a statement to your employer. You should wear clean and pressed outfits.
  1. Ignore bold colors and prints: Sharp colors and bold prints can seem too casual in a professional environment like orientation, hence you should contemplate solid colors and subtle designs.
  1. Don’t wear casual outfits like jeans or sneakers: When going for an orientation, wearing jeans and sneakers can give a wrong impression about you.
  1. Dress formally: Present yourself professionally by wearing formal clothes such as a suit, tie, collared button-down shirt, and properly fitted pants can never go wrong.
  1. Reduce your perfumes:  Be careful about heavily scented perfume when going for orientation, use it mildly else it will seem unprofessional.
  1. Wear simple ornaments: Orientation jewelry should be simple, you can wear a belt, wristwatch, necklace, stud earrings. Any tattoos or piercing must be covered.
  1. Wear comfortable clothes: You can sensibly wear clothes that are comfy and fit well. This will help you focus on your orientation.
  1. Wear dark or gray socks/hosiery: Your socks should be dark or gray, and when wearing a skirt you should wear underneath hosiery.


Home goods is an American-based home furnishing chain store. Its orientation lasts for two hours, during the orientation employees are trained on the do’s and don’t of the company. To prepare for Home goods orientation, employees must research more on home goods, make possible arrangements to be punctual, carry writing tools, Ask questions, and have a good night’s sleep. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. After attending an orientation do you get employed?
  • Yes, you will often get employed if you go through orientation. 

2. Is there drug testing in Home goods?

  • There is no drug testing

3. How can you apply for a job at Home goods?

  • You can apply on their website or via Indeed.
How long is an orientation at home goods?

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