How Long is an Orientation at Burlington?

How Long is an Orientation at Burlington?

Burlington offers one of the best orientations. It is very informative and full of exposure. So don’t be shocked if you are taken on a tour of the store. This is done to ensure that you have gathered all the information from the videos you have watched; you also have a practical understanding of how things work. Usually, for easy identification and access to the store, a name tag and card are given to every person for the orientation. Here, let’s know How Long is an Orientation at Burlington?

For the orientation at Burlington, it takes about three to four hours, and after that, paperwork is done by the senior staff. You would also be required to give some identification for the paperwork.

Will you get paid for the orientation?

Yes! You would. Burlington pays every person present for their orientation. This is done to acknowledge the time spent understanding the code of conduct and general information of the store. In addition, you get paid based on the time spent on the computer learning about Burlington.

Burlington’s code of conduct.

Following the organization and what they stand to achieve, you must key into the code of conduct and the values every Burlington staff exhibits. This is what distinguishes you from other organizations or corporations. It should even get to the point that you do not need to tell anyone from Burlington. Instead, your values and character preach it.

This code of conduct guides you on what to do and what you shouldn’t do. Every member of the Burlington community is required to know, understand and follow the code of conduct. It is also advisable to ask questions in the area where you do not understand. You are also required to report defaulters.

The following are Burlington’s code of conduct:

  • Good communication: Burlington encourages good communication in every workspace. This means that when there are uncertainties about a particular thing when you have questions or complaints, you can report or contact your supervisor immediately to get clarity, even if you are the minor staff member in Burlington based on position. There is also an office called C.C.O( Chief Compliance Officer). Feel free to communicate with this office anytime. You also needed to have a good flow of communication with every single person in the Burlington community. They do not condone rude and stubborn individuals.
  • Integrity and ethics: Every member of the Burlington community is meant to have integrity and ethics as part of their skin. This means that you keep to your words, you put the company’s interest; first, you do not disclose the hidden policies and secrets of the company. It would help if you weren’t prone to greed and pride. The internal and particular records should not be disclosed to any family member or competitor. Burlington also has an integrity hotline for issues that has to do with what has been discussed above. The best part is that you can remain anonymous when you are suing complaints using the hotline. The company would carry out its investigation and take action based on the information gathered.
  • Anti-discrimination and acceptance of diversity: Burlington frowns at discrimination. They believe that employment and retainment should be based on the qualification and competence of the staff and not any other factor like; color, sex, race, age, gender, disability e.t.c. Diversity is entertained in every workspace. Some specific measures can be taken if anyone is cut discriminating against a fellow community member for any cause. It could even warrant dismissal from your office.
  • Harassment: Harassment is prohibited in Burlington. No matter what the case might be, even if it’s for employment purposes, no one is allowed to harass any staff or request sexual favors to give out a job or position. If any impression is created, no matter how small, kindly notify someone that can help the case. Whether verbal or physical, Burlington seeks a conducive working environment and a sexual atmosphere to prevent this. This code of conduct is stringent, even down to emails, cartoons, photos, written notes, e.t.c. Amazingly some advances might be intentional, but whatever the case, defaults would face the consequences. Feel free to report any such person you suspect, and we will carry out proper investigations.

What are our core values?

Just as they have a code of conduct, they also have core values that they stand for. Some of these values are stated below:

  • They take Burlington as their utmost priority. Enduring that there are consistent results in the business and things are done well.
  • To ensure that every member of Burlington trusts themselves. There’s no effective team without trust and respect, and that is what Burlington takes seriously. Even the supervisors are meant to respect the junior staff.
  • To encourage teamwork and partnership between members of the team and build a strong team spirit.


Generally, it takes 3 to 4 hours for orientation in Burlington. However, you would have nothing to worry about if you stick to the above-stated code of conduct.

How Long is an Orientation at Burlington?

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